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Mass Shooting Alert: Greyhound Bus Edition

This won’t be visible until after I unlock my blog again but I wanted to get something on record.

California Greyhound bus shooting leaves one dead, five others injured

A woman died and five others were injured when another passenger open-fired aboard a Greyhound bus traveling north from Los Angeles to San Francisco early Monday morning, officials said.

It sounds as if the passengers overpowered the shooter and took away his gun, and he was arrested right away. A local Bakersfield news outfit identified the race and gender of the victims:

During the shooting, a 51-year-old woman from Colombia was shot and killed. Police have identified the other five who were injured as:

45-year-old Hispanic male who was airlifted out with major injuries
39-year-old black female with major injuries
19-year-old Hispanic female
49-year-old Hispanic male who is stable with moderate injuries
A Hispanic female minor

So basically five Hispanics and a black woman. The whole thing is weird because Greyhound says they don’t allow guns on their buses. Really odd that someone still managed to shoot people.

There were a couple of warning signs that the shooter was someone I expected. Six people shot at point blank in a bus, where you can’t get away and only one was dead? Also reported that he had “extra magazines” so it was a semi-automatic handgun which means likely at least 7-8 rounds. You have to be a terrible shot to only kill one person when shooting at a bus full of people.

More telling, there was an immediate arrest but the magic words kept popping up: no motivation and the shooter wasn’t identified.

Finally today, a day after the arrest, we get a name: Anthony Devonte Williams of Capitol Heights, Md.

Anthony Devonte Williams.

Well that explains why I can’t find any pictures of him from the “media”.

Will update when more details come out.

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