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Mass Shooting Alert: Presidential Chiraq Edition

It was a rough one in Chicago last weekend. A three day weekend always seems to get the fellas in a frenzy, although it doesn’t make much sense as gangsters don’t have M-F jobs to get a day off from in the first place. Even when it is cold, as it often is on Presidents Day weekend in Chicago, the gunfire never ceases. This weekend was no different:

11 kids among 26 shot in Chicago this weekend

Granted, 3 of the small children were injured in accidental shootings. At least one arrest has been made for negligence in those cases:

A woman is facing child endangerment charges after a 7-year-old girl accidentally shot her brother last week in Lawndale on the West Side.

Lucreshia Curtis, 39, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of causing a child to be endangered, Chicago police said.

I assume similar charges will be filed in the other case when a child of shooting not one, but two other children (an 8 year old boy and 12 year old girl). Another shooting at first assumed to be accidental has now led to an arrest of a 15 year old boy for shooting a 14 year old girl in the cheek.

In one incident over the weekend, six people were shot in a mass shooting at an apartment complex, including two 14 year old and one 15 year old girls, at what was described as a “gathering”. All three girls were in “serious-to-critical condition”. The others shot included a 23 year old woman, a 20 year old man and an 18 year old man. No word as to why 14 year old girls were at a “gathering” that seemed to be mostly adults. Perhaps it was a Bible study and things got heated over a discussion of eschatology?

While three minors were injured and a total of six people were shot, you won’t see much attention given to this mass shooting. The reason is self-evident but bears repeating:

The media doesn’t consider black people shooting other black people to be newsworthy. 

It is also part of a larger, intentional pattern. In order to obfuscate the fact that gun crime, and violent crime in general, is concentrated in the black community, the media and others are a) not reporting on black crime or at least trying to shield readers/viewers from finding out who committed the crime and b) seeking to decriminalize criminal behavior for blacks and mestizos. This doesn’t help either of those communities, it simply emboldens the criminal element within the black and mestizo community and puts the law abiding decent people at greater risk.

If a Democrat becomes President, I look for it to be codified into law that policing must be racially based. This will flip on it’s head the prevailing narrative that blacks are unfairly persecuted by law enforcement because of their race by instead unfairly looking past black crime and instead focusing on things like “white nationalism” which isn’t a real threat.

Things are going to get pretty spicy in the urban areas. Don’t be stuck when it goes really sideways.

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