Thursday, January 30, 2020

A Brief Hiatus

Starting today I'll be taking a brief blogging hiatus, at which time the blog will be unavailable including older posts. I might post an explanation later but never fear, I will be back!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Dr. Smollett Death Threat Update!

Another update!

Uh oh, Dr. Joseph Sakran, he of the totally credible "death threat" note on his car (in his garage), seems to have deleted the tweet with the obviously printed by himself fake threat totally believable death threat photos.

Dr. Seamon still has this tweet up but the original tweet is gone. Dr. Sakran didn't protect his account or block me, his account is still there. No explanation from the good doctor as to why he deleted this threat, his last tweet from was three days ago when he expressed sorrow at the death of rapist sportsball hero Kobe Bryant. No explanation of what happened or why he deleted his tweet.

If I was suspicious I would think that this whole thing was a stunt that blew up and got more attention than he expected and now he is trying to squash the whole thing. I wonder if someone from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was asking some uncomfortable questions or outright told him to take it down because it makes their whole organization look stupid?

The people trying to disarm us have no problem lying to accomplish their goals. We have to be on our game 100% of the time to protect what rights we still have left.

The Color Of Crime In Fort Wayne Update

Earlier in January I posted some research I did on the racial composition of murder victims and perpetrators in nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana in a post titled The Color Of Crime In Fort Wayne. Since FW is close to us and a manageable sample size, it was an interesting exercise. Fort Wayne is also useful as a mid-sized city that is still around 70% white, a major contrast with slaughterhouses like Baltimore and Detroit. What I discovered was not surprising in the least, despite being only around 15% of the population of Fort Wayne, blacks account for most of the murderers and murder victims.

My plan is to keep the post updated as arrests are made. At the time of the post, of 29 homicides in Fort Wayne/Allen County, the identity of the killer was known in 18 cases. That just changed to 20 as another arrest has been made, in this case the killing of 41 year old black man Korta Queary.

Police arrest man on murder charge tied to May 2019 homicide

Fort Wayne Police say they arrested a man for murder related to a May 2019 homicide.

The Fort Wayne Homicide Unit along with the Narcotic and Gang Unit arrested Trayvon Rogan, 24, around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday for the shooting death of Korta Queary, 41. Police said Rogan was taken into custody in a traffic stop near Ardmore Rd. and Engle Rd. without incident.
The Allen County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as 41-year-old Korta Seon Queary of Fort Wayne. An autopsy found Queary died of a gunshot to the head and his death was ruled a homicide.

Police spokesman Michael Joyner said at the time that the death appeared to be “suspicious in nature.”

A gunshot wound to the head ruled as "suspicious in nature". Solid sleuthing there Columbo!

Mr. Rogan, no relation to Joe Rogan, has had a few run-ins with John Q. Law in his day so I found a mug shot pretty easily.

Cheerful looking fella! He has mastered the "Imma badass" glowering at the camera pose. That takes years of practice.

Mr. Rogan has been in the news in the past, in December of 2017 he was on the receiving end of a stabbing. Sadly he survived the stabbing and promptly killed someone else less than a year and a half later, so now the 24 year old Rogan will spend the next 40 or 50 years living in an Indiana prison being paid for by the tax-payers of Indiana.

While no one has been arrested for actually stabbing Mr. Rogan, a couple of his buddies (David Masterson and Joseph Britt) who brought him to the hospital were charged.

2 charged in aftermath of stabbing; victim upgraded

I don't know what to say about that. The genius on the left was driving the car that Rogan was dumped from at a local hospital and when the hospital mall cop police officer tried to stop them to ask them what was going on, aspiring nuclear physicist Masterson decided to ram the hospital cop with his car. A second mall cop hospital cop showed up and they realized that the driver had also been stabbed and was covered in blood so they took them both in, where they promptly gave fake names to the actual police and got charged for that, as well as Masterson hitting a public safety officer with his car.

Another killer identified (yes, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, etc) in a 2019 Fort Wayne murder and yet again it is a black man who killed another black man. As Fort Wayne police steadily make progress investigating these murders, the percentage of known 2019 murderers in Fort Wayne creeps up. I updated the original post and this is where we are"

Of 20 known killers, 16 were black or 84%. Two were Hispanic and have been arrested. One was a white male and apparently was not arrested as he killed his "victim" in self-defense/defense of his mother and sister. One killer was a cop and his shooting was found justified. So taking those two out, of 18 traditional murders where the killer is known, around 89% of known killers were black and statically speaking the percentage of blacks perpetrators is probably much higher, likely over 95%. This is in a city where the black population is only around 15%.

The stark truth is this: without the 15% of the population in Fort Wayne that is black, we would essentially have zero murders and the overall violent and non-violent crime rate would plummet.

Remind me again, when has diversity ever been our greatest strength or a strength at all?

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Ingratitude Files: Cringe Paki Edition

First watch this video from Mark Dice, featuring Don Lemonhead, Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali.


Hey, why doesn't anyone watch CNN?

Then read this tweet.

So Mr. Ali goes on CNN and laughs uproariously at and participates in weasel Rick Wilson's childish mocking of Trump voters as uneducated buffoons while Don Lemon loses it, collapsing in a puddle like a girl, which makes sense since he likes having sex with other men. Then he gets triggered about Trump tweeting a clip of what he did on a national news show because now his friends are concerned about his safety. If I walk up to Conor McGregor and slap him in the face and then he beats the piss out of me, I am not the victim in that scenario.

The irony of him talking about other people crying "fake victimhood" after his behavior on CNN was rebroadcast is pretty rich, although to be fair a video clip tweeted by Trump certainly gets more viewers than Don Lemon's show on CNN.

I wonder if I did a bit mocking Pakistani people for their accent and general lack of hygiene and civilization, would Mr. Ali find it as "harmless, silly"?

This is the latest occurrence of someone who utterly lacks a shred of gratitude. According to Mr. Ali's website, his family moved here from Pakistan.

Pakistan is a cesspool of Islamic fundamentalism, a backwards pit of a nation full of people just like Mr. Ali. On lists of per capita GDP, Pakistan comes in right below such advanced nations as Ghana, Nigeria and Samoa. The average per capita GDP in Pakistan is well under $6,000 annually. In other words, Pakistan is one of those nations President Trump referred to as a shithole. So his family flees the aforementioned shithole full of 200 million people like Mr. Ali's family and comes to America, full of people like me. Upon arriving here, he received a great education paid for by people like me and then has apparently become quite successful thanks to the economic freedom won for him by people like me.

Mr. Ali then proceeds to crap all over the very people who gave his family shelter so they could flee from a country full of people like him and then has the audacity to say this on his website:

Good thing he didn't exhibit any bigotry, fear or harmful stereotypes when he engaged in some good-natured bigoted stereotyping of white people he clearly fears. I guess the kind of mockery and stereotyping he was doing is OK because it was aimed at bad white people instead of noble brown people, the kind of noble brown people his family fled.

The audacity and arrogance of these people is breathtaking. His people didn't make this country the sort of place people want to move to, my people did. America was great long before 1965 when we started letting people like Wajahat Ali into the country so they could make fun of us for being saps and rubes.

Although, come to think of it, we kind of are saps and rubes for believing people like Wajahat Ali had anything to offer America other than being big city cab drivers and 7/11 owners.

Maybe we should stop importing people who hate us and do nothing but take from what we have built?

It's All Part Of Fantasy "Rock and Roll"

Last weekend the music world, or at least a small segment of it, came together for a giant circle jerk called the Grammy Awards. As a general rule, I pay no attention to the world of "entertainment" and especially not the music world as most music made since the 80s is absolute garbage. That doesn't mean I don't like music, I listen to some form of rock almost all the time in the car where I spend most of my day, I frequently listen to classical music at home while writing and reading and I occasionally have been known to listen to some older country, George Strait and Hank Williams Jr. kind of stuff. But I don't follow the "music scene" and I don't intentionally support the music industry. I haven't purchased music for so long that I can't remember the last time I did, listening almost exclusively on Youtube on my desktop so I don't even see ads.

That said, I was listening to our local rock station early yesterday morning and the hosts were talking about the Grammys. The latest flash in the pan, Billie Elish, apparently won a ton of stuff but her incoherent warbling music is so generic and forgettable that she will be gone from memory soon. What caught my notice was the winner of the "rock" category. The entire rock genre gets very little attention from the music industry, they are more focused on glowering rappers, fat women yodeling about what whores they are and the flavor of the day pop singers lip-syncing some banal lyrics. So when the hosts, and this is a rock station that plays contemporary rock along with classic rock, mentioned who won several awards in the "Rock" category, they were as confused as I was. Some guy named Gary Clark Jr. was the winner of Best rock song and Best rock performance for some song called "This Land". I have never heard of this guy. The hosts of our local rock station had never heard of this guy. They played a short clip of the song and I have never heard the song, and little wonder as it sound like it was more accurately described as a rap "song", which by the way already has it's own category. Here are some of the lyrics from "This Land":

Uh, yeah

Paranoid and pissed off
Now that I got the money
Fifty acres and a model A
Right in the middle of Trump country
I told you, "There goes a neighborhood"
Now Mister Williams ain't so funny
I see you looking out your window
Can't wait to call the police on me

Oh, an anti-white and anti-Trump song. How original and edgy! Remember when "rock" used to be counter-cultural instead of parroting back the prevailing elite opinions? More from this noble troubadour in the chorus....

"Nigga run, nigga run
Go back where you come from, uh
Nigga run, nigga run
Go back where you come from
We don't want, we don't want your kind
We think you's a dog born"
Fuck you, I'm America's son
This is where I come from

This land is mine
This land is mine
This land is mine
This land is mine

Well, that certainly is poetic. I can't imagine why a rapper bellowing about how much he hates white people in "Trump country" and pretending like he is oppressed doesn't get any play time on stations that have an almost entirely white listener base. Must be racism.

The (actual) rock band Tool released a very long awaited and very well received new album in 2019. There were lots of other great bands releasing quality rock music. Rival Sons had a solid new album. The Black Keys released some new material last year after a hiatus. Ozzie Osbourne released a great new single, "Under The Graveyard". Slipknot released "We Are Not Your Kind" which gets a ton of airplay on rock stations. The Glorious Sons had a new album. Nope, none of them won. 

Gary Clark Jr. being black is irrelevant to me. If he made actual rock music and that music rocked, I would rock out to it. No one, me included, has a problem with Jimi Hendrix being played on rock stations because he was playing rock music. But at least in the case of "This Land", while what he produced might be artistically pleasing to a lot of people, it isn't rock music. Furthermore, in spite of being unknown in rock circles he won several Grammy awards in the rock category for one simple reason: his screed against Trump and white people (aka Trump voters) is pleasing to the acolytes of the zeitgeist. 

Imagine the response if during the Obama administration a white guy won an award in the "Urban Contemporary" category where he talked about how awful Obama was and how he has to lock his doors when he drives through black neighborhoods. People would be burning down cities. But a non-rock song wins in the rock category containing lyrics attacking the only people who listen to rock music and we are supposed to applaud.

In a not at all shocking twist, the Grammy awards had their lowest ratings ever. This doesn't matter to the glitterati. All that matters is pushing their assigned agenda, so a "rock" award is presented to someone because he a) isn't white and b) produced an anti-Trump, anti-white song. Hollywood and the entertainment industry keep pumping out political propaganda that lacks any artistic or entertainment value and doesn't seem to care whether actual fans like it, or consume it, or not. They would rather wreck a beloved franchise like Star Wars for the sake of being woke than make something decent.

At some point a few decades ago the entertainment world shifted away from being a business driven by pumping out commercially viable crap and into the propaganda arm of the globo-homo Left. I don't care how much you love music or movies or sports. If you spend money directly subsidizing those industries, you are essentially funding the most vocal and militant group seeking to displace your people and extinguish your civilization. 

Stop it.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Paging Dr. Smollett

We haven't had a good hate hoax in a while so here is a solid contender.

A "Death Threat" that features a clip art hand holding a gun with the words "The End is Near...." typed below them, on a very clean and obviously recently printed piece of paper. Super sleuth Dr. Sakran determined it was a threat intended to "silence" him. This looks like the exact sort of thing a rabid gun nut would do. Or maybe...

Dr. Sakran is apparently a trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore when he isn't lying on Twitter, having received his medical degree from the Ben-Gurion University Medical School for International Health in Israel. He was apparently shot in the throat by an errant bullet at a football game when he was 17 and that gives him the authority and obligation to push to disarm law-abiding Americans.

Many people have pointed out the utterly preposterous nature of this claim, from the freshly printed flyer to the obviously staged nature of a photo under his windshield wiper in his garage (you can see in the reflection from the windshield that he is in an enclosed garage.). He clearly didn't put much effort into this. I ran a Google image search this morning for "hand holding a gun" and the picture he used was one of the first images to pop up.

The replies to his tweet were awesome, Steve Sailer had perhaps my favorite:

The number of hoaxes used to try to advance a leftist agenda is pretty staggering at this point.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the Baltimore Sun did a piece on his story and put "death threat" in scare quotes. Even a left-wing newspaper wasn't buying his story. He expanded on his fanciful tale of NRA members stalking him....

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, he said he believed the paper was placed on his car, parked near his parents’ home in Northern Virginia, sometime on or before Jan. 20 — which was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and the same day as a gun rights rally in Richmond, the state’s capital.

So his car was parked "near" his parent's home, suggesting that it was parked outside but when he photographed the flyer, it was in a garage. Curious, especially since it would imply that he is such a prominent opponent of the firearms community that someone knew to stalk where his parents live and knew which car he had but after all of this research all they did was place a MS Clipart photo under his windshield.

As a side-note, he allegedly found the "death threat" note the next day on January 21st. However the paper is perfectly clean, like it just came off the printer, and is not smudged at all. Go out to your car and run your finger along the wiper blade. Unless you just cleaned it recently, it will leave grime on your finger. But not this pristine piece of paper. Curious again. The story continues:

Sakran, 42, said he recalls grabbing what he thought was a flier off his windshield on the morning of Jan. 21 as he made his way into work at the U.S. Capitol, where he is serving as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation health policy fellow....

He said he took no notice of what was on the paper that morning, distracted by thoughts about his new job. But days later, as he was cleaning out his car, he took a closer look and realized what it was with a jolt, he said.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” he said. "A lot of emotions went through me, to be honest with you, having been a survivor — and also for my family.”

Uh, yeah. This was a full size piece of paper and he didn't look at it, in case it was a note or something? Even junk flyers on cars get glanced at but he was so enthralled with his new "job" trying to undercut the rights of Americans that he didn't notice that this pristine white piece of paper had a giant blue gun printed on it? I hope he pays more attention when he is performing surgery. Then, deep in the whole he has dug, he allegedly did this:

After finding the alleged threat in his car, Sakran said, he took a couple of pictures — placing it back on his windshield for one — and then threw it in the trash, ready to ignore it. On Saturday, he changed his mind.

He threw it in the trash "days later". Let's follow the timeline.

A gun nut left a weird note on the car of some guy few people have heard of after stalking him to know where his parents lived, what car he drives and where he parked on or around January 20th. Martin Luther King Day dontcha know!

He "found" the flyer on Tuesday the 21st and threw it in his car.

"Days later" he realized what it was and was super triggered over such an obviously serious threat. He claims he was very emotional. So obviously he did what anyone facing a serious threat did and threw it away after staging several photos. The photos he staged included a photo of the flyer on the windshield of his car but with the crease as it appears, the paper would have been facedown and mostly obscured on his car rather than facing outward and perched upright.

On Saturday he conveniently changed his mind, got the picture out of his trash and now claims he will be reporting this to the police. After leaving a piece of paper in his garbage for who knows how long, he says he intends to report the incident to law enforcement. I would love to watch the face of the cop taking that police report.

I am pretty certain he will never take this "death threat" to the cops because the only fingerprints or DNA on the paper will be his own and the cops might ask to compare the printout to his home printer and that would be awfully awkward. Not to mention that it sat in his trash for an undisclosed number of days so if that is true, it is probably covered in coffee grounds and who knows what else.

As someone who would be considered on the far extreme of radicalism when it comes to gun rights, I keep an eye on enemies of liberty like that little David Hogg weasel, the Parkland "survivor" and others. I have never heard of this guy. No one I know of would print something that infantile up and stalk him for the purposes of "silencing" someone no one cares about. It is only slightly more believable than two white guys with MAGA hats attacking a gay black actor in the middle of a freezing night in Chicago. He got lots of replies that just scorched him for his obvious hoax but a lot of doctors, many with foreign names, apparently bought his ridiculous story.

As noted, Dr. Sakran is a trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins so I assume he sees a lot of gunshot victims. Since Hopkins is in Baltimore, a city that is 2/3 black and an absolute slaughter house of black on black gun violence, I get his concern. However, I would also hazard a guess that virtually all of the victims and perpetrators of gun violence he sees in the ER are black or mestizo and essentially all of them were shot with a handgun that was possessed illegally. None of them are NRA members. None of those shootings would be stopped by more restrictive gun laws as they mostly are already breaking the law by having guns in the first place. If Dr. Sakran was honest, and based on this story he is a sociopathic liar with a narcissistic need for attention, he would realize that the laws people like him push for would do nothing to curb gun violence in Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis, so clearly he is motivated by a different set of priorities that have nothing to do with reducing gun violence. I will leave it to others to discern his motives.

The people we are fighting against in the public sphere are liars and sociopaths. Staging something like this to get attention on social media is a pretty stark sign of mental illness but I wonder how much he is getting paid by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation to be a "health policy fellow", a fancy title for someone who will publish BS papers. In fact the timing itself seems rather suspicious, almost as if he is drumming up some attention before starting what amounts to a lobbying position in D.C. rather than working as a surgeon. Curious indeed.

Dr. Sakran isn't fooling anybody. Anyone with an ounce of common sense sees right through this for what it is: a staged hoax designed to paint gun rights advocates as dangerous radicals just itching for an excuse to murder our opponents. The opposite is true. If the 25,000 people at the rally in Richmond wanted to, they could have easily stormed the capitol building, cutting through the police like melted butter, and assassinated the legislators trying to take away their rights. But they didn't because unlike the gangsters and thugs shooting the people ending up in Dr. Sakran's operating room, we are law abiding, decent people who still (perhaps naively) believe in the peaceful resolution of political disputes.

The real question is how much longer will Americans operate under the illusion that they have a voice in their own government?

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Golden Age Of Guns: Two Tales, One Week

Previously I mentioned that we are truly in The Golden Age Of Gun Buying. The videos from Shot Show 2020 confirmed that. Tons of innovative products, improvements and enhancements. Palmetto State making new products, new stuff from FN like the SCAR in 6.5 Creedmoor, several companies offering a new replica of the AK-74 in 5.45x39 rather than the AK-47 replicas in 7.62x39, which is an admittedly more robust round that is a little harder to handle than what the average AR shooter familiar with the 5.56 is used to. I just have to wonder if the ammo will be readily available enough to make it worthwhile. You can get 7.62 and 5.56 dirt cheap, will a lot of shooters want a third caliber?

Quality firearms keep getting more affordable and for the people who like burning money you can get the re-introduced $1500 Colt Python. <rolls eyes>. You can get just about anything you want for a reasonable price and have it shipped to your local FFL. Ammo? Right to your door, same with with magazines and every accessory you can imagine. Want an AK-74? A Warsaw Bloc Dragunov knock-off? A million different kinds of ARs? A .50 cal Barrett that can shoot through the engine block of a Mack truck?


On the other hand, we see a glimpse of the future in Virginia as a once solid red state goes permanently blue and the Left immediately seeks to enact vengeance on uppity white Virginians by passing a whole raft of gun grabbing legislation. It doesn't matter that 25,000 armed white guys gathered in one place and no one got hurt and that gun crime has nothing to do with the tens of millions of gun owners in America, the point is to disarm the people. The Richmond rally put the Left on notice that more and more of us are not going to quietly give up our rights but that isn't going to stop them. The same thing will happen in state after state, and probably sooner than later at the Federal level.

The dichotomy is stark between the greatest arming of civilians in human history and a growing tyrannical ruling class determined to disarm them and it is all coming to a head soon. Tens of millions of people with hundreds of millions of guns and billions of rounds of ammo versus a small cabal of the super wealthy and powerful weaponizing the government and tribal hatred.

The 20's are gonna be lit.

More On Richmond

Rex Tibor had an interesting follow-up video for Richmond. I didn't see any of this online but it sounds like some people were crapping on fellow 2A types for not attending Richmond, the old "where were you when we were fighting for your freedom!". It doesn't surprise me that this went on, I saw a few Youtube types saying they weren't going because they were going to Shot Show in Vegas. Lobby Day in Richmond and Shot Show are both set up well in advance, and it wasn't like I expected the big names in the 2A community with prior commitments to Shot Show to skip Vegas to go rally but it sounds like some people were complaining about it.

Rex is kind of an odd duck but I like his stuff.

Ultimately we should be encouraging people. The big names who are advocates with a national audience need encouragement. The local guys organizing the Richmond rally need encouragement. The individual who decides to take a stand needs encouragement. None of us need anonymous keyboard warriors barking at us because they need the validation in their otherwise miserable lives that comes from making other people miserable.

A whole bunch of atomized individuals who distrust each other are easy pickings for the neo-Maoists. We are not going to be in pitched battles like the Civil War 1.0 so we are going to need real-life, "meatspace" community a lot more than just a bunch of anonymous asshats crapping on people who aren't as awesome as they are. Let's encourage one another instead of spending all of our time purity spiraling.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory




I like the black-pilled pessimism as much as the next guy but come on. If I read one more blog post from someone crapping on the Richmond 2nd Amendment rally for being successful at exactly what it was intended to do, I am going to puke and/or start Fedposting.

It is starting to seem more apparent that there are a significant number of people in our movement, as disparate as it is, who are more concerned with stirring up shit and patting themselves on the back to the adoration of their readers than they are in actually trying to accomplish some sort of tangible goals. Either that or a lot of these anonymous folks are actually controlled opposition who are working at odds with our movement by causing strife and contention at every turn.

I have been blogging for the better part of 16 years. My original blog would be eligible to drive in March of this year and already have it's learners permit. There are a lot of things I wrote about more than a dozen years ago that I have come to realize I was wrong about. As an example, I thought invading Iraq after 9/11 was a good thing and actually helped protect America. It turns out that the opposite was true. There are many issues I have worked through publicly on my blog and have modified my thinking on, and there are some things where I was flat out wrong. That is OK and it is OK to admit you were wrong. Being wrong is a daily part of the human existence.

Many people assumed, not without some valid justification, that Richmond had the makings of a disaster. They warned people away from going, which probably reduced attendance by a significant percentage. It turns out they were wrong and their predictions were inaccurate. Some admitted this but many others have spent the last week crapping all over the people who showed up because their ego simply won't allow them to admit "I was wrong". If things had gone sideways in the worst possible way in Richmond, I hope I would be man enough to say "I was wrong and the whole thing was a mistake" because the inability to admit when you are wrong is a sign of a very serious character defect.

Some people seem upset that our fellow gun-owners weren't massacred in the street because they think a successful rally made them look bad,

Double-U. Tee. Eff.

From what I can tell, most of the attendees at the rally weren't wearing tacticool stuff. They were dressed fairly normally and open carrying legal firearms. Some were overweight and many were not. There were men and women and kids, people of different races and even some kind of weird folks, the kind any public gathering attracts.

Since the rally on Monday, while some people have spent the week trying to explain why they weren't really wrong when clearly they were, Phil Van Cleve of VCDL has been working to rally people at the local level just as he did before the rally, monitoring legislation and reporting on it and being a generally useful guy for our movement. Those are the kind of people who are doing real work in the real world that are helping to stave off the end-game for a little bit longer.

Did Phil Van Cleave and the organizers at the Virginia Citizens Defense League think this rally was going to magically stop Ralph Northam and the Democrats from advancing their extreme gun-grabbing bills? Of course not. But it did send a message to the legislature that the citizens of Virginia were serious about opposing them, it sent a message to national Republican leaders and state leaders of the GOP around the country that this is an issue we are paying attention to and gets people fired up and perhaps most importantly it showed that yes, a bunch of more or less right-wing white guys can assemble without the goofy tiki torches and not have it blow up in our faces.

While I agree that local organizing is critical and I applaud the local sanctuary county/city movement, this isn't an either-or proposition.

At the end of 2019 I said that we were past the stage where we can sit on the fence. Being anonymous and sniping from the sidelines like the mean girl in middle school on social media, making fun of Suzie because her hoodie is SO last year, isn't going to cut it anymore. We need to be public and that means we have to be willing to take some risks. Otherwise we need to go completely dark and drop off the grid as much as possible, becoming the Grey Man and hoping to ride it out. I stopped using anonymous social media accounts and started speaking more openly on my blog intentionally, even knowing that it closed employment opportunities off for me, alienated some former friends and even potentially put me and my family at risk. The survival of our people demands nothing less than total commitment, because believe me that our enemy is 100% committed to winning this fight, even over the dead bodies of you and your kids. For some of the Bernie-bros, stepping over the bodies of your children is a feature, not a bug, of the revolution.

There isn't a place in the fight to save Western civilization for egomaniacs engaged in mental masturbation online and getting vulgar and catty when people push back. I don't mind the strongly worded post, in fact I like to think I specialize in them, and I am all in favor of strenuous intramural discussion and disagreement, but if you are directing as much of your fire at people who are supposed to be on your side as you are at people who are actively trying to kill us, you are more of a hindrance than you are worth. Go troll people in video games or on Reddit and leave the serious work to the adults.

We are in this together and purity spiraling and ego-trips are going to see us all dead one at a time.

You can check your ego at the door or you can see your way out. I don't care either way.

Treasonous Adam Schiff Declares 2020 Election Invalid

If you aren't paying attention to the "impeachment" trial, and shame on you if you are, you have missed some earth-shattering boredom and nonsense.

On the other hand, there have been a few interesting moments in the middle of the drudgery that has most of the Senate and virtually all of the country bored to tears. Here is one such moment from the bug-eyed fruitcake Adam Schiff....

Adam Schiff should be selling used cars instead of making laws and presiding over what should be serious events. Here is the key line from Schiff-for-brains:

“The President's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won”

Reread that statement. Adam Schiff is presenting a no-win scenario here. Either Trump is removed from office or the 2020 election will be illegitimate. The classic "heads I win, tails you lose" scam.

Most well-meaning, regular Americans think that the "impeachment" is really about some sort of serious issue, one they don't understand but still think is super serious because the media is talking about it.

What they don't understand is that this was never about an impeachable offense and no one ever thought Trump was going to be removed from office. To remove Trump would require a bunch of Republican Senators, actual Republicans and not just people like Mitt Romney, to vote to remove the sitting President from their own party. While many of them would if there was an actual crime involved, in the absence of one it is not going to happen. Pelosi knew this, Schumer knows this. They are going ahead with this farce for two main and one minor reason.

First, it is distracting Trump. Trump could get a lot of stuff done if he would spend less time on Twitter screaming about how unfair the "impeachment" has been. Any shiny object that keeps his attention focused on silly crap means he doesn't decide to end birthright citizenship via executive order on a whim one afternoon. Trump thinks he is savvy and shrewd but the Democrats have had him chasing his tail for three years now.

Second, it is setting the stage to declare a re-election of Trump illegitimate. While I still think Trump loses for demographic reasons, the Democrats are getting worried and given their clown car of candidates, I can understand why. People are starting to seriously talk about a man born a few months before Pearl Harbor and an avowed socialist being the nominee. Things are that desperate in the Democrat Party that Bernie Sanders is starting to look like the least crazy nominee.

Bernie Sanders.

Let that sink in.

So the leadership is already setting the stage to deal with a second term of Trump by declaring his election illegitimate before the votes are even cast and preparing for an endless series of "impeachments" for the next four years.

The third reason is less important but still real, and that is the Democrats trying to play a balancing act with the most rabid parts of their base. The impeachment rather ironically serves the same purpose for the far left of the Democrat party that it does with Trump, namely being a distraction. If the House hadn't proceeded with "impeachment" hearings, their base might have revolted and turned the party over to AOC and Ilhan Omar. Impeachment is a chew toy to occupy the far left just long enough for the party leadership to rig the primaries, although now they might be rigging them in favor of Bernie and away from Gabbard and Yang. More delicious irony.

So according to Schiff, since everyone knows that barring some revelation of an actual crime Trump won't be removed from office, the 2020 election results cannot be trusted, or at least cannot be trusted if Trump wins. A sitting U.S. Congressman is preemptively declaring the U.S. election to be null and void before it happens. Mr. Schiff allegedly affirms as his oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States every two years but here he is, on the floor of the Senate, undermining public trust in our upcoming elections.

In a sane country, Schiff would be censured for his statement and held to account but we don't live in a sane country. Schiff is violating his solemn oath of office as a Congressman and committing what amounts to an act of treason against the government of the United States.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mass Shooting Alert! Sleepless In Seattle Edition!

(OK, it was only 5 PM but I couldn't think of another Seattle themed reference. Also I have never watched that movie)

A shoot-out in Seattle last night in front of a McDonalds!

Seattle shooting leaves 1 dead, at least 7 wounded, 'multiple' suspects on the loose

Initial reports were one or more gunmen got into an altercation and shots were fired. A woman was killed at the scene and seven people were wounded according to King 5 in Seattle:

Of the seven shooting victims treated at Harborview, a 9-year-old boy was listed in satisfactory condition, a 32-year-old man was in satisfactory condition, and a 55-year-old woman was in serious condition early Thursday morning. Four men, ages 21, 34, 35, and 49, were treated and released, according to hospital officials.

Apparently this location is a hotbed of criminal behavior and as is often the case, the gunmen missed each other but hit a bunch of bystanders. These guys could watch a couple of Youtube videos about proper grip and setting your feet and maybe they would hit their target instead of women and 9 year old kids?

The police were pretty cagey about the descriptions of the suspects which is pretty much the same thing as providing a description if you are paying attention but they finally released a couple of names and pictures.


It is handy when our diverse criminals already have mugshots and according to King 5, these boys have been to the station a time or two:

According to court records, Tolliver has been arrested 44 times, convicted of one felony, 18 gross misdemeanors, and one misdemeanor. Records show Tolbert has been arrested 21 times, convicted of three felonies, and 12 gross misdemeanors.

No, that is not a typo. These two gunslingers have been arrested a combined 65 times and both have been convicted at least once for felonies.


**UPDATE 1/24/20**

A third man, Jamel Lionell Jackson, who was wounded in the shooting, was treated for his wounds and arrested:

Suspect arrested, 2 still on run in Seattle shooting that killed 1, injured 7

The third suspect, Jamel Linonell Jackson, 21, was arrested at the scene for being a felon with a gun. Police found him shot, and Jackson was booked at 10:19 p.m. Wednesday after being released from Harborview Medical Center.

Police said Jackson admitted to having a gun during Wednesday’s shooting, and they were corroborating that with video evidence. Jackson’s criminal history includes robbery convictions, a misdemeanor harassment conviction and two prior convictions for unlawful handgun possession, court documents show.

In a 2017 guilty plea, Jackson said he was not a gang member. But police that year said he was a known gang member, outlined his alleged gang ties in court documents, and prosecutors wrote that Jackson “is likely to commit a violent offense.” Prosecutors wrote that after Jackson was arrested for being a felon in possession of a handgun outside the same McDonald’s on Third Avenue where Wednesday’s shooting happened.

Three guesses as to the race of Jamel Jackson.

Oddly enough that didn't stop them from obtaining handguns. It is almost as if laws don't dissuade criminals or something. We should clearly try to disarm law abiding citizens, that should stop the fellas from shooting at each other and gunning down bystanders.

Also worth noting, Seattle is a pretty vanilla city, still over 2/3 white as of 2010 and only around 8% black.

People on twitter are bitching about the lack of police presence but since this is Seattle you can be sure that if the cops were hanging around there, they would be bitching about "racial profiling" and "white supremacy". It sounds like Seattle is getting more violent and lawless by the day, but since the city is mostly full of white liberals I can't say I have much sympathy.

It has been a while since we have had a mass shooting that involved a white gunmen, but you can be sure the media is anxiously awaiting the next one while stories like this fade away within hours once the suspects are named.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Shut Up And Take My Money!

Shot Show 2020 is going on this week in Vegas and I have the sadz because I am not eligible to attend. Yet.

Anyway, there is a lot of cool stuff being rolled out and it is probably the safest place in America to be in spite of lots of people in an exhibit hall full of guns.

Palmetto State Armory is one of my favorite companies in the industry not only for being an innovative manufacturer but also for being a company open about their philosophy of business being directly tied to the 2nd Amendment. They rolled out some great new products for 2020 that really have me fired up. A lot of companies are just tweaking their existing stuff, PSA is going all out.

The Jakl looks super cool, lots of new ARs, a reasonably priced MP5 clone and a 9mm that uses Glock parts but starts out at $299? All I can say to that is....

I mean, come on. If I worked a regular job I would ask about having my paycheck direct deposited right to PSA.

Some gun snobs kind of sneer at "poors" that buy from PSA but they have a lifetime warranty on their stuff that is all made right here in the U.S. and the story of PSA is pretty cool as well. For 99.9% of the shooters in America, PSA is more than good enough and if you think you are too good for PSA, I doubt anyone else agrees with you.

I have been watching videos from Shot Show all day when I have a few minutes. The firearm industry is one of the most maligned in the country but they are across the board responsible business-owners, innovators and quintessential Americans. Looking forward to seeing what else is new.

The Color Of Crime In Fort Wayne Update

Earlier in January I posted some research I did on the racial composition of murder victims and perpetrators in nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana in a post titled The Color Of Crime In Fort Wayne. Since FW is close to us and a manageable sample size, it was an interesting exercise. Fort Wayne is also useful as a mid-sized city that is still around 70% white, a major contrast with slaughterhouses like Baltimore and Detroit. What I discovered was not surprising in the least, despite being only around 15% of the population of Fort Wayne, blacks account for most of the murderers and murder victims.

My plan is to keep the post updated as arrests are made. At the time of the post, of 29 homicides in Fort Wayne/Allen County, the identity of the killer was known in 18 cases. That just changed to 19 as an arrest was announced in the murder of Dominique Taylor, an 18 year old apparently mixed race girl murdered in December.

Teen charged with murder in 18-year-old’s death

A teenage boy is facing murder charges in connection with the shooting death of an 18-year-old woman days before Christmas.

Senaca James, 16, is accused of killing Dominique Taylor at a Fort Wayne apartment complex Dec. 22, 2019.

From the account in the news, Ms. Taylor was involved in a dispute with other girls over one of them being asked to move out of an apartment. Mr. James admits to luring Ms. Taylor to an apartment complex.

James told police he was there when Taylor was shot. He said she was lured to the Villa Capri complex under the guise of buying marijuana edibles, according to the probable cause affidavit.

James admitted to having a gun in his hands and firing shots in the air, court documents said. Taylor refused to get out of the car, though. James told police the crowed started saying “shoot her bro, shoot her.” Then someone took the gun from him and shot Taylor with it, the affidavit said.

That is where it gets sketchy. I will update the post if it turns out James is not the shooter, although that seems pretty unlikely. What is wrong with you when people are egging on a 16 year old kid to shoot an 18 year old girl because of a squabble?

After updated the numbers, this is what I came up with:

Of 18 known killers, 15 were black or 83%. Two were Hispanic and have been arrested. One was a white male and apparently was not arrested as he killed his "victim" in self-defense/defense of his mother and sister. One killer was a cop and his shooting was found justified. So taking those two out, of 16 traditional murders, around 93% of known killers were black and statically speaking the percentage of blacks perpetrators is probably much higher, like over 95%. This is in a city where the black population is only around 15%.

I will continue to update the numbers but it is nearly certain that any updates will push the percentage of black murderers up.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

How To Dispose Of A Gun Used In A Crime

Find some saps who will pay to take it off your hands! To celebrate the life of a serial adulterer/communist Martin Luther King, Jr., an Episcopalian church in Pittsburgh held a gun buyback. They gave $50-$100 per gun, no questions asked. It was a big hit!

The church in question, the Church of the Holy Cross, was the sight of a recent double homicide. So they did a gun buyback to get guns off the street and apparently ran out of funds in the first hour. They claim to have gotten around 150 guns "off the street", including allegedly two "AR-15s" which is supposed to be a big deal even though rifles are rarely used in murders. I saw two different news stories with photographs that are apparently some of the guns "taken off the street".

The first photo is of a bin of handguns and I probably wouldn't try shooting one of those for any amount of money. Maybe the little .380 in the back corner.

The second photo is of a pile of .22 rifles, a deer rifle with a scope  and a couple of shotguns. No scary looking AR-15s in the photo. I doubt any of those rifles has ever been used in a gun crime or ever would be.

Are the streets of Pittsburgh safer today? Nope. A gang member is not about to get rid of his piece for $100, unless he needed to ditch it for some reason.

But if I broke into a house and grabbed a deer rifle that I was worried about selling for fear of an undercover sting, I could sell it back to this church where it will probably be destroyed, no questions asked, and get some money for it.

Or if I shot someone with a handgun and wanted to get rid of it, this would be a great way to do so, no questions asked.

I don't mean to seem like I am mocking these folks at the Church of the Holy Cross. From what I can tell the church is almost entirely black and is located in an impoverished and rough neighborhood. Ministering in a church is tough under ideal circumstances and ministering where people get shot in front of your church building has to be nearly impossible. But tossing away that money in a futile virtue signal isn't going to do a damn thing to reduce gun violence. Teaching young black men to think before shooting each other or teaching young black girls to not get pregnant out of wedlock and ensuring themselves a lifetime of poverty and dependence? That might help reduce gun violence. Taking inoperable handguns, stolen firearms and .22 rifles "off the street" won't.

Mass Shooting Update

The gunman in the mass shooting in Kansas City has been identified as Jahron Swift. Mr. Swift was 29 years old and has a criminal history, including weapon charges so clearly existing gun laws did nothing to stop him. There was also apparently a drive-by shooting at the 9ine Ultra Lounge just last week, which explains why there was an armed security guard present. In fact it sounds like the club is a hotbed for malarkey and shenanigans.

The 9ine Ultra Lounge opened in April 2019. Sources say since June, police have been called to the bar 26 times for situations such as shots fired to fights. This month alone, police have been called to the bar seven times. Just last week, they were there for a drive-by shooting.

On Tuesday, city leaders will meet with Regulated Industries to decide if 9ine Ultra Lounge is a nuisance and possibly revoke its liquor license.

What a nice club, no wonder they have an age limit to get in. Mr. Swift's age is significant, as I mentioned yesterday the club has a strict 30 and over policy for men. Reports indicate that he was trying to get into the club and a fight ensued. Was he denied entry because of his age, got into a squabble and started shooting? We might never find out.

It is also worth noting that around 22,000-25,000 mostly white, mostly heavily armed men were gathered in one place yesterday at the Richmond rally and there was absolutely no violence. The safest place in the world to be for an average person, of any color, was in the crowd in Richmond. Contrast that with the often tragic results of black men with illegal guns gathered in groups.

The problem in America is not the availability of guns.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Thoughts On Richmond: The Anti-Charlottesville

At this point it appears that the Richmond rally for the Second Amendment went off without a hitch, no false flag attacks, no violence, just some mild inconveniences and some pretty funny pictures. I have seen some reasonable assessments that there were as many as 25,000 people there.

What was even more hilarious were the liberals on social media freaking out at the sight of white men assembling in the capitol city of a state white men founded engaged in actions codified as inviolable under the law written by white men. First it was talk of neo-Nazis and white supremacists and when those didn't show up (because there aren't really any around), then it was outrage over white people with guns rallying on the Most High Holy Day, Martin Luther King Day. I guess we aren't allowed to hold political rallies on a day set aside to honor a man famous for speaking at political rallies. Then finally when it was clear that there wasn't going to be any violence, they were reduced to muttering about how if the participants had been black, people would have freaked out. That of course isn't true, I would welcome a peaceful protest in favor of gun rights by black men with legal firearms and so would virtually anyone else. Of course there was lots of sneering about the guys wearing tactical gear, and to be honest I could have done without the plate carriers and helmets, and the obligatory charges of being "incels", even though I bet most of those guys were married, and accusations of having small penises. The typical juvenile projection from the Left.


I have to wonder how many people might have shown up if a handful of people on our side weren't scaring them away. Again, I understand the concerns they had and they were legitimate, although the "OHMYGODITSAKILLBOX!" stuff was really overblown. Some people are reading too many end-of-the-world novels. The fenced enclosure was designed to make it inconvenient and uncomfortable for participants and it did.

Also of note was just how much these people hate us. Even if they hadn't been open carrying, the sight of tens of thousands of white people rallying against the government triggered the Left something fierce. That isn't how it is supposed to go, white people are supposed to cower in fear of being called racist and just bend over and take it on command. The Richmond rally was a smaller version of the 2016 election, with heritage Americans pushing back against the globohomo hegemony.

What I didn't expect was the amount of crapping on the attendees I saw from our people. A lot of anonymous keyboard warriors seemed a little pissed that it went well. Perhaps they are a little sore that someone actually did something in real life, instead of empty vulgar boasting about how tough they are on social media. Apparently if you do anything other than immediately start gunning people down you are a coward or something. One guy was yapping about how they should have stormed the capitol building, so I pretty much assume he is a Fed or an idiot or both. As is often the case, our fellow travelers on the Right are often our worst enemies. Some of it is jealousy at people who are out trying. Some of it is being egomaniacs where only people who are in 100% complete agreement with you are OK, or Vox Day Syndrome. There are some people who don't really want us to win, ever. You can call this Eeyore Syndrome. And some of it stems from the simple fact that in an diffuse, anonymous world there are a lot of people who are infiltrators trying to undermine the movement from within.

So, will today's rally stop the gun control laws? Certainly not. It might at best slow the process down a little. Does that mean it was a waste of time? Absolutely no. We needed a win on our side. We have been terrified of public assemblies since Charlottesville and today proved that white people can rally for white interests, even when not explicitly stated, and do so successfully. Just being honest, gun rights are a white guy thing. We have some gun gals like Dana Loesch and the Kent State girl but it is overwhelmingly men and yes there are some black guys as well but they are pretty rare, you can tell because the same pictures and videos of the handful of blacks were circulated over and over. The rally was a white guy thing because when it comes down to it practically speaking only white people, especially men, care about the 2nd Amendment.

Hopefully some of Trump's inner circle were paying attention today, because he clearly was not as he is completely consumed by the "impeachment", which is exactly what Pelosi and Schumer intend but gun rights still gets Trump's base wound up enough to rally. He is going to need that enthusiasm come November to have any chance of winning. His base doesn't care about a lot of the stuff he blathers on about but they do care about the 2nd Amendment. He ignores the rally in Richmond to his peril.

The Dumbing Down Of America

When I was born in 1971, we were just two years removed from the first manned moon landing. There would be a total of six manned landings, all by Americans, from July of 1969 to a a few weeks before my first birthday. I was born at the peak of the age of space exploration. As a kid I remember watching the shuttle launches and I recall pretty vividly the Challenger disaster in 1986 while I was at school. Growing up we watched Star Trek on TV and saw Star Wars, E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Time in the theater. It seemed to us that we were on the cusp of exploring space, a new age of discovery where humankind would escape the bonds of earth, conquer the stars and perhaps even make contact with aliens! The future was bright.

As a child in the 1970s and 80s, 2020 seemed like a long way into the distant future and while we couldn't predict what that would bring, it was assumed it would bring a progressively better society and that space exploration and great technological achievement would make life immeasurably better. Colonies on the moon and even Mars were just assumed to be the natural near-future next steps.

Now look around. Do you see a plausible scenario where the U.S. could return to the moon in any capacity, much less a manned mission to Mars or anywhere even further away? N-word please. The American nation is on the tipping point where we will no longer have enough people to maintain the existing technological infrastructure, much less create new and innovative technological wonders. You see this in places like South Africa where racially based hiring is leading to an inability to maintain the city water supply. The more likely scenario is that things start slowly shutting down as the AI isn't developed fast enough to replace the tech workers. The cold stone truth is that we are further away from manned missions to Mars today than we were on the eve of the first moon landing.

Sure we have incredible technology at the personal level. I can correspond with people in virtually any country instantaneously. I can watch movies on demand and access the sum total of human knowledge while sitting on the toilet. If I lived closer to a city, I could get everything I need delivered to my front door by tapping the screen of my phone a few times. What is the point of technology if I can't use it to order Taco Bell delivery? A nice visual of this comes courtesy of daily timewaster. This is a 5 megabyte hard drive in 1956, requiring a cargo plane to move....

And this is a 128 gigabyte flash drive. It is a couple of inches long, weighs next to nothing, costs less than $20 including tax and I can order it from my desk and have it delivered for free to my house in 2 days. Also, I like that it comes with "free Amazon tech support". How much of a Boomer do you have to be to need "tech support" for a flash drive?

On the other hand, even with computing power unimaginable during the lead-up to the moon landing and access to the cumulative total of human knowledge without leaving my chair, we have a population that is rapidly losing any ability to think critically, read and understand modestly challenging books or essays or even engage at a rudimentary level with ideas that are more complex than the pablum they have been spoon-fed in America's public school and university systems.

So how can it be that we have never gone back to the moon?

There are two possible reasons that we have never returned to the moon.

One, we never went to the moon in the first place which explains why we haven't gone back.

Second, something else happened that changed the course we were on.

Not being a moon-landing-hoax believer, that leaves me with option 2. Something has happened in America from the days of the space race, harnessing the atom into both energy and the most terrifying weapon ever made and the dawn of the computer age that has landed us where we are today. Whatever could it be?

It is not coincidental that at about the same time as the first moon landing, two other major efforts were going on in America.

First was the passage the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, often referred to as the Hart–Celler Act after the co-sponsors of the bill. This act changed the immigration system away from favoring people from Europe and opened the floodgates of migrants from Africa, South America and Asia. Over the last 50 years it has helped to accelerate the demographic change in America from a super-majority white population to a rapidly browning population.

At around the same time, President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society program was launched including the "War On Poverty" which succeeded mostly in creating a bunch of bureaucratic jobs in D.C. and legions of sullen Federal paper pushers. This shifted an enormous amount of capital away from productive citizens and into the hands of those same grouchy bureaucrats and poor people, most of whom if we are being honest, are poor largely because of God-awful decision making skills.

The result has been a rapidly changing nation and a desperate arms race to spend money faster than student performance can drop. Again, my favorite chart when it comes to education:

Costs have skyrocketed as have staffing levels while performance has stagnated or gotten worse. The problem here is clearly not an issue of funding as schools get more money now per student than they ever have but performance is lagging. This is at the same time we have more technology than ever before and more and more teachers are getting advanced degrees. So why are scores so low when everything we are told is that we need to spend more on education? While not the only factor, the primary reason is demographic changes in the student body. Thanks to incentivized fecundity in non-white populations and mass migration coupled with decades of frightening white couples away from having large families, we are at a significant crossroads in America:

Census: Minority youth over take whites in 2020, 50% under 18

This is a widely reported reality but at the same time talk of demographic changes via "The Great Replacement" are mocked as scare-mongering and conspiracy theories. The dirty secret of public education is that the problem with test performance has a lot more to do with the changing of the student body than with any perceived lack of funding.

Back in the day, we saw a national problem as something we should band together to solve. Today? Not so much.

The response to the lower performance from students has been the opposite of what it should be. Rather than redoubling our efforts to encourage students to achieve targets and goals, we lowered the standards. Some recent examples:

Report: Montgomery Co. efforts to close student achievement gaps ineffective

Black and mestizo kids are falling further behind, white and Asian kids are still doing OK in the same schools. Maybe the problem is not funding?

As Colleges Move To Do Away With The SAT In The Name Of Diversity, Detroit High School Valedictorian Struggles With Low-Level Math

The valedictorian of a Detroit high school is reportedly struggling with basic math in college.

The development comes as colleges have increasingly rejected objective admissions criteria in the name of “equity,” with University of California poised to no longer require the SAT because of the racial impact it has on admissions.

“Marqell McClendon has struggled in the low-level math class she’s taking during her first semester at Michigan State University,” the news outlet Chalkbeat reported Nov. 15. McClendon, the valedictorian of her graduating class at Detroit’s Cody High School, was used to getting all A’s, but found herself asking strangers to help her with her college coursework, it said.

MSU has pushed for admitting more racial minorities in the name of diversity. Its “incoming freshman class is predicted to be the largest and most diverse in the school’s history, with more than 8,400 anticipated students,” the school stated in May 2018, noting that black enrollment was up 24%.

But nearly half of graduates from Detroit’s main school district must take remedial courses when they get to college, Chalkbeat reported.

According to the Detroit public school website, Cody High School is very diverse:

By my calculations, that means that Cody is over 98.5% black. Also from the same report, around 70% of students are "chronically absent". Just showing up on a regular basis means you are ahead of almost 3/4 of students but it doesn't mean that being the top of your class means you are academically or intellectually qualified for college. Being the best player on a team of one-legged kickball players doesn't mean you are ready for the major leagues.

Here is the kicker:

Bob Murphy, the director or university relations and policy for the Michigan Association of State Universities, told Inside Higher Ed that not requiring math will ideally “lead to more successful graduation outcomes.”

"More successful graduation outcomes" is edu-bureaucrat speak for "lowering standards by letting more minorities graduate without any rigorous coursework". The outcome is what is important, and not in the sense of having well rounded, highly educated graduates but rather that your graduating class includes an adequate number of non-white/Asian members.

What that ends up meaning is that people who graduated when college sort of required a certain level of academic proficiency now have degrees that are barely more meaningful than a GED.

This is not just a Michigan thing. Here in conservative Indiana, led by our super "conservative Republican" State Superintendent of Public Education Jennifer McCormick, we are doing the same thing:

Indiana University could make SAT, ACT tests optional

Indiana University could soon stop requiring students to submit ACT or SAT scores with their college applications.

A university spokesman says students applying for fall 2021 could have the option not to submit college standardized testing.

The (Northwest Indiana) Times reports that the university’s Board of Trustees recently approved the policy change.

That means more unqualified students in our universities, meaning that we will need to keep lowering standards so at least some of them graduate. Having the proper "diversity" mix in commencement photos is more important than academic excellence.

As our nation and schools change demographically, this is causing the school systems to come under increasing pressure from unruly students. Never fear, our elected leaders have a "solution" to school disciple problems! Just stop disciplining students!

Black Congresswoman: School Discipline Is Racist

Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley wants to end the “school-to-confinement-pathway” by making it harder to punish non-white students.....

...Rep. Pressley claims the bill is necessary because “schools have become a place that criminalizes and harms girls of color.” Rep. Pressley’s website says that black girls are 54 percent of all preschoolers who are suspended. Schools suspend black girls seven times more often than whites, Hispanics twice as often, and American Indians three times as often. Her website is silent on suspension rates for Asians, which are consistently lower than those for whites....

....The black congresswoman says racism is the problem. “Across our country, black and brown girls are pushed out of school not because they pose any sort of threat, but for simply being who they are,” she wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed. “Society too often deems our hair too distracting and our bodies too provocative, our voices too loud, and our attitudes too mean — demeaning our very existence before we even reach adulthood.”...

....New Jersey Rep. Bonnie Coleman, another black supporter, claims non-white girls may appear violent because of their “trauma” and “unaddressed mental illnesses.” At the same time, “They’re being disciplined for hairstyles deemed disruptive,” she said. “They’re being disciplined for the energy, independent thinking and strength that would earn their white, male peers the label, ‘future leader.’”

Preventing teachers from maintaining a little discipline in their classroom means that the classroom will become unmanageable, which mostly punishes the handful of students who actually are trying to learn. These "youths" won't see the elimination of discipline as an incentive to behave in school, they will see it as a weakness to be exploited.

This is not an isolated proposal. The same thing is happening in California.

Starting in 2020 Public Schools Across California Will No Longer Suspend Students for Disobeying Teachers, Because Too Many Students of Color (Non-Whites) Get Suspended

First data point you need to know: white students represent just 23 percent of public school enrollment in the state of California.

Second data point you need to know: though black students make up just 5 percent of the public school enrollment in the state of California, they represent the majority of students suspended (even though the state banned suspensions based on “defiance and disruption” in 2014… to try and stop too many non-white students from being suspended).

Unfortunately, too many students of color are being suspended still in California for failing to abide by the rules governing proper behavior in public schools, so the concept of suspensions are being retired.

Why would you want to "teach" in a zoo where the students know they can do anything they want without repercussions? Why would you want to live somewhere with schools full of kids that are out of control? I can only imagine what it would have been like in my almost entirely white, middle class high school in the 1980s without the threat of getting suspended but in an inner-city where discipline issues are far more severe than juvenile shenanigans? Chaos and certainly not an environment where an average student can learn.

Add in dysgenic breeding and you end up with the opening scene from Idiocracy. It was once the case that women wouldn't willingly get involved with men who were losers, violent or just plain stupid but now it seems the worse a human being a man is, the more action he gets.

The Cousin Eddie types have always been with us but now it seems we all have a single female relative with several kids, often from different men, all of whom are idiots and losers.

America is getting dumber because Americans are less intelligent. Both of those are by design. You can quibble about the symptoms all you want but America today is not a nation that could accomplish what we did last century in splitting the atom, landing men on the moon and launching the Information Age. It is only thanks to the structures put in place last century that we haven't been reduced to subsistence level living yet but that is coming.

Practically speaking, other than never going back to the moon, that means that a shrinking pool of above-average intelligent people are going to have to carry the intellectual burden for a rapidly expanding mass of imbeciles. In turn that also means that we will have a functional aristocracy that holds the genetic means to perpetuate their primacy. When we had a hereditary monarchical system, marriages were carefully arranged to benefit both aristocratic families and I can see that happening here as well, as the most intelligent and powerful see reproduction as their legacy. Meanwhile, the Clevon's of the world will continue to spread their seed far and wide.

So, in review:

You can have a technologically advanced nation.

- or -

You can have a pluralistic nation made up of competing ethnic and racial groups that subsidizes and rewards irresponsibility.

But you can't have both.

Our future doesn't have much hope of dancing green alien babes. But at least we will be diverse while we all slowly starve to death!

Mass Shooting Alert! AFC Championship Edition

Reports are coming from Kansas City of a mass shooting last night following the Chiefs AFC Championship win over the Titans. Initial reports are up to 17 people shot at this point but those numbers are often fluid in mass shootings.

Police say 2 dead, possibly 15 injured in Kansas City bar shooting

Police in Kansas City, Missouri, say at least two people are dead and 15 people were reportedly injured in a shooting outside a bar where they were going to celebrate the Chiefs making it into the Super Bowl.....

....A gunman was reportedly trying to get into a  nightclub called 9ine Ultra Lounge when a fight occurred, Kansas City police officers said, according to

I checked out this 9ine Ultra Lounge. Looks like a pretty diverse club from their Facebook page.

I have never seen a club with a minimum age of 27 and a different minimum age for men and women. Why ever could they not want under 30 men in their club?

That was one of the least tawdry photos on their Facebook page and I had to cover up her right breast because most of her nipple was showing. The other photos were full of "full figured" wahmen of color in various states of undress. I feel like I need a shower and a shot of penicillin.

I really don't understand the thought process that seems to be a pattern in these shootings. Someone gets into an argument that escalates into a fight and invariably someone pulls a gun and shoots at not only the person they have a beef with but random people as well. The utter inability to think through the consequences of your action is the common thread in most of these mass shootings.

Meanwhile the media is wringing their collective hands about "militias" in Richmond, Virginia while this sort of thing happens every single weekend in the black community. It is almost like they aren't really concerned with gun violence at all.....


Shame on me for not following this story but the name and photo of the shooter was released. His name was Jahron Swift, and shockingly he was "of color".

He also apparently had a lengthy criminal history, shocker, and civil and paternity suits. So no great loss that he is dead but he managed to kill a black woman and wound 15 others in the process.