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There Are Only Two Ways Forward. Which Will You Choose?

Just last night, top heavy dimwit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in attendance at an exhibition of degeneracy put on by a trannie who calls himself Sasha Velour.

AOC is gawping at the camera like a buffoon while some guy who is dressed as a woman/demon poses next to her. In saner times, if a trannie like that touched a woman, men in the vicinity would have forcefully removed him. Today we are required to applaud this spectacle.

What you see in this tweet is what you are getting today. As Infowars put it, this is the Left. This is what they are now. All of those old moderate white liberals and black activists who think the Left is about income inequality and worker’s rights, wake up. If you side with the Democrats, you are siding with this freakshow. There is no place for a liberal who wonders if guys who wear panties and dresses might be off their rockers. The Left doesn’t care about working class people unless that working class person is a minority voter or an illegal alien or some sort of degenerate. If you are a white working class American, the Democrats will grudgingly take your votes but they really would prefer it if you would transition your children, turn them over to degenerates to pervert and die in as carbon-friendly manner as possible. There is no other Democratic party now. There is only homosexuals, drag queens and who knows what next. Any sort of deviant behavior will be embraced as long as it undermines the central foundations of Western civilization.

What is the alternative? Not the NormieCon Republican party. Modern “conservatism” hasn’t found any issue or principle it will stand firm on other than unwavering support for Israel. Anything else, even stuff that Republicans railed against five years ago, is now negotiable. Exhibit A, “conservative” Charlie Kirk (pre-groyper) awkwardly standing next to a transvestite (“Lady Maga”, this degenerate even had a sash made for his grotesque outfit) that is apparently what it now means to be a “conservative”.

Charlie looks like a first time prisoner meeting his new cell mate and thinking about what is going to go down once the guards aren’t looking. How are we making America great again by welcoming the most mentally ill deviants into our ranks? If we can’t even conserve what marriage means and what it means to be a man and a woman, what are we conserving other than Israel’s security? In other words, conservatism isn’t going to conserve anything. Their only role at this stage is to lose gracefully while strutting about like peacocks and yelling about their principles and Ronald Reagan. Mainstream conservatism is embracing the same degeneracy that the Left embraces, they are just about five years behind.


Wait a second….

….hang on…

…laughing so hard I can’t breathe….

….whew. OK, I am better now. The Libertine Party is now the party of butt-sex, tranny story hour at the library, smoking pot and open borders.

That leaves the dissident right.

Sure the DR is full of groypers and neckbears and incels but at least we refuse to surrender on the important issues. By 2030 this two-party nation will have a left of center Republican party holding a few unimportant seats in Congress and a far left Democrat party that will steamroll everything we cherish.

At some point, a caliphate run by radical Islamists will seem like a reasonable alternative. I have long said that is their strategy, why else would Linda Sarsour be marching with radical feminists that would be stoned to death if Linda’s co-religionists were in control? Their plan must be a form of Islamist accelerationism, pushing the culture into such degeneracy that desperate Americans embrace sharia just to get the Sasha Velour types back into the shadows where they belong. Sure, I want trannies on the outer fringes of our society where decent people aren’t exposed to them, Islamists want to throw them off buildings but you know what they say about omelettes and eggs. These degenerates are in for a rude awakening when white, nominally Christian people are replaced by Muslims. More on this in a later post.

The dissident right is an amorphous movement that embraces a lot of people who don’t agree on everything but what we all agree on is that human nature is immutable and playing the politics as normal game is a suicide pact. There are only two paths forward:

Embracing demonic drag queens right now (D) or demonic drag queens in a few years (R)

– or –

Calling these freaks degenerates and refusing to play.

A lot of us are on the fence right now but the time is growing short to choose a side.

Choose wisely.

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