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Thoughts On Richmond: The Anti-Charlottesville

At this point it appears that the Richmond rally for the Second Amendment went off without a hitch, no false flag attacks, no violence, just some mild inconveniences and some pretty funny pictures. I have seen some reasonable assessments that there were as many as 25,000 people there.

What was even more hilarious were the liberals on social media freaking out at the sight of white men assembling in the capitol city of a state white men founded engaged in actions codified as inviolable under the law written by white men. First it was talk of neo-Nazis and white supremacists and when those didn’t show up (because there aren’t really any around), then it was outrage over white people with guns rallying on the Most High Holy Day, Martin Luther King Day. I guess we aren’t allowed to hold political rallies on a day set aside to honor a man famous for speaking at political rallies. Then finally when it was clear that there wasn’t going to be any violence, they were reduced to muttering about how if the participants had been black, people would have freaked out. That of course isn’t true, I would welcome a peaceful protest in favor of gun rights by black men with legal firearms and so would virtually anyone else. Of course there was lots of sneering about the guys wearing tactical gear, and to be honest I could have done without the plate carriers and helmets, and the obligatory charges of being “incels”, even though I bet most of those guys were married, and accusations of having small penises. The typical juvenile projection from the Left.


I have to wonder how many people might have shown up if a handful of people on our side weren’t scaring them away. Again, I understand the concerns they had and they were legitimate, although the “OHMYGODITSAKILLBOX!” stuff was really overblown. Some people are reading too many end-of-the-world novels. The fenced enclosure was designed to make it inconvenient and uncomfortable for participants and it did.

Also of note was just how much these people hate us. Even if they hadn’t been open carrying, the sight of tens of thousands of white people rallying against the government triggered the Left something fierce. That isn’t how it is supposed to go, white people are supposed to cower in fear of being called racist and just bend over and take it on command. The Richmond rally was a smaller version of the 2016 election, with heritage Americans pushing back against the globohomo hegemony.

What I didn’t expect was the amount of crapping on the attendees I saw from our people. A lot of anonymous keyboard warriors seemed a little pissed that it went well. Perhaps they are a little sore that someone actually did something in real life, instead of empty vulgar boasting about how tough they are on social media. Apparently if you do anything other than immediately start gunning people down you are a coward or something. One guy was yapping about how they should have stormed the capitol building, so I pretty much assume he is a Fed or an idiot or both. As is often the case, our fellow travelers on the Right are often our worst enemies. Some of it is jealousy at people who are out trying. Some of it is being egomaniacs where only people who are in 100% complete agreement with you are OK, or Vox Day Syndrome. There are some people who don’t really want us to win, ever. You can call this Eeyore Syndrome. And some of it stems from the simple fact that in an diffuse, anonymous world there are a lot of people who are infiltrators trying to undermine the movement from within.

So, will today’s rally stop the gun control laws? Certainly not. It might at best slow the process down a little. Does that mean it was a waste of time? Absolutely no. We needed a win on our side. We have been terrified of public assemblies since Charlottesville and today proved that white people can rally for white interests, even when not explicitly stated, and do so successfully. Just being honest, gun rights are a white guy thing. We have some gun gals like Dana Loesch and the Kent State girl but it is overwhelmingly men and yes there are some black guys as well but they are pretty rare, you can tell because the same pictures and videos of the handful of blacks were circulated over and over. The rally was a white guy thing because when it comes down to it practically speaking only white people, especially men, care about the 2nd Amendment.

Hopefully some of Trump’s inner circle were paying attention today, because he clearly was not as he is completely consumed by the “impeachment”, which is exactly what Pelosi and Schumer intend but gun rights still gets Trump’s base wound up enough to rally. He is going to need that enthusiasm come November to have any chance of winning. His base doesn’t care about a lot of the stuff he blathers on about but they do care about the 2nd Amendment. He ignores the rally in Richmond to his peril.

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