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Welcome To 2020

For most of 2019 I and many others have been warning that 2020 is shaping up to be unlike anything any of us have seen before. The race riots and political violence of the 60s won’t hold a candle to 2020 if I am reading the tea leaves correctly.

It promises to be a confusing time with more rancor and likely more political violence than ever in America for the last 150 years. What I want to encourage you to do in preparation is start thinking a little differently about the political theater and start to look at what is going on through a singular lens. It will bring everything we are about to see into clearer focus. Here it is.

If you understand anything about what is about to happen, understand this:

None of this is about Trump. 

Not the “Russian collusion” or the “#Resist” or the “impeachment”. None of the daily screeds in the media about Trump have anything to do with him. These people were fine with Trump a few years ago but something changed and that something is you.

Trump is nothing but a proxy, a way for the ruling class to express their hatred for you and your family without being too overt about it. They talk with glee about white replacement and scold you for your white privilege but it is usually in the context of Trump.

They don’t care about Trump or his narcissism or mean tweets or “grab ’em by the pussy” stuff. They hate Pence just as much and he is about as vanilla and uninteresting a person as you can find. They hate him because Trump represents us, the regular, almost entirely white, middle and working class in America who don’t like in a coastal enclave or a middle America university town. We make stuff and pay taxes and have families. We have to live by the rules set by the ruling class and when we make too much noise about it, they come down on us like a ton of bricks. On the other hand, this country and especially the people living in those coastal enclaves and university towns would perish in a matter of weeks if it were not for us. We keep this country fed, the lights on, the grocery shelves stocked, the Amazon packages delivered, the roads maintained. We give and they take and as thanks, they hate us, mock us and wish us dead.

2020 is Armageddon. It is the final battle between the real America and the parasitical ruling class we have allowed to destroy us from within. Odds are quite good that we have already lost before the battle is waged. Whether Trump wins or loses in 2020 is not that important, as he will certainly be the last Republican President. What is important is to enter the lists with our eyes open. It doesn’t really matter if you vote for Trump or take the acceleration route and vote for a Democrat or vote third party. All that really matters is understanding the real war we are in, as opposed to the fake and gay political kabuki theater we are supposed to watch.

Starting now you have about a year before Trump likely leaves office and the neo-Marxist Left begins their vengeance pogrom. What you do the next twelve months might be the difference between seeing a rebirth of the West or ending up in a shallow grave at the end of a ride in a boxcar. Get out of the blast zone, get yourself prepared materially and most important get your mind wrapped around the new world we are going to inhabit.

Enough talk. It is just about time to get it started.

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