Wednesday, October 2, 2019

More On Black Violence

As a follow-up from my post yesterday, The Most Important Government Report You Will Never Hear About.

Steve Sailer posted these tweets last night:

Again, the pattern is that the violence is trending upward when it comes to blacks in America which bodes ill for the future. Not trying to belabor the point here, but it is worth noting what a massive misinformation campaign we are being subjected to daily from the mass media.


  1. Violence is only important if it feeds the narrative.

  2. Divide & conquer? or maintain the divided & continue distracting? I can only imagine how loathesome our sociopathic “ruling elites” must feel to have to subject themselves to “free elections” ( consider that dude in China who declared himself “president for life”)

    On a completely different subject, imagine the chaos that an interruption of anti-depression medication will cause if due to CW2 and/or another “carrington event” in our present day.

    1. That is pretty scary, if millions of people can't get their SSRI meds and suddenly go cold turkey, that would be bad.