Saturday, January 25, 2020

More On Richmond

Rex Tibor had an interesting follow-up video for Richmond. I didn't see any of this online but it sounds like some people were crapping on fellow 2A types for not attending Richmond, the old "where were you when we were fighting for your freedom!". It doesn't surprise me that this went on, I saw a few Youtube types saying they weren't going because they were going to Shot Show in Vegas. Lobby Day in Richmond and Shot Show are both set up well in advance, and it wasn't like I expected the big names in the 2A community with prior commitments to Shot Show to skip Vegas to go rally but it sounds like some people were complaining about it.

Rex is kind of an odd duck but I like his stuff.

Ultimately we should be encouraging people. The big names who are advocates with a national audience need encouragement. The local guys organizing the Richmond rally need encouragement. The individual who decides to take a stand needs encouragement. None of us need anonymous keyboard warriors barking at us because they need the validation in their otherwise miserable lives that comes from making other people miserable.

A whole bunch of atomized individuals who distrust each other are easy pickings for the neo-Maoists. We are not going to be in pitched battles like the Civil War 1.0 so we are going to need real-life, "meatspace" community a lot more than just a bunch of anonymous asshats crapping on people who aren't as awesome as they are. Let's encourage one another instead of spending all of our time purity spiraling.

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