Monday, February 24, 2020

Remember "Love Is Love"?

Ah, looking back now at the bigoted, terrible person I was when I was speaking out against gay "marriage". My doomsday predictions of a slippery slope were clearly the hateful rantings of a homophobe. All the gays want is the same right to get married just like heterosexual couples and once they have that, they will be satisfied!

Fast forward a few short years. We are only FIVE YEARS removed from Obergefell v. Hodges where the United States Supreme Court, the same court many are telling us can be trusted to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, magically found a "right" to gay "marriage" and imposed it on the entire country in June of 2015.

Read that again. It was June of 2015, less than five years ago, that gay "marriage" became the law of the land. In record time, "conservatives" completely surrendered on this issue and now we have all sorts of degenerates pretending to be "conservatives" and no one dares say anything. People like Rob Smith and Milo and Chad Felix Greene flaunt their deviant behavior and "conservatives" uncomfortably pretend like it is OK.

It certainly feels like more than five years since gay "marriage" swept the country but that can be understood in light of the rapid acceleration of degeneracy in the public sphere. Transvestites dressed up like demons reading books to small children in public libraries would have resulted in some unpleasant backlash from parents just a few years ago but today we get "the conservative case for drag queen story hour" from "conservatives" and "libertarians".

We warned this would happen. Once homosexual behavior was mainstreamed and given legal standing, there wouldn't be a way to stop the same thing from happening to other deviant behavior.

Then last week word came out of Utah that the state was moving forward with basically decriminalizing polygamy: Bill to decriminalize polygamy earns unanimous approval from Utah Senate committee. The language is familiar.....

“The people that I have spoken with long to feel part of society,” Henderson said. “They are tired of being treated like second-class citizens. They feel like Utah has legalized prejudice against them. They want to be honest people, but feel like they have to lie or teach their children to lie about their families in order to stay safe.”

That is the same sort of "we are the victims of prejudice" language we heard from gay "marriage" activists. Not coincidentally this is also the same language you are starting to hear from various pedophiles. Laws outlawing adults raping and molesting children is based in "prejudice" and "fear", because I guess child-rapists are simply misunderstood. Legalizing or at least decriminalizing pedophilia seems extreme but again it was only five years ago that gay "marriage" suddenly went from being something a few liberal states did to something we all had to embrace. In the intervening five years there has been an explosion in the number of people claiming to be "transgender". Parents are in custody squabbles over mutilating the genitals of children still in elementary school. You can't be a real celebrity without a kid that thinks they are the opposite gender. You have a homosexual running a serious campaign for President and his only qualification is getting sodomized but that makes him "brave" and an example to young children like this poor kid:

Also remember when they mocked us, wondering just how it would be harmful to society as a whole to legalize gay "marriage"? We have already seen that and the negative impacts are just beginning like this:

From the article:

This past fall, Harvard’s entering class of medical students was 15% LGBTQ, a milestone that is no accident.

At best the U.S. population is 3-4% homosexual but Harvard's medical class has at least triple the "representation" of homosexuals. In other words, Harvard is clearly biased in admissions towards accepting students based on who they have sex with rather than their academic qualifications.

We have first hand experience in the new method medical schools choose their incoming students. No longer is it based on qualifications like grades, MCAT scores and experience. Now it is all about how their student body profile looks online. Do they have enough homosexuals? Do they have enough black students, using the carefully chosen euphemism "backgrounds under represented in medicine"? Do they have enough women, even though most medical schools have a dramatic over-representation of women already (for example, Harvard Medical's class of 2023 is 56% female)? Schools that are overwhelmingly white and Asian will take great pains to include black and mestizo students and hopefully at least one girl with a hijab in all of their promotional materials.

What this means is that the supposedly "oppressed" homosexual community is getting preferential treatment and you can be sure that there are pre-med applicants who are lying about being "bi-sexual" on their medical school app to give them an advantage. It also means that one of the highest paid and perhaps most respected and prestigious professions in America is going to be heavily skewed toward people who are confused about who to have sex with. At the same time, medical schools are offering positions in their medical school to people who are less qualified by every objective measure and only are getting admitted because of their race, gender, religion or sexual degeneracy. Having a diversity hire at the DMV might mean crappy service but having a diversity hire for a doctor or a structural engineer can mean people dying.

But hey bigot, why should you care if gay people get "married"?

Societies need a set of rules. While advocates of minarchism seem to think that you can have a society with no rules other than the "non-aggression principle", in the real world we call that chaos. There are always ramifications when you relax communal standards. In the case of something like polygamy, while it shouldn't matter if some dude is crazy enough to want more than one wife, in the real world having some men with a dozen wives means a lot of men with zero wives. Young men with no wives and no families and no prospect of ever having them are extremely dangerous. Having a family gives men an incentive to temper their behavior and be more responsible, not to mention having an eye for the longer term. No families means far fewer incentives for young men to not engage in their most destructive behaviors. Look at the black community where young men are not expected to be responsible for the children they sire. It isn't working out well for young black men and it isn't working out any better for young black women.

Clown world is getting worse by the day and once Trump leaves office, whether next January or four years after that, the deviants and degenerates are going to be truly unleashed and when that happens, all bets are off. Just remember what followed the degeneracy of the Weimar Republic.

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