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Mass Shooting Alert: Fresno

A “mass shooting” was reported overnight in Fresno, California. The early reports are that at least 10 people were shot and 4 have died so far. From ABC 30, KFSN, in Fresno:

10 shot, 4 dead, as gunman opens fire on family watching football in east central Fresno, suspect still at large

At least ten people have been shot, and four are dead after Fresno Police say a suspect opened fire as a family gathered at an east-central Fresno home Sunday night.

Officers responded to a home on Lamona Avenue near Ceasar Avenue, located about three blocks south of the Fresno Yosemite International Airport just before 8 pm on Sunday.

Fresno Police say around 45 people were at the home to watch a football game on television.

The suspect came into the backyard and opened fire on the ten people that were in the yard. The other 35 people inside the home were not injured.

Here is the key sentence I always look for:

Police have also not yet released a description of the suspect, or possible motivation.

No description, no motive often (although not always) is code for gang related shooting. The number of people shot (10) suggests a handgun and the number dead indicates someone who is a poor shot. The numbers keep adding up.

I don’t know Fresno very well, I don’t think I was ever there on business, but the city is apparently close to 50% mestizo with a large (over 12%) Asian population and less than 1/3 white.

I’ll monitor this story and see what happens but I am guessing it is headed for the memory hole as a mass shooting probably carried out by the wrong sort of mass shooter in heavily gun controlled California.


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