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Fleeting Freedom

No sooner did California’s onerous and unconstitutional requirement for a background check to purchase ammo get overturned and open the floodgates for Californians to purchase ammo online, than the oleaginous and generally far left 9th circuit court issued an “emergency stay” to block the order, putting the restrictions back in place.

The judges who signed the order are Mary Murguia, the child of Mexican immigrants and an Obama appointee, and Mark Bennett, a Trump appointee who was confirmed 72-27 but in an unusual situation all 27 votes against him came from Republican Senators who were concerned about his limited understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Turns out their concerns were justified. Trump is generally pretty good when it comes to his court picks but picks like Bennett show that he still makes some serious errors in his nominees.

Back to getting background checks which very often come back with false denials for Commiefornia. If you choose to live there, I really don’t understand why you hate yourself so much.

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  1. James M Dakin

    Princess Prepper left that crap hole, and she is probably more of a "disaster prepper" than a Survivalist. I can't see anyone staying there that thinks civilization is going to collapse. I understand WHY. I was born and raised there. It is hard to move to a different culture. But at this point, staying is counter productive no matter how you slice it.

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