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Right Fight, Wrong Time

Social media is a funny place. Stuff can pop up on social media, set it on fire for a few days and then disappear. People get all passionate about something, scream at each other and then move on to something else. That was on full display last weekend as the Right on twitter tore into each other over the issue of banning pornography online. My Congressman, Jim Banks, was at the forefront of this brief firestorm, which was actually a nice change from him clamoring to spend even more money on the military.

The prevalence of obscene pornography in our society has consequences, especially for our children.

It’s time we start talking about it & it’s time to do something about it.

I’m proud to introduce a letter calling on AG Barr to prosecute obscenity & make it a DOJ priority 👇

— Jim Banks (@RepJimBanks) December 6, 2019

This is perfect for Banks. It is meaningless but it gets people riled up and burnishes his conservative credentials. It is also why I am probably voting for Dr. Chris Magiera in the primary next year, he almost certainly won’t beat Jim Banks who has about the most secure seat in Congress but at least if we vote for someone else in the primary it will get the attention of Congressman Banks.

Anyway, lots of people on the Right argued all weekend about this. Libertarians and some conservatives argued against a Federal ban on Constitutional grounds (free expression, limits on the Federal government). Social conservatives and many on the dissident right retorted that pornography is an unqualified social ill and is destructive, which is also true. Not a few people drummed others out of the movement for their positions. There is still some chatter this morning but it is starting to quiet down.

I don’t deny that the pornography industry is utterly degenerate. It is largely run by the people you would expect run it and those same people are hell-bent on destroying Western civilization and the white family. It degrades our women and turns our men away from pursuing actual female companionship and family and into viewing imagery. So in theory seeing a ban on porn or at least significant controls on pornography and the porn industry is something I would support. But we don’t live in a world of theory.

This was my take on the whole situation, posted on Twitter. I didn’t embed the tweets as I assume my current account will end up banned soon as well.

While I am all for a spirited and even contentious intramural debate on a topic like porn, and yes it is a grotesque degeneracy promoted by the usual suspects, it also seems to be an unnecessarily divisive topic right now.

The fact of the matter is this: there is no political will to ban or even significantly limit pornography. No bill would ever pass Congress and no executive order would last past the first judicial review. Most people simply don’t care. So as usual, this is an internet squabble…

…that will accomplish nothing. What it does do is further divide the already fractured Right. Our fight is one for absolute survival. If we don’t survive, there will never be any checks on porn or on abortion or attempts to strip firearm ownership or any other topic.

We keep getting distracted by battling over issues that are absolutely critically important but pale in comparison to the war we are in and make no mistake, we are in a war and if the Marxist forces win, there will be no negotiated peace. It will be compliance or the gulag.

So go ahead and talk amongst ourselves about these issues but never get so caught up in the symptoms that you lose sight of the disease. We are going to need each other over the next decade and we already have our hands full purging the Conservative Inc grifters.

People like @MattWalshBlog use internal wedge issues like this to keep themselves in the spotlight while undercutting the broader struggle we are in.

Talking about banning online pornography without first addressing the conditions that ensure we will never ban online pornography is like libertarians insisting we talk about Austrian economics while never talking about the demographic change that will ensure it never is adopted.

If you are an actual conservative, one of the dwindling number of True Believer libertarians or anyone on the political Right, you need to get this through your skull right here and now.

Nothing you want as a public policy will come to fruition for the foreseeable future.

Wall? Nope.

Ban on porn? Nope.

Immigration control? Nope.

Outlawing abortion? Nope.

Right now with Trump in the White House and the Senate in GOP hands, we can’t get anything done that we want, unless you think sending billions per year to Israel is a “conservative” position. Even when the Republicans held both houses of Congress and had Trump riding the wave of his election, we still didn’t get anything. Sure Trump rolled back some regulations and they passed a tax cut to help globohomo corporations spit in our faces and of course that all important moving of the embassy to Jerusalem. There is no incentive for Democrats to compromise, they realize they already won the war and are just waiting for the inevitable ethnic displacement tide to finish sweeping away conservatism.

Fighting about religion or abortion or pornography right now is mostly a distraction and anything that distracts us from focusing on the real fight only serves to advance the cause of our enemies. Porn isn’t going anywhere. Even if abortion is outlawed by the Supreme Court, a new Court packed with new Justices appointed by a liberal President will overturn it. Declaring that only TradCaths or pagans or whatever can be in our little club when we barely have the beginnings of a movement is lethal. I am not as concerned about “Feds” infiltrating our movement as I am with obvious agent provocateurs who stir up strife and contention in the movement to distract us.

We need to fight against degeneracy in all forms but first we have a more critical imperative: survival. Demographics are destiny and our destiny right now is to become a minority in our own nation and that means that abortion, porn, affirmative action, mass immigration, drag queen story hour at the library, etc are not going anywhere. I don’t mean to sound black-pilled but in most ways I am. Fighting against degeneracy in all forms, from homosexuality to pornography, will be something we avoid when we rebuild but right now there simply is no political path forward. That means that squabbling among ourselves over this stuff is just wasted energy.

Call out degeneracy where you see it but do so with the realization that you can raise awareness but little else right now. Being a dissident means dealing with the world as it is, not as you wish it was.

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