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Epitaph For Western Civilization

If there is anyone left to inscribe a tombstone for Western civilization, these words will be the epitaph:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

These words epitomize the greatest civilization known to humanity in the last 1000 years. They are also going to be responsible for the death of that civilization, not because what was written was incorrect but because it has been reinterpreted in such a way to make civilization impossible.

The word chosen was “equal”, indicating a universal self-worth based on our mutual humanity. The word “equal” does not mean “without distinction”. This is obvious and also self-evident. Women were not allowed to vote. People who didn’t own property or pay taxes were not allowed to vote. Most blacks were in chattel slavery. I don’t think the signers of the Declaration of Independence would say women or people who didn’t own property were less human, rather that they weren’t stakeholders in society in the same way that people who owned property and paid taxes were. It was a time when a family was considered a single unit, rather than two adults who lived at the same address and filed a joint tax return. When the husband cast his vote, he was casting it on behalf of his family. It wasn’t until 1920, almost 150 years after the founding of the United States, that women’s suffrage was enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Fast forward to today and we see spectacles like Haley Stevens, a 36 year old Congressoman from the wealthy suburbs of Detroit having an absolute meltdown during a rant about healthcare providers or something.

Ms. Stevens, who looks about 75 in her official photo, doesn’t have a spouse or kids mentioned on her biography. Shocking, I bet dudes are lined up around the block to get a shot at having her flip out on them on a regular basis. Don’t get me started on that tacky necklace. Anyway.

My point being this. The words of the founders were not intended as nor should they be assumed to mean that the founding principle of America is blind egalitarianism.

We don’t trust people under 16 to drive cars. We don’t allow people under 21 to buy alcohol. You have to be at least 35 to run for President. We also don’t let people with no medical training, like chiropractors, practice medicine. We don’t even get to vote on national issues, we vote for representatives who in turn vote on national laws. Thus “republic” and not “democracy”. Heck, until 1913 you didn’t even get to vote for your Senators. You voted for your state legislators and then they elected Senators and then those Senators voted on national issues as the other half of the Congress. Basically democracy is mob rule so a republic is a compromise between pure democracy and some sort of non-elected leadership.

The bottom line is that a great many things, and often those things that are perceived as having the greatest value, are restricted to a small group of people.

All men are not created equal in any way other than basic human rights derived from natural law. I cannot and never have been able to dunk a basketball. Therefore while I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I don’t have a right to an NBA contract. After all, statistically speaking there are almost 4 billion below average people in the world.

Even though everyone understands this, no matter how much PBS they watched as a kid, we still treat people as though everyone is equal in ability. There is an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance required to believe this but we still try to function as if it is true. When you question this paradigm that all people are equal and interchangeable, you invariably get called names. That doesn’t change the fact that some people groups land on the moon, harness the power of the atom and form stable societies and some people groups still practice cannibalism, were unable to invent the wheel and have never shown an aptitude for self-governance.

Not only is ability not distributed equally, but it follows that responsibility is also not evenly distributed. As we are in a pandemic and everyone is elevating doctors and nurses to hero-status (often deservedly so), let’s look at how some of the critical professions break down in America.

Doctors are on the front line of treating the China virus. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, doctors are almost 60% male (changing fast) and 72% white and 18% Asian, while whites are around 60% of the population and Asians are just over 5%. Only 8% of doctors are black and about 7.6% are Hispanic, while blacks and Hispanics are 13% and 18% of the population respectively. Given that medical school is highly selective to get into and very academically rigorous to complete, this is not unexpected and matches the anecdotal evidence most of us are familiar with.

What about registered nurses? They are almost as critical in the fight against the Chinese coronavirus. While the RN field is dominated by women, almost 90%, it is also skewed toward white women with over 75% of nurses being white. Blacks 12.4%, so slightly underrepresented while Asians are 9.2%, again significantly over-represented. Hispanics are only 7.2% of registered nurses.

In virtually every healthcare profession, whites and Asians are overrepresented and blacks and especially Hispanics are underrepresented. I would imagine that deep down even the most ardent liberal or race-hustling black clergy would prefer a competent doctor instead of a doctor that got their degree to fulfill a quota.

This holds true in engineering and IT jobs as well.

Bus drivers, food service workers, janitorial staff, groundskeepers? In those fields which require little to no education, blacks and Hispanics are represented at or above their relative demographics. There will be a future post that looks at this in more specific details.

Rejecting and undermining this paradigm of egalitarianism goes to the heart of being a right-wing political dissident and it is critical to forging a path forward when we get to the other side of the inevitable collapse. Guillaume Faye describes this a “radical thought”….

Why ‘radical’ thought? Because this goes to the root of things, ‘to the bone’: it questions the very worldview on which the present civilisation rests, egalitarianism – a utopian and obstinate idea that with its inner contradictions is plunging humanity into barbarism and economic and environmental horror.

Faye, Guillaume. Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age (p. 54). Arktos. Kindle Edition.

50 years ago we thought that the liberals were the radicals, engaged in challenging the status quo and the prevailing zeitgeist. Today “liberals” are the defenders of the status quo and the architects of the zeitgeist.

50 years ago America stood on the cusp of exploring the stars and creating a sustainable society of increasing peace and prosperity. Instead of exploring the stars we chose to dumb down the people and continually accelerate the process by subsidizing the stupid and importing low IQ people to do non-essentials jobs.

50 years ago America had a defined people and culture and even a defined religion that most people accepted even if they didn’t really believe it. Today we are beginning the process of the U.S. census and I suspect it will show that we no longer have a single majority but are instead divided up into two  major competing groups, one shrinking (whites) and one surging (mestizos) with a significant third group, blacks, that continues to be the albatross around the neck of America.

Western civilization after the second World War adopted a suicidal altruism. While we are obligated to lament, and are endlessly harangued about, our “imperialist” colonial past, prior to the 1940s we were under no illusion that all men and by extension all cultures were equal. As Europeans and Americans simultaneously became rabidly anti-child and at the same time threw open the doors to the rest of the world that we used to colonize, Western civilization is coming apart at the seams.

Our time as the dominant culture of the world is coming to an end, not because we were defeated and conquered by a superior enemy, but because we simply gave up and committed a slow motion suicide. The future will be dominated by the nationalistic Eastern Europeans and the East Asians, assuming they don’t follow our headlong collective charge over the cliff and can fend off the population time-bomb ticking closer each day to 00:00 in the global south.

When a person commits suicide, it is tragic. When Western civilization does it, the results will be calamity for the rest of the world. The next decade will usher in human suffering that will make us look back at the era of the Covid-19 pandemic as the good old days.

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