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Mass Shooting Alert: Cheap Beer Edition

Yesterday six people were killed in a workplace shooting in Milwaukee at the Molson Coors Beverage Co., five workers and the shooter who turned the gun on himself. No word on if there were people wounded but I would have to assume so unless the shooter was an unusually good marksman. Still a mass shooting and for most of yesterday the police and media were being pretty cagey about the shooter, even though the media was filming from outside of his house. That is always cause for suspicion.

Then today we start to see the critical details coming out.

Whoops, I thought mass shooters were all white? As it happens, not only are most mass shooters black, but the “disgruntled former employee” shooters are also largely black.

It didn’t take long for a fresh narrative to start circulating on social media. Apparently some people are alleging that the alleged shooter, Anthony Ferrill, was the “victim” of “racism” at this brewery so it really isn’t his fault that he left, went home to get a gun, came back and murdered five people.

Cool. I guess if I don’t like where I work, the obvious course of action is to kill my co-workers.

Also, this guy has a pretty extensive collection of MLB caps.

Another mass shooting, another story buried by the media, and ignored for anything other than gun control by politicians.


The names and some photos of the unarmed men murdered in cold blood by piece of shit Anthony Ferrill:

Jesus Valle Jr., 33
Gennady Levshetz, 61
Trevor Wetselaar, 33
Dana Walk, 57
Dale Hudson, 60

From what I can tell, they were a Latino, a Jew and three white guys. Fathers, husbands, grandfathers. We also have a new photo of Anthony Ferrill, and shocker it is a booking photo from 2002.

As the narrative of him being just a good guy subjected to racism unravels, and we find that he has been arrested at least once and was in conflict with co-workers because he liked to sit around at work watching movies on his phone while on the clock, don’t hold your breath waiting for any of the apologists and/or cheerleaders for his cowardly shooting of unarmed men to retract their statements.

Outside of Milwaukee, this will be quickly swept under the rug. Five families will grieve their loved ones murdered and we will keep pretending that there isn’t a serious problem in the black community with using guns to settle disagreement.

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