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Thank Goodness For The GOP!

What would we do without the Republican Party to defend freedom, especially in deep red, reliably conservative states like Indiana where Republican elected officials are on our side? Like, for example, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick, a rock-solid stalwart conservative who just sided with a Democrat in calling for “vouchers” to be banned from Christian schools that actually adhere to Christian principles.

Senator tries again to ban Indiana vouchers over gay firings

A proposal aimed at banning private schools that discriminate against gay employees and students from receiving Indiana voucher program money is being back by the state’s Republican school superintendent.

The bill filed Friday by Democratic Sen. J.D. Ford of Indianapolis comes after the firings of gay staff members at two Catholic high schools in Indianapolis because they were in same-sex marriages.

Ford and state schools Superintendent Jennifer McCormick argue taxpayer money shouldn’t support schools that don’t treat all students and employees equally.

In case you aren’t familiar with how “vouchers” work. We pay taxes in Indiana that are supposed to go to schools. Many people in Indiana choose to send their children to a private school, most of those being some sort of Christian school. The “vouchers” are the way parents direct their own taxes to the education of their own children. In other words, it is using your own money to educate your own kids. There isn’t a magical pot of money where “education” funding comes from, we pay for it out of our own pockets via taxes and the state then graciously allows our school districts to have some of it back.

The Indiana State Constitution is pretty clear on this matter:

Section 3. Freedom of religious opinions

Section 3. No law shall, in any case whatever, control the free exercise and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience.

Ms. McCormick’s Republican credentials
are about as authentic as her blonde hair.

According to “Republican” school Superintendent Jennifer McCormick, parents should only be allowed to use their own money to fund their own kid’s education at Christian schools if those schools agree to disregard the 2000 year traditions of their faith. That sort of defeats the purpose of having a private parochial school education. There are tons of job openings at every school district in Indiana, if homosexuals want to get “married” and be teachers, go teach at a non-Christian school. I don’t have any interest in going to an Islamic school or a Jewish school and demanding they conform to what I believe, primarily because I thought that in America and in Indiana we had the freedom of religious exercise.

Ms. McCormick has an “administrative team” of ten people who are all no doubt highly paid and do nothing to actually educate a single kid, including Brandon Phillips who is listed as her “scheduler/driver”. Someone as super important as Ms. McCormick needs a tax-payer provided driver to tool around Indiana telling parents with firmly held religious beliefs that they can’t have their money back unless they agree to set aside their beliefs to pander to sexual degenerates.

I am not interested in the job but someone who is an actual conservative in Indiana needs to primary Jennifer McCormick this year. It is bad enough to have traitorous Republicans in D.C. but here in Indiana we need elected officials who will stand up for the rights of parents over the demands of deviants.

Oh, and meanwhile under pro-life Republican President Trump….

Planned Parenthood annual report reveals highest-ever number of abortions, government funding

Awesome. But hey, the stock market is doing great!

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