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How Did That Happen?

1993 seems so long ago, almost ancient history to our modern sensibilities. I was in college, recently married. Bill Clinton was President. The Soviet Union had collapsed. Things should have been going great, but already we were seeing the beginning of instability happening. The economy was moving rapidly toward globalization. The personal technology revolution was just getting started and the consumerist culture was in full swing. It was a time that seemed peaceful and prosperous on the surface but social unrest was boiling up underneath.

Along came a highly underrated movie starring Michael Douglas in one of his best roles, Falling Down. Douglas plays the character of William Foster, an every-man character who realizes that the world has changed and left him behind. The movie starts out with him sitting in traffic and slowly losing it, before he simply gets out and walks away from his car. The rest of the movie is a slow progression of Foster walking home. All he wants is to go home. Along the way he gets hassled by some gang members that he stands up to and drives off. He slowly transforms from an unarmed guy with a briefcase and shirt and tie to a guy with a bag full of guns dressed in a black outfit. We find out he is a guy who lost his job and family and in the end appears ready to kill his estranged wife (Barbara Hershey) and daughter before he is stopped by a retiring cop Prendergast (Robert Duvall in a great role for him) who is a parallel to William Foster, a man from a different era who is seeing things change for the worse. This movie would never be made today because it serves as a reminder, even one with a highly negative context, that men can only be pushed so far.

At the end, the exchange between Foster and Prendergast is great. I won’t spoil the ending for you but this is the critical moment in the movie.

“I’m the bad guy?…How’d that happen? I did everything they told me to.”

Obviously the proper response to getting screwed over after doing what you were told isn’t to shoot up fast food joints but haven’t we all come to this place a time or two?

We didn’t want much. Mostly we wanted to be left alone. We go to our crappy jobs and pay our exorbitant taxes. We obey every stupid law and file our tax return every year, hoping that some bitter flunky paper-pusher at the IRS doesn’t have a bad day and decide to wreck our lives because we didn’t check the right box on an insanely complicated form. We allow the government to tell us what we can do with our own property, we obey the traffic laws, we don’t make waves. All we want is to have a nice family, raise our kids, maybe take a vacation now and then and someday retire to enjoy our grandkids.

But they won’t just leave us alone.

We get constantly badgered about “gun violence” and get blamed for mass shootings and told that we can’t be allowed to own guns by the same people who are constantly protected by people with guns. But then we turn on the news and see the same glowering mugshots staring back at us after every shooting, the same people who don’t look or act or think like us who do most of the killing in this country but somehow we are the bad guys. I am not posting pictures on social media with my pants hanging down, grinning at the camera with my gold teeth and holding a stolen pistol sideways. Why should I have to give up my guns because a small fraction of the population can’t control their temper, think through the consequences of their actions or respond to the slightest insult without shooting each other?

Or we get harangued by imbeciles about “white privilege”, a way to make us feel guilty for working hard and achieving something in our lives. My “white privilege” looks a lot like hard work and sacrifice but saying that makes people who choose to not work hard feel bad and we can’t have that. Human free agency is hate speech, nothing I have is the result of me working hard and people who don’t have anything are not culpable for their poor life choices. No matter what I do, it is heads I lose, tails they win.

Our history itself is being erased and rewritten. We have Norse gods and Arthurian legends portrayed as black men. We are blamed for every ill in the world and get no credit for the fact that virtually everything positive any person in America or really around the world enjoys came from the sweat, blood and tears of people just like me. We give generously, we show up to every disaster, we have welcomed millions of people from failed societies to our country and in response we get spit on. Everywhere we look we see degeneracy and we are endlessly mocked by people who have utterly failed to build anything of worth.

So yeah. We are kind of pissed and getting more pissed every day.

After decades of being obedient, beaten down and berated it is easy to forget that we come from people who were better at war than anyone else. Before we were set on the path to civilizational suicide, we were the people who explored the globe and conquered everything we saw. The relatively tiny island of England once had an empire that spanned the globe. Europeans were exploring the world when Africans hadn’t even figured out the wheel. Every single modern convenience of note is the result of my people. Even today there isn’t a nation on earth other than maybe China that could go toe to toe with us and last more than a week.

In spite of the best efforts of those who hate us, the blood of warriors and conquerors still flows in our veins and we are slowly waking up. Those arrayed against us have regularly overplayed their hand and are accelerating this error. A lot of us aren’t going to make it and honestly a lot of us probably shouldn’t. Generations of dysgenic breeding, entertaining and consuming ourselves to death and being trapped into wage-slavery have made us soft, weak and fearful. I include myself in that accusation, but we are starting to wake up. Everyday the tiny cabal of people who control the machinery arrayed against us are struggling to keep a lid on things, deflecting attention, hiding the truth and replacing it with lies but it isn’t working as well as it used to.

So we are in a race. On the one side they are trying to replace us or neuter us via cowardice and degeneracy. On the other side we are trying to wake our people up to the danger and the calamity of what awaits us if we lose. I believe 2020 is going to be a pivotal year. Not because of who wins or loses the election, that crap is fake and gay. No, because this might be the year when my people realize that we are in a war, not with Iran or Russia or China but with a fifth column in our own country.

The 2010s were the calm before the storm. What is coming next will determine the fate of humanity. That is not wild hyperbole. If we lose, civilization will die. If we win, freedom and prosperity will reawaken. Those are the stakes and they have never been higher.


  1. Anonymous

    Bless you, Arthur, for clearly articulating everything that has been roiling around in my mind for literally years now.

    The only place we differ is in your opinion that the Saxon has awakened and begun to hate. Nope, I just don't see it. The Saxon today is a self-medicated, overweight, henpecked pussy, fearful of losing his cushy job should he make the mistake of noticing that the Affirmative Action hires really aren't very productive or that inter-racial dating is just plain wrong. He might grumble in private about the unfairness of it all, but he continues to pay ruinous taxes like a good little boy, registers his guns and looks back wistfully on times in the past when things made sense to him.

    I am just as guilty as anyone else in this. I busted my arse for that pension and 401(k) and I sure don't want to be jailed and separated from my family for insisting that there are but two genders or questioning the wisdom of paying reparations to people who were never enslaved. So I keep quiet.

    I don't have any answers, and I am not a born leader of men. There is indeed an ill wind blowing. Difficult times ahead.

  2. Arthur Sido

    I don't disagree with that but the balance is shifting and pretty soon the cost of standing up won't be enough to keep people quiet. I never expect there to be a huge number of us, but even a small percentage is still millions of people.

  3. Anonymous

    "No, because this might be the year when my people realize that we are in a war…….with a fifth column in our own country".
    America is currently at the Weimer Republic 1930 stage. The pressure has reached the catastrophic failure stafe. All it needs is a straight talking leader to funnel the tsunami.

    "The 2010s were the calm before the storm. What is coming next will determine the fate of humanity. That is not wild hyperbole. If we lose, civilization will die. If we win, freedom and prosperity will reawaken. Those are the stakes and they have never been higher".
    I'm not sure the stakes are as high as this. For us. However, having all that we owned and cherished burned away by our fifth columnists will lead a lot of William Fosters wanting vengeance. I could almost feel sorry for the instigators of this. Almost.

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