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Globalism Kills

Something the media is trying hard to avoid mentioning is that the coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide rather than regional pandemic because of globalism. When Africa has ebola outbreaks, they tend to stay in Africa because the only people going there are aid workers. China on the other hand has an enormous amount of air traffic which aided in spreading the Chinese virus around the world. The Zman has a new podcast up, The Great Plagues, that examines some of the most significant plagues and pandemics in history and one thing they all seem to have in common is that they originated somewhere other than where they had the most impact and were transmitted by travelers. Some food for thought…..

Listen to “EP 134 Great Plagues” on Spreaker.


  1. TwoBuckChuck

    I check in with the Johns Hopkins doom counter every day like any other rubbernecking driver creeping past the train wreck, but something about it really strikes me as odd. Africa – what the HELL?!? While the U.S. streaks along toward the half million mark in WaHu flu diagnoses, which I expect will be reached by next Tuesday, there is no more than a token few hundred cases, TOTAL, in all of sub-Saharan, sub-human Africa. How are they managing to stay relatively Kung flu-free?

    Yeah, I know, not much global exchange. But not none, either. And I can't imagine that such a cesspool of ignorant, stone-age throwbacks can be expected to know enough to keep social distance, or refrain from engaging in any number of their disgusting interpersonal customs and habits.

    Its understandable that a people who count "One, two, many" and never discovered the wheel (or written language, or multi-story construction, or sea-going vessels, yada, yada) probably could not provide an accurate measure of the extent of an outbreak in their own back yard. But being perpetual beggars under YT's custodial care in that basketcase of a continent, I am astonished that they are not wildly inflating numbers in the hopes of wringing out even more guilt-bucks from the first world.

    Maybe just like in every other conceivable measure, the denizens of that part of the globe simply lag the first world in this arena. When they do manage to catch up, it will be very interesting to see how quickly it is spun into yet more "White racism" as we are too busy and too broke dealing with our own outbreak to care about theirs.

  2. Arthur Sido

    I think it is mostly that they are lagging behind. Given that most international travel to Africa consists of white missionaries, it makes sense that they were late to the party. When it does start ramping up in Africa, it might make the pandemic in the Italy and the U.S. look like a mild case of chicken pox and of course we will be inundated with demands to go rescue the poor Africans once again, while we are still recovering.

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