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Social Media Isn’t Real

Our world is simultaneously hyper-connected and completely disconnected at the same time. While I can contact friends and family instantly, any time and from anywhere, that also means we are less likely to actually connect. Social media creates the illusion of community but it really is simply exacerbating our isolation. Many people seem perfectly fine with the self-isolation we are under because it really isn’t much different from their normal lives.

Another thing social media does is give enormous platforms to people who otherwise would be working at some meaningless, low-level office job. Social media is full of people who reach millions of others because they have mastered the art of using the limitations of social media to their advantage and one of the big advantages is that it allows a small group of people to avoid gainful employment. These are people who don’t have that much actual influence but seem to thanks to being online all day. These “extremely online” individuals can swamp a conversation because they simply have nothing better to do with their lives than troll twitter threads and Facebook comments, and once they get started their handful of allies will pile on.

The Left has their fair share of these people. There is some Asian “doctor”, Eugene something, that seems to live for Trump’s tweets because he replies immediately within minutes of Trump tweeting anything. Look at the replies of a few Trump tweets and you will see the same names over and over, all tweeting the same talking points that mirror the same thing they just said a few replies earlier. There are the low-T soyboys white knighting and virtue signaling in the hopes of catching the eye of some furry legged chubby feminist and of course the the black “intellectuals” and clergy that re-frame every issue into “how whitey done us wrong”.

The Right has the same problem, in our case anonymous people that have graduated from edge-posting on 4chan and reddit and now spend their day “owning the MAGApedes”. While there are many thoughtful voices on the dissident right, even some I disagree with on particulars, it can be hard to engage with them thanks to the sheer volume of a few people. I followed more than a few of them but have been dropping them one after another since the coronavirus outbreak. It only takes one post praising the Communist Chinese for their heroic response to the Wuhan flu to get unfollowed.

Many of the people who are intelligent and articulate in the dissident right, using that term in a broad sense to include people who might not label themselves as such, have finally had it with these clowns. There was a great post on the topic at Identity Dixie: THE WEIRDO “RIGHT”. Here is the key paragraph….

There’s one very easy observation to spot a member of the Weirdo “Right” – they are dyed-in-the-wool authoritarians. That’s the first nexus point and it helps explain their newfound admiration of Hillary and shilling for the communist Chinese. Second, they’re very transgressive and abnormal, this is well beyond the realm of traditional “locker room talk.” And, this is magnified by online anonymity and the quest for greater reach and internet stardom. Third, they are utterly and completely obsessed with race and Jews; it dominates all conversations and consumes every facet of their worldview. Finally, they have a very deep loathing for their own country and their people. Now, they may object to this final point, but many of the Weirdo “Right” openly celebrate for the hardship and deprivation of their own people. In their mind, pain will route the peasants to whatever en vogue dogma they’ve adopted.

Something I would add is that most of them are very young, immature even for their age and remarkably unaccomplished. They seem to have the answer to every question but have little to no experience in the real world to compare their answers against. Like hardcore libertarians, their philosophy exists in an intellectual vacuum, completely disengaged from human reality and experience. They also seem incredibly unambitious. A life lived in the basement, posting on social media and being mad at women for refusing to date them and welcoming a universal basic income so they can pay for internet and Taco Bell delivery without having to leave the house might be simple but it doesn’t do anything to actually improve the lives of our people. Many of the loudest voice in the dissident right/alt-right don’t seem all that right-wing at all. I made this point on Twitter recently.

Just being blunt, I find a significant number of the young men on the dissident right to be absolutely disgusting.

They exhibit the same “woe is me” attitude that lacks any agency that they mock when it comes from blacks. They laugh at “he dindu nuffin” and quote 13/50 but when it comes to their own lives, they act a lot like the people they mock. They are constantly kvetching because the “Boomers” made it so these guys can’t ever have a middle class lifestyle. That is more whiny bullshit.

Are things different today? Absolutely they are and not for the better. Is it more challenging to live a “middle class” lifestyle than it was in the 1950s? Sure. Is it impossible? Absolutely not and it is grotesque to see the whining little bitches on social media complaining and pining for free stuff from Andrew Yang so they can live at home with their mom, smoke pot and play video games all day, complain about women and then make excuses for not having a family. Here is a suggestion: stop being a whining little bitch, be a man and work hard and you might find a woman to marry and have a family with. Real women want to get married and have families. They don’t want an overgrown child to take care of in addition to having to work and care for the kids.

Here is a simple fact. An 18 year old guy, fresh out of high school, can go to a community college in any decent sized town in America. He can probably go for cheap or even free depending on how much his family makes. In about a year, he can learn a marketable skilled trade and walk into the workforce making $15-17/hour on day one or over $30,000 in his first year with minimal to no student loan debt. The upper limit on his earnings is in the six figures. If he takes home 80% of his pay, it is about $2000 per month net to start.

There are 77 homes within 20 miles of my zip code for under $125,000 with 2-3 bedrooms. Perfect for a young guy starting out. A 30 year mortgage on a $125,000 house with no down payment is about $800. That is a big chunk of your monthly income but it is doable. Add in $250 for a car, $250 for utilities, another $200 for insurance and you are at $1500. That leaves around $500 for food and gas and your cell phone. In other words, it can be done. Will you be able to afford a 2020 4×4 truck? Probably not. Or a $1000 smartphone? Nope. But people in the 1950s didn’t splurge either, they lived within their means when they were younger and built a home and family. My wife and I shared one car for many, many years. I didn’t have my first smartphone until just a few years ago. We don’t have cable/satellite and haven’t for years. We make do with used cars. In 20 years, will we lament not having smart phones sooner or will we be grateful that we made the decision to set aside some luxury items so my wife could be at home with our kids? I don’t have to wait 20 years to answer that question.

These kids act like back in the 1950s white men were issued new cars, pretty young virgin wives who could cook, and mortgage free homes when they turned 18. Far from it. They had to save for a downpayment, you didn’t get “no money down” mortgages back then. They often had to establish themselves so that younger women who were looking for a suitable spouse and provider could see they were responsible. Men tended to be at least 4-5 years older than their wives because they needed to prove that they could take care of a family before a woman would seriously consider them.

As they spend a great deal of time ragging on “MAGApedes” and “Boomers” and white women in general, groups that tend to be overwhelmingly white, it is also pretty apparent that they don’t really care all that much about their own people. It is going to be pretty tough to form an ethnostate with a few dozen people who have as their primary life-skill shit-posting anonymously on social media.

A movement to preserve Western civilization and advocate for the interests of white people that is led by disaffected, childless young men is bound to fail and so far has been proving that over and over again. What appeared to be a nascent new political movement in America during the 2016 election cycle quickly imploded thanks to the massive egos of those who found themselves in the most prominent positions.

May I suggest that if a man is incapable of holding a job and forming a stable relationship with a woman, he probably is of limited utility in our movement.

Take Richard Spencer for example. As I have commented on repeatedly, Spencer is modestly famous because he served as a useful idiot for the Left, got sucker punched and took it like a coward on camera and did a few talks on college campuses. He is a cartoonish villain, a cross between Snidely Whiplash and a James Bond film ski villain. I am not really sure if he has ever had a job, his somewhat murky background makes it seem like he grew up as a privileged rich kid who latches onto political movements because he is bored and doesn’t want to get a real job. If you owned a Subway restaurant, would you trust Spencer or someone like Nick Fuentes to be an assistant manager?

The dissident right is riddled with boys who never grew up. They are awkward around women and probably just as insufferable in real life as they are online and subsequently they are lonely so they complain about women, call them vulgar names and present ideas like MGTOW as serious political philosophies.

I know that talking about having a job and a wife is met with derisive, nonsensical “OK Boomer” responses: “Why do you want to be a wage slave working for the Jews? Boomer!” and “What a cuck, wanting a wife who is just going to divorce you anyway”. While I share the disdain for corporate wage-slave jobs and lament the state of much of the younger, female white population, that doesn’t mean you don’t work for a living. America is full of men who make stuff and have their own businesses. I haven’t been in an office for years but I still work and provide for my family. Not all of us have the combination of being a professional bullshitter and a pathological narcissist necessary to be a professional Youtuber or podcaster. While I am not sure what he does for certain, the Zman has a real job and his blogging and podcast are in addition to that job.

I strongly suspect that these handful of loud voices on social media are in reality an even smaller group than they appear. Likely most of these people have multiple sockpuppet accounts and probably even interact with themselves to give the appearance of broader support than they really have. That is apparently a common practice on social media to provide the illusion of broader support.

These disaffected, maladjusted weirdos are not just irritating, they are incredibly harmful to the movement.

There are millions of Americans who share many of the core beliefs of the dissident right but the single greatest impediment to reaching these people are the “leaders” in the movement who come across as childish, narcissistic, angry anonymous cranks. When someone strays from the Fox News and National Review world, and across what the Zman describes as “the great divide”, they often run into the juvenile rantings of these weirdos. A white Gen X skilled tradesman who is waking up to the reality of a world that hates him isn’t going to tolerate some kid screeching about all white women being whores and whining about wanting a UBI check. They don’t tolerate that crap at work and they aren’t going to tolerate it online. Who can watch someone interview Richard Spencer and think “Wow, that alt-right seems like a movement that is going places!”?

The weirdos, freaks and megalomaniacs hijacked the alt-right from the outset. We can’t allow them to do the same with the broader dissident right, not if we want this movement to be something other than whining on social media. We are in perilous times and times like this demand serious, adult conversations. There will always be a place for memes and shitposting but the big people need to step in and take charge if this movement ever hopes to be something other than black-pilled doom and gloom social media posts.

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