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Shut Up And Take My Money!

Shot Show 2020 is going on this week in Vegas and I have the sadz because I am not eligible to attend. Yet.

Anyway, there is a lot of cool stuff being rolled out and it is probably the safest place in America to be in spite of lots of people in an exhibit hall full of guns.

Palmetto State Armory is one of my favorite companies in the industry not only for being an innovative manufacturer but also for being a company open about their philosophy of business being directly tied to the 2nd Amendment. They rolled out some great new products for 2020 that really have me fired up. A lot of companies are just tweaking their existing stuff, PSA is going all out.

The Jakl looks super cool, lots of new ARs, a reasonably priced MP5 clone and a 9mm that uses Glock parts but starts out at $299? All I can say to that is….

I mean, come on. If I worked a regular job I would ask about having my paycheck direct deposited right to PSA.

Some gun snobs kind of sneer at “poors” that buy from PSA but they have a lifetime warranty on their stuff that is all made right here in the U.S. and the story of PSA is pretty cool as well. For 99.9% of the shooters in America, PSA is more than good enough and if you think you are too good for PSA, I doubt anyone else agrees with you.

I have been watching videos from Shot Show all day when I have a few minutes. The firearm industry is one of the most maligned in the country but they are across the board responsible business-owners, innovators and quintessential Americans. Looking forward to seeing what else is new.


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