Saturday, January 18, 2020

Mass Shooting Update

Back in December, I mentioned a mass shooting in Chicago where 13 people were wounded, none killed, at a memorial for a carjacker who was fatally shot while trying to steal a car. I assumed those shot were all black and that the shooter, if ever found, would also be black.

The cops made an arrest and here is our little Annie Oakley:

This guy has a promising career as a Stormtrooper
Maybe some basic marksmanship lessons would be in order? Do they offer those in prison?

The shooter was identified as Keilon Jones. Mr. Jones is 23 and will get hit with a whole pile of charges from attempted murder to aggravated battery to using a firearm in the commission of a crime and whatever else they can think of. According to the report:

Police have said the Dec. 22 shooting stemmed from a dispute at a memorial party being held in honor of someone killed in April.

Authorities have said the shooting began inside a house in the city’s Englewood neighborhood and more shots were fired as people began fleeing. 

Basically it sounds like Mr. Jones got into a fight at the party and decided the sensible way to resolve his issue was to start shooting randomly at people. Now he is facing spending the remainder of his adult life in prison.

Somehow I suspect this is my fault.

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