Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Super (Confusing) Tuesday

Super Tuesday is over and the results were pretty mixed. Biden did great in the Southern states but he also did well in Minnesota and Massachusetts. As expected Bernie won delegate rich California by a huge margin. Biden won Texas which was surprising, although pundits say Texas mestizos are less radical than California mestizos which seems to be true.

Elizabeth Warren got humiliated, coming away with a handful of delegates. She even came in a distant third in her home state of Massachusetts, so she is all done. She will drop out soon and I imagine she is being courted for her backing by Biden and Bernie. Her politics are actually closer to Bernie's but her followers and Bernie's don't play well. I wouldn't be surprised to see her as the VP on Biden's ticket if he gets the nomination.

Michael Bloomberg was even more humiliated. Being a vicious little dwarf with a lot of money isn't enough to win votes I guess. He will also drop out, probably, and as soon as today. The only thing he and Warren might be hoping for, and Warren has already said as much, is that this thing goes to Milwaukee unsettled and the Democrats pick someone other than Biden or Bernie.

Tulsi Gabbard's Quixotic quest will come to an end as she didn't get a single delegate. Groypers hardest hit as Mama Tulsi leaves the stage. She has a future in politics if she can thread the needle between being anti-war without being reflexively liberal on issues like gun control. She is pretty sharp, we will see where she goes from here.

Black support for Biden reinforces their status as the most reliable voters the Democrats have and proves they will vote for whoever they are told to vote for. What possible reason would they have for supporting Biden other than being told to? Bernie offers them more free stuff and he panders so hard in his platform to blacks that it was pretty embarrassing. All to no avail. Blacks vote as they are told, while mestizos seem to be more radicalized and harder to control by the day. White and Jewish liberals are going to rue the day they thought filling the country up with mestizos because they easier to control was a good idea.

Now we enter a new phase. There are a handful of contests on the 10th which should split between Bernie (Michigan, Washington) and Biden (Mississippi) and then a big one on the 17th featuring Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Arizona. The 17th has 577 delegates, the biggest one day prize other than Super Tuesday. The likely outcome is that Bernie and Biden keep splitting the delegates with neither landing a knock out blow and a contested convention. That will be delicious.

The real winner of Super Tuesday?

Donald Trump.

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