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Curiouser and Curiouser

The Twerk or Treat shooting just keeps getting weirder. As reported on October 29th, police had made an arrest of one Brandon Ray Gonzalez. It seemed weird to me and he did a jailhouse interview proclaiming his innocence. He didn’t have a real criminal record and while it is not unheard of, it seemed odd that a mestizo guy would target a black guy and then spray the crowd with bullets. It just seemed a little off.

Then this morning we get this news:

Man held in Texas party hall shooting freed as case crumbles

GREENVILLE, Texas (AP) — A man held as a suspect in the shooting at an off-campus college Halloween party in East Texas that killed two people and injured a dozen more is free after he was released from jail Tuesday evening and investigators asked that the capital murder charge against him be dropped.

Brandon Ray Gonzales was released from jail after investigators said “additional information has come to light” that potentially exonerates him of the Oct. 26 shooting at a party hall near Greenville, about 70 miles (113 kilometers) northeast of Dallas. In a statement, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said the case was further weakened by “the lack of cooperation from witnesses” to the shooting.

As a result, “we have requested the Hunt County District Attorney’s Office take no action on Mr. Gonzales’ case at this time and that he be released from custody,” Meeks said. He also pleaded for the reluctant witnesses to reconsider their refusal to cooperate with the investigation and appealed to the public for tips.

The cops went from absolutely sure they had the right guy to oops maybe not in pretty short order. Pretty solid sleuthing Columbo.

This case again is looking like what I assume from the get-go, yet another mass shooting by a black male(s) killing and wounding other blacks.

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