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Mass Shooting Alert! Krazee Kanuck Edition

What is being described as the worst mass shooting in Canadian history took place over the weekend, in Nova Scotia of all places with at least 17 dead including the gunman.

RCMP officer among 17 confirmed dead in Nova Scotia killing spree

The whole thing is super weird. It happened in a country with strict gun control laws, relative to America. The guy mocked up his car to look like a Royal Canadian Mounted Police vehicle and had a RCMP. At one point in the still confused timeline, three houses had been set on fire. The alleged gunman ended up dead but the police are being a little cagey about the whole thing.

The shooter is being identified as Gabriel Wortman, a 51 year old “denturist” or someone who deals with dentures. He appears to own at least two homes, his denture clinic and perhaps 5 other investment properties. He had a residence in Portapique, Nova Scotia where the shooting began and that is a resort town of 100 permanent residents, doubling during the summer as is often the case in places of that sort.

You would be hard pressed to find a less likely gunman than this guy but something made him snap. I will try to update the story as details come out but this could be one of those cases where we never know what led to him going on a rampage.

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