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Why Isn’t black Nationalism More Widespread?

This is a post I started a while back and that has been sitting in my drafts unfinished. The events of last week had me thinking about it again after the shooting at a Jewish owned kosher grocery in Jersey City turned out to be the work of two blacks, David Anderson and Francine Graham, and the male had ties to the Black Hebrew Israelite cult. People on the Left were so excited that a Jewish market was shot up until it was discovered that the shooters were black antisemites who hate cops, something far more common than “White supremacist terrorists”. So this story is disappearing. What is so jarring to the media is that only Whites are supposed to be racist and anitsemitic but here are these black people obviously targeting a market because it was full of Jews. It doesn’t compute and it hurts the narrative so it must go away.

Plenty of blacks are racist, hating Whites and Asians and mestizos. Plenty of them are wildly antisemitic but are given a pass (see: Farrakhan, Louis). Actual antisemitic attacks generally happen….where there are Jews in significant numbers. No one is painting backwards swastikas on our local synagogue because there isn’t a local synagogue. Colin Flaherty frequently posts unreported stories of blacks in places like New York attacking Jews but these stories rarely make the national news. On the other hand, if the Jersey City shooting had been carried out by “White supremacists”? That would be all the news talked about for weeks. There would be hearings on Capitol Hill, outraged speeches about “diversity” and “land of immigrants” and “this is not who we are”. The “Holocaust” would be invoked and every one of the apparently millions of survivors would be trotted out. But when it is two blacks, it disappears after an obligatory accusation that it is really Trump to blame for black supremacists attacking Jews.

That begs the question. While “White nationalism” or the more common calls for a peaceful separation are pretty widespread among White writers on the political right, it doesn’t get much traction on the minority left. Why exactly is that?

To hear black intellectuals and their White allies tell it, all of the myriad ills of black people are the result of White people. You would be hard pressed to get them to admit to a single flaw in black culture that is not somehow the fault of White people. Hell, blacks shooting up a Jewish grocery store is the fault of White people. You would think that blacks would want their own homeland apart from the pernicious effects of the intrinsic racism and White supremacy of European-descended people. They don’t, apart from Farrakhan and some extremists in academia. Keith Ellison, former Congressman and Deputy Chair of the DNC, once apparently believed in a separate black ethnostate in “Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi” but he might be the highest profile mainstream black politician who ever did.

Sorry, but you have to take Florida or the deal is off.

Why would this not have more traction? Blacks would be away from Whites and there would be a lot of support, some openly and much more quietly, from Whites to do this. Blacks would have their own government and pre-built infrastructure. Most of the “racist” Whites would probably move out of the region leaving behind only the most woke and servile Whites. You could probably even make the case for some sort of lump sum “seed money” as “reparations”  to get things started. Most blacks and liberal Whites insist that it is only systemic White racism that keeps blacks from being physicists and surgeons so a black ethnostate seems like the quick and certain solution to fixing every problem in the black community.

There are two main reasons why black nationalism hasn’t caught on in the black community.

First, most black American understand at an instinctive level that they need White people around. You don’t have to be an economist or expert at international relations like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to look at Africa, compare it to Europe and America and draw some conclusions like living in Africa minus the infrastructure tenuously held together and built by Whites would mean a return to subsistence level living. No internet, no cars or mass transportation, no roads, no water treatment, no semi-reliable electricity. White taxpayers subsidize black schools in America and White established and run companies provide blacks with employment. We built and sustain the infrastructure and pay for the very police protection that blacks decry but that keeps their neighborhoods from completely collapsing into violent anarchy. Deep down in places they don’t like to admit, most blacks understand that they need White people to form and sustain their communities because they don’t want to end up like Africa, Haiti or Detroit.

The second reason is one I find more ominous. Behind the reluctance to separate physically and politically is a sense of vengeance. This one is less open but just as real.

Most black Americans have been pounded with messages of anger, resentment and revenge for their entire life. This is especially true for younger, more intellectually inclined blacks. They read the same circle of writers that all invoke racism, slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, in an endless mantra. They mostly seem to really believe that White people who have never owned slaves, never discriminated against a black person and barely have any contact with blacks are still guilty of tangible harm toward the entire black community and that they deserve punishment, that “justice” demands an open-ended, relentless punishment for the past “sins” of Whites. Movies like Django Unchained and Twelve Years A Slave are pushed to constantly stir up anger toward Whites with over the top depictions of violence and in the case of Django violent revenge porn.

Again, many blacks in America are assaulted with repetitive and false messages about White violence toward blacks, either directly or through cops as the proxy for White violence. Most blacks also believe that Whites have a higher standard of living, better education, lower rates of crime, more per capita wealth, etc because they exploited and stole directly from blacks. No other explanation may be entertained. If blacks had their own state away from Whites and failed anyway, what would that say about their entire narrative?

To go our separate ways would mean that contemporary White people “got away with it” and avoid paying what blacks are due from modern and historical wrongs they have suffered at our hands. The fact that most White people have minimal interaction with blacks and that by any measure and for a very, very long time blacks are getting the better end of the deal in living in a majority White nation doesn’t matter. What matters is a very primal sense of being wronged and the desire to get revenge.

These two factors combine to make the idea of black nationalism/separatism very uncommon outside of the most extreme racialist segments of black academia. It isn’t all that common among Whites either but while specific talk of an ethnostate is still outside of the Overton Window, talk of peaceful separation and/or secession is starting to get some traction among more mainstream Whites. This will accelerate next year when Trump loses and more rank and file conservatives realize they are going to be electorally irrelevant going forward. Tens of millions of people with hundreds of millions of guns inhabiting enormous swaths of the American mainland that discover they don’t get a voice in their own governance is going to be combustible mix. As long as Trump voters think the system is still working, they are not going to get crazy but once they realize they have been hoodwinked for decades and that they no longer live in a republic? Yeah, that will be bad.

What about other groups?

There is probably more support for a mestizo ethnostate in the Southwest, which many Latinos see as conquered territory they are reclaiming via demographics as they cannot retake that territory by force. Again, there is the unspoken understanding that mestizos need the White population for tax revenue and infrastructure sustainability but at least in my opinion many mestizos think they could run their own ethnostate in America just fine.

There aren’t enough Asians to form a separate state in America and they seem content to have communities within the community. There are already homogeneous Asian nations like Japan and Korea and Asians that are here don’t seem interested in going back even though living in Japan or Korea would be closer to living in the U.S. than an African moving back to Africa. South Asians fled for a reason and seem to like living here among a White majority.

Jews also have their own homeland that is ethnically specific to them but they also have a very long tradition of being embedded in European based cultures and being quite successful. The Times of Israel bragged that 10 of the top 50 billionaires in the world are Jewish, including people like Sheldon Addelson, Michael Bloomberg and Mark Zuckerberg. Somewhere between 40-50% of America’s 600+ billionaires are Jewish, in spite of Jews being a small fraction of the U.S. population. Lists of Jewish people in influential media, business and entertainment positions are heavily over-represented. So Jews aren’t in any hurry to get away from White folks.

America is in a weird place. As the White super-majority that created the nation and conditions that make America the destination of choice for immigrants from all over the world evaporates, heading toward a sub-50% White population within a decade or so, the non-White residents of America who have mostly benefited disproportionately from living among us are as angry and resentful toward their hosts as they have ever been. Simultaneously declaring demographic displacement to be a White supremacist conspiracy theory and at the same time crowing about the new, browner, coming majority-minority America and mocking Whites, non-Whites seem to hate us but are also content to wait for immigration and the disparity in birthrates to supplant us.

In spite of a growing overt hatred for White Americans, blacks don’t seem to want to leave us or let us leave. It implies both a dependency and a desire for proximity to punish us. Still, I wonder if black nationalism won’t grow more popular in the coming years as more and more of us seek our own self-determination.


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