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The Dems Playing 4D Chess With Impeachment?

The conventional wisdom on the “conservative” Right is that this impeachment farce is just Nancy Pelosi caving to the lunatic fringe of her caucus. Unless something shocking comes up Trump probably won’t be impeached and he certainly won’t be removed from office. This is just the latest chapter in the saga of an impeachment searching for a crime and it is a waste of time that will only serve to rally Trump’s base. There is a little bit of that but I don’t think it is the main impetus behind the “impeachment” push now.

If you are a more cynical type like me, you might also think that this pretty obviously fabricated nothing-burger isn’t really directly about Trump. It is a way for the Democratic party to kneecap Joe Biden. Joe was their guy, the aw-shucks pseudo-populist, “Lunch Pail Joe” who could pull back some white working class and union white voters in places like Michigan and Wisconsin. But as the campaign has gone into full swing and Joe is out in the public, it is becoming brutally clear that he is losing and/or has lost his marbles and it is only a matter of time before he starts pawing at a teen-aged girl on camera. It is kind of sad even though Joe represents people trying to destroy my nation. Dementia isn’t funny. So now Democrats are scrambling to replace their safe, shoo-in to beat Trump candidate by setting him up to be the one to take the actual fall on Ukraine when the impeachment inquiry fails to unseat Trump but drags down Biden. There is a lot of potential in this theory.

What is being missed by a lot of people is that the “impeachment” process is just another huge distraction for Trump, keeping him focused on squabbling and feuding with Chuck and Nancy and anyone who catches his eye. Because he can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, and often not even one thing, impeachment means he isn’t doing anything else and the Deep State is running wild undoing anything he tries to do while he is distracted. Chuck Schumer can plot the destruction of this nation, toy with Trump like a junkyard dog on a chain and still have time for lunch with George Soros. Trump can’t pay attention to anything for more than five minutes.

Time is not on our side in many respects. Every day that goes by more illegals cross into the U.S. and disappear. More anchor babies are born. More and more children of migrants and illegal aliens turn 18 in a country they have been taught to hate. More heritage Americans, in other words Trump-voters, die and are replaced with reliable Democrat voters. So every day that Trump is messing around with the latest thing he is mad about instead of securing the border is a win for Democrats. Nancy Pelosi knows Trump isn’t going to be removed from office but she also knows that Trump is easy to distract and a distracted Trump is a useless Trump.

We are only allowed to see the meaningless political theater, the kabuki put on by the Deep State. The stuff that is actually important is hidden from our view and this impeachment farce is firmly in the camp of unimportant distraction.

Don’t pay attention to the puppet, look for the puppet-masters.


  1. Arthur Sido

    What I was thinking of this morning is that Joe also can't try to be the adult in the room, he is pretty volatile in debates. He slapped around Paul Ryan because Ryan was trying to be polite but if he pulls that with Trump he'll get beat down. Trump lives or that. Add in the dementia and a debate with Joe = re-election for Trump.

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