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The Golden Age Of Guns: Two Tales, One Week

Previously I mentioned that we are truly in The Golden Age Of Gun Buying. The videos from Shot Show 2020 confirmed that. Tons of innovative products, improvements and enhancements. Palmetto State making new products, new stuff from FN like the SCAR in 6.5 Creedmoor, several companies offering a new replica of the AK-74 in 5.45×39 rather than the AK-47 replicas in 7.62×39, which is an admittedly more robust round that is a little harder to handle than what the average AR shooter familiar with the 5.56 is used to. I just have to wonder if the ammo will be readily available enough to make it worthwhile. You can get 7.62 and 5.56 dirt cheap, will a lot of shooters want a third caliber?

Quality firearms keep getting more affordable and for the people who like burning money you can get the re-introduced $1500 Colt Python. <rolls eyes>. You can get just about anything you want for a reasonable price and have it shipped to your local FFL. Ammo? Right to your door, same with with magazines and every accessory you can imagine. Want an AK-74? A Warsaw Bloc Dragunov knock-off? A million different kinds of ARs? A .50 cal Barrett that can shoot through the engine block of a Mack truck?


On the other hand, we see a glimpse of the future in Virginia as a once solid red state goes permanently blue and the Left immediately seeks to enact vengeance on uppity white Virginians by passing a whole raft of gun grabbing legislation. It doesn’t matter that 25,000 armed white guys gathered in one place and no one got hurt and that gun crime has nothing to do with the tens of millions of gun owners in America, the point is to disarm the people. The Richmond rally put the Left on notice that more and more of us are not going to quietly give up our rights but that isn’t going to stop them. The same thing will happen in state after state, and probably sooner than later at the Federal level.

The dichotomy is stark between the greatest arming of civilians in human history and a growing tyrannical ruling class determined to disarm them and it is all coming to a head soon. Tens of millions of people with hundreds of millions of guns and billions of rounds of ammo versus a small cabal of the super wealthy and powerful weaponizing the government and tribal hatred.

The 20’s are gonna be lit.


  1. Arthur Sido

    I have yet to shoot a 6.5 and honestly I don't have anywhere I can go to really stretch one out where the advantages become so powerful. For the shooting I do a .308 is probably more than enough but dang the 6.5 is still awfully sexy.

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