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The Endgame Of Western Civilization

A great new video from Black Pigeon Speaks on his alternate channel. Give it a watch:

We are nearing the end of the cycle for America and the West at large. The breakdown of social cohesion, impending financial calamity, elimination of a racially homogeneous super-majority and with it the high trust society I grew up in, coupled with the growing acceptance of degeneracy, is bringing us to a breaking point. We have always had political differences in America but today people who are on the different political sides hate each other, especially from the Left directed toward the Right. The same thing is true in the U.K., people on the Remain side are barely restraining themselves from calling for public hanging of people who voted Leave. They really seem to believe that returning the U.K. to her state for most of British history would be some sort of calamity. Our actual policy differences are secondary to hating each other for who were are. White middle and working class versus upper class whites and minorities of every stripe. Traditional religious adherents versus the new secular religion. Rural and suburban versus urban.

We lack three critical characteristics as a people:

– A common history

For people like me, America is still the land of opportunity. We have a checkered and flawed past but on balance ours has been the greatest story ever told in human civilization. For my opposites America is the worst thing that ever happened, a cesspool of slavery and Indian genocide and racism and oppressing wahmen and sexual deviants.

– A common vision

My vision for America, at least until recently, and for people like me would be a return to our founding principles that “Made America Great” in the first place. We are on the wrong path and we need to get back to what worked in the past. The vision for the neo-Maoist Left looks a lot more like the Chi-Com Cultural Revolution. Sure it resulted in the mass deaths of tens of millions but now Americans can get cheap iPhones from China, so win-win I guess.

– A common identity

The America of a common European ancestry with a common history is gone. I would guess that actual white, European descended Americans are already under 50% of the population. An America with several large, competing tribes struggling over a shrinking pot of public money funded by a shrinking population of heritage Americans, people who lack a common story and ancestry, is a recipe for disaster.

Absent these three characteristics, what do I share in common with other “Americans” other than being trapped in the same country? Right now the cost of separation, either by dividing up the nation or by a mass movement of one group or the other, is too high but soon the cost of staying together will be even greater. More and more I favor dividing both the U.S. and Canada into two new, blended nations but I can’t see the Left in either nation going for that.

Whichever path we take, the endgame for Western civilization as we have known it for centuries is coming closer.

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  1. John Wilder

    The Left will settle for nothing less than complete victory, but thankfully can be counted on to celebrate before they are done.

    With the Left, a scorched-earth victory is a feature, not a bug. They revel in that which is ugly and violent. Their creedo is self-loathing.

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