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Open Borders, Sodomy and Israel: American Conservatism In 2019

Politics in 2019 is very confusing, almost to the point of making the average person get a little woozy. On one hand you have Democrats, a party that just a few decades ago still at least pretended to be about working class Americans, was anti-war, pro-democracy and pro-free expression. Today that same party is frantically trying to illegally overturn the results of the 2016 election, crows about stamping out free speech and expression, loves war and has jettisoned working class Americans in favor of trannies and fags.

On the other side of the aisle we have the Republicans who apparently are really only worried about the well-being of Israel. Things like law and order, smaller government, protecting individual rights, and of course the carrot they used to draw us to the polls for decades, “traditional values”, are all secondary to a few narrow interests pushed by “conservatives” who by and large are revolted by the average Republican voter. The cognitive dissonance required to be a conservative in America today is driving many of us insane.

The Democrats have always been pawns of global Marxism. From Vietnam to the civil rights movement, from feminism to LGBTQ militancy, the environment and minimum wage laws, the Democrats are simply being manipulated by Marxists to inexorably drive America into Communism. The cause du jour might change but the end goal is the same, other than the realization by global Marxists that a majority white Europe and America won’t move fast enough so the people of Europe and America need to be eliminated and replaced. Say hello to abortion on demand, birth control, easy divorce, rampant homosexual propaganda and women in the workforce on the one hand, and mass immigration of non-whites subsidized to be as fecund as possible and marinated in a toxic stew of resentment and hatred toward the nation and people that have given them shelter. The endgame for that strategy is coming next November.

We were led to believe that the Republican party was supposed to be different, the “conservative” party that would defend Western and American values against liberalism and socialism. For decades that deception seemed to be working. We elected Reagan but then the Gipper pushed through an amnesty that sealed the future fate of California as a permanently blue state. We elected George H.W. Bush and he proved spineless and incompetent, muttering about a new world order. His son was just as incompetent and dumb as a stump to boot, and would have been a one term President if he didn’t preside over 9/11. Candidate Trump seemed to promise something new but President Trump has been lead completely off course, getting rid of people like Steve Bannon and surrounding himself with Deep State operatives and his loathsome son-in-law Jared Kushner. History will remember Trump in many ways but most significantly as the last Republican President, the final act of defiance by the American people.

Many people, including me, have remarked that Trump’s biggest accomplishment to date was driving the Left completely insane to the point that they took off their masks. Few people in America still trust the mainstream media and more each day recognize that the cabal of academics, Deep State permanent bureaucrats, “entertainers”, media and most of the religious elites in this nation are all openly hostile toward normal Americans. What has been unexpected but even more critical to the future of the Right in America has been a different sort unmasking. We have seen the true face of Conservatism Inc. and it is ugly.

From Bill Kristol to Ben Shapiro to Matt Walsh, Conservatism Inc. has been exposed as a hustle run by grifters who don’t give a rip about the American people or America herself, just as long as they can keep avoiding gainful employment by constantly shifting what they are “conserving” to mirror the Left. I grabbed a few screenshots at random that caught my eye. Here are a few:

What exactly is Mr. Weinstein saying conservatism conserves? Being “civil”? Conservatism means celebrating sodomy and smoking pot apparently.

This guy works for the American Enterprise Institute, a “conservative” think-tank and he wants a billion “Americans” by 2100. Since whites in America are reproducing at under the replacement rate, the only way to get to one billion people in America is by mass immigration of people who have already proved to be openly hostile to America and conservative ideals. An America of one billion people is an America of a small white and Jewish elite in the urban centers, protected by armed security and walls, and a vast, teeming brown mass of consumer-serfs living in pods and eating bugs. What could be more conservative than that?!

The Federalist is supposed to be a conservative publication and here is a “senior contributor” with the obligatory rainbow flag, then the flag of Israel and then the American flag. The order is not coincidental. He shouts his degeneracy and being #nonbinary. Look at the headline in the link in the second picture: “Conservative LOVE! SQUEE!”. First, any male that says “Squee!” should be in front of a wall wearing a blindfold. Second, do American conservatives think that two sodomites playing house as a “married” couple is somehow conservative? If we don’t even conserve human sexual relations and marriage, what are we conserving other than Israel? Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a few degenerates from Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk awkwardly getting a photo with a trannie and “conservative” Rob Smith and his “husband” shilling for his app to help degenerates find other degenerates to sodomize.


Oh, another American “conservative” with an Israeli flag in his profile. How morbidly predictable. Someone should tell Greg there is no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian value system”. There is the Western Christian value system or there is a Jewish value system but Judaism and Christianity are competing and incompatible religious traditions. In the New Testament, the bad guys aren’t the Romans. The notion that America is an “idea” and not a race is refuted by a cursory understanding of American history and the most basic observational skills. Our new “Americans” arriving since 1965 don’t share our values and in general they hate both our values and us. Then there is this gem….

Nothing says conservatism like an e-thot with a boob job. Then you watch one of her videos for about ten seconds and what you get is not the picture above which is heavily airbrushed and edited. You get a worn out looking woman who is desperately trying to stave off aging.

Yikes. I kind of imagine that is what most Tinder dates are like, super hot girl on the app, worn out skank in real life.

Anyway, that is just a smattering of tweets from what passes for “conservatism” today so I assume you get the idea. Faggots, Israel-firsters, open-borders advocates and e-whores. Like Mitt “The Human Weather Vane” Romney, Conservative Inc. sticks their finger in the air hourly to see which way the winds are blowing and adjusts their positions accordingly. The most critical goal is to stay ahead of being deplatformed for fear of needing to get a real job.

Conservatism in America doesn’t have a static set of principles they refuse to bend on, other than defending Israel with American lives and money and tax breaks for globohomo corporations. Conservatism is a mirror image of liberalism. Wherever liberalism moves, conservatism moves with it to provide a plausible “opposition” and it is becoming apparent that no matter where liberalism moves, conservatism will shift positions to match them. Turning Point USA and National Review know about how far they can stray from the current zeitgeist established by the Left and are ever-willing to shift as needed to stay within the safe zone of acceptable thought. Just ten years ago, the idea of a homosexual couple proclaiming that sodomy is a conservative value would have been unthinkable but today suggesting that men having anal sex is gross or questioning that the magic dirt of America will transform mestizos into libertarians will get you booted from the movement, banned from speaking at conservative events and cast into online outer darkness. Rumor has it that a major purge is coming next week on social media and a lot of right-wing voices are going to get the boot, but you can rest assured that David French and Charlie Kirk will be just fine.

Every single person in Conservative Inc understand what people like Ann Coulter have been saying: none of the other issues matter if we don’t get immigration under control. They understand it and they just don’t care. Speaking out against mass immigration makes their donors mad and might lead to them being called “racist” and there is nothing worse than that. Does someone like Matt Walsh really care about cross-dressing boys in girl’s locker rooms in Illinois? Maybe but what he mostly cares about is keeping his hustle alive. Others, most notably Bill Kristol, have never been conservative in any sense in the first place. Kristol loves wars he won’t have to fight in and tax cuts to maximize his grift. Other than that, what is conservative about him?

There is a new, real Right growing in America. It is focused less on the power elites in the urban enclaves full of people difficult to distinguish from the Left and more on the regular Americans that made America great in the first place. The first iteration were the paleocons who were purged out of conservatism decades ago by the neoconservatives with a fervor that would have brought a joyful tear to Joe Stalin’s eye. The movement went quiet for a while until the Tea Party sprang into being but that Tea Party was quickly co-opted and bought out by Conservative Inc. The Alt-Right showed some promise but it unraveled under the weight of the egos of people like Richard Spencer and the disaster in Charlottesville. Despite all of the efforts to stamp out the Right, it won’t die and not only that but it seems to be getting quietly stronger.

What is really terrifying Conservative Inc is two-fold.

First, the Dissident Right isn’t all that interested in seizing traditional political power via taking control of the Republican Party and that makes it much harder to co-opt and seduce. Many speakers and thinkers in the DR express their opinion as “voting is fake and gay”. The younger members especially have seen elections that are essentially meaningless, especially Trump’s election which has been contested and undermined at every turn. As the saying goes among many Dissident Right types: no one is coming to save us and we aren’t voting our way out of this.

Second, the Dissident Right has discovered that their primary opponent is not antifa or the Democrats. It is the grifters in Conservative Inc. We will never be able to take on antifa face to face while our “allies” in Conservative Inc are repeatedly stabbing us in the back. The groyper wars have exposed how shallow and insidious Conservative Inc really is. They are not co-belligerents in the fight against globohomo Marxism, they are collaborators with the Left and Conservative Inc seems to understand from history what happens to collaborators. Women who consorted with the Nazis had their heads shaved in France and in Eastern Europe were treated far worse by the Soviets.

They can sense it. Their hustle is coming to an end and they are fighting tooth and nail to squeeze out every last penny before the well runs dry. People like Representative Dan Crenshaw seem to spend most of their fury on attacking the Dissident Right instead of Democrats, and that is because they know their free ride is coming to an end. The Republican Party in five years will be more liberal than the Democrats were under Obama and that will leave tens of millions of Republican voters no place at the table.

Desperate people with nothing to lose are dangerous. Tens of millions of them with hundreds of millions of guns and tens of billions of rounds of ammo?

The world has never seen anything like what is coming.

Conservative Inc., you had your chance. For decades the former Trotskyite neocons owned what passed for a right-wing in this country. They purged the paleocons from their ranks with the promise that they would be the ones “standing athwart history yelling ‘Stop!'” but they didn’t.

Your time is over.

You can get out of the way or you can be trampled under our boots. The choice is yours.

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