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Behold The Epitome Of Orange Man Bad!

Look at this broad…

Trump is literally Hitler for wanting to try some experimental medical treatments to treat people during a global pandemic.

Who is this twit, other than another AWFL middle-aged woman desperately trying to stave off aging so she can stay relevant in the media?

I have never heard of Jacki Schechner before today, and you probably haven’t either, but she fancies herself some sort of truth crusader and brags about working at CNN.

What she really is, besides dumb, is the living embodiment of the “Orange Man Bad” media that is so sold out on hating Trump that they have to respond to every single thing he says or does with some sort of reference to Russia or the Nazis, even when what he said is perfectly sensible and I assume supported by every serious medical professional and everyone with common sense. Honestly I find Trump off-putting and tiresome but I am likely to vote for him just to give the middle finger to harpies like this.

There is nothing sadder than an aging TV bimbo desperate to stay in the spotlight, however dim, for just a little longer.

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