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Social Distancing Means Staying Six Feet Away From People You Are Shooting At

Another weekend in Chicago brings another 20 shootings.

20 shot, 2 fatally in Chicago weekend shootings

As usual, the skilled marksmen in Chi-town managed to only kill 10% of the people they shot. Lots of teens, lots of drive-by shootings, lots of people shot very late at night.

It is a remarkable consistency that just last weekend, Chicago also saw 20 people shot, two fatally. I wonder if they have a quota or something?

I noted a mass shooting in Philadelphia last week but I missed an earlier mass shooting in nearby Chester, Pennsylvania, a 75% black suburb of Phillie.

Police: Two 15-year-old boys fatally shot in quadruple shooting in Chester

Police say two 15-year-old boys are dead and two juvenile victims are wounded following a shooting Tuesday afternoon in Chester.

That didn’t even really make the news and didn’t trigger my “mass shooting” news alert. The media likes to avoid calling it a mass shooting whenever it is apparent that it is just another case of black-on-black violence.

Meanwhile in Trenton, New Jersey, a city I had to go through on a few occasions traveling on business and one worthy of the epithet “shithole” there was a little good natured gun fire. Keep in mind that Trenton has a population of less than 85,000 compared to Chicago’s 2.7 million people.

String of shootings in Trenton leave 1 dead, 6 wounded

A series of shootings over a four-hour period in New Jersey’s capital city left one person dead and six others wounded, authorities said.

It wasn’t clear if any of the three shootings in Trenton on Sunday night were connected.

I got a chuckle out of this line from the story:

There were other incidents in the city where shots were fired Sunday night, authorities said, but no one apparently was struck by bullets in those cases.

As I have said repeatedly, if the denizens of our urban areas could shoot worth a damn, the murder rate in American cities would rival Mexico.

The news is pretty much Chinese virus 24-7 and we are supposed to believe that everyone is staying home and doing their part but it seems like the message didn’t get through to our criminal element. What appears to be happening is that the law-abiding population of normal, working and middle class Americans, are being squeezed and restricted more and more, while the other segments of the population are doing whatever the hell they want to.

How long will people continue to be locked in their homes while other people are having block parties and mass gatherings with impunity?

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