Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day!

October 31st, 1517 marks the unofficial start of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther, the German monk not the plagiarizing adulterous commie, nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church building in Wittenberg. The world and especially Europe was never the same, for better or for worse, as the stranglehold of Rome over Christendom was broken. We haven't done Halloween as a family for a long time but we used to recognize October 31st as Reformation Day (see my post on the 500th anniversary: The Protestant Reformation At 500: So Much Recovered, So Much More To Reform ). Not so much these days but I had some thoughts nevertheless.

While my faith journey has had many a twist and turn, it has never so much as dipped a toe in the Tiber. Even though my extended family is culturally Catholic as is my wife's, and we were married in a Catholic church by a Roman priest, the "smells and bells" never had any appeal to me. The rigid and inflexible hierarchy, the doctrines that sprang forth from whichever "Pope" thought them up, the endless appeals for money, the always vaguely creepy priests, the maudlin statues. Nah, that is a hard pass from me.

Rome embodies everything I loathe about institutionalized religion. In a world that is rapidly moving away from organized religion in general, Roman Catholicism seems like a hopelessly outdated and irrelevant relic from the past. Still, many young people in the dissident movement are turning to Rome to fill a void in their spirit. Why would people posting Pepe and Honkler memes one moment be posting about Deus Volt the next?

I get why young men and young women alike are drawn to the TradCath thing. We live in a world with nothing transcendent, nothing beyond shallow materialistic consumption and vacuous entertainment. For young men a world with no prospect for marriage and family is depressing. Who wants to live your life in the basement playing video games? For young women it is even worse as the world they are supposed to embrace works ferociously to deny them what biology makes them crave: home and hearth, husband and children. A future of boxed wine and cats until you end up in a nursing home to be mistreated and die alone isn't very appealing.

Most of what passes for Christianity today isn't much better. The Christian faith has always been overwhelmingly cultural in America but at least it provided a stable structure. You were married and buried in church, you lived in general harmony in theory if not practice with the Ten Commandments, Christmas and Easter were about more than buying stuff. At the very least you knew what the churches stood for. Today you get women badgering men about the "patriarchy" in a faith that has always been patriarchal. You have open homosexuals and foul mouthed, tattooed divorced women "pastors". You have a seminary sponsoring an event where people apologize to a bunch of house plants for being inhumane to vegetation. Meanwhile Rome has looked the other way for a long time at the flood of open homosexuals in the priesthood and then acted shocked when sexual deviants turned out to be molesting boys while the church hierarchy covered the whole thing up. The various Orthodox groups seem better off but there really aren't many of them and their practices seem alien and weird. The mormon church is shifting positions like a weather vane in a tornado in a desperate attempt to keep people from leaving. I guess the Amish are doing well but there aren't that many of them and they are fighting a constant battle against modernity.

So sure, young people searching for meaning and tradition to anchor themselves in a world gone insane are turning to the most traditional form of our traditional religious faith. Other young people are seeking out the theonomy/Christian reconstruction path, seeing a theocracy as the curative for a degenerate nation. Still others are going back even farther to European pagan faiths, which is difficult because the word pagan carries such negative, "burn them at the stake", baggage in a society birthed from 1000 years of Christianity stamping out competing faiths.

That is all great and I encourage people to seek a spiritual foundation but I also an very leery of religious wars within the movement dividing us. I have a lengthier post on this topic in the hopper but suffice it to say that we must be very cautious of those who demand fealty to a specific faith tradition as the purity test for being in the movement.

Religion is one of the most important aspects of a people and a society. It also has often been the catalyst for division and weakening of a people. Whether the wars between Catholics and Protestants or the genocidal purging of traditional religion by the Marxist faithful, religion has the potential to undercut all of our efforts. I am quite certain that much of the division is surreptitiously funded by those who want to see us divided and squabbling.

By all means, discover and explore your faith and let it inform who you are and how you live. Just don't let it be a weapon in the hands of our enemies.

Why Do Sane People Live In California?

Between 2001 and 2002 I was working in the financial services business at one of the largest firms in the world. My job was managing retirement plans for small to mid-sized clients ($5-25 million in assets) and my book of business was almost all in California. That necessitated a lot of trips to California to play nice with the clients. That was usually pretty cool. I stayed in our preferred hotels, which in L.A. was the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey and in San Fran was also the Ritz-Carlton. I wasn't supposed to spend more than $50 on meals. Per meal. Life was good.

California was very different from where I was flying from in the Midwest. It was usually much warmer and sunnier. Even eating at Applebees in L.A. means that your waitress looked like a movie starlet. I stayed at a different hotel north of L.A. one time and after my meetings I went down to the pool to sit in the hot tub to relax and after I settled in a crowd of what looked like extras from Baywatch came down. The girls were all gorgeous and, um, filled out their swimsuits. The guys were all chiseled like Greek gods. I quietly went back up to my room. 

One other major feature. The people were all crazy. 

I think it is the nice weather. Humans aren't supposed to live where it is sunny and nice every single day. All the sunshine bakes their brains. You are supposed to have days of crappy weather where you just stay inside and drink hot chocolate and read, otherwise you melt down.

How else can you explain this?

Ten special agents from the California Department of Justice were watching as a man walked out of the Big Reno Show and placed his purchases in his car.

The black Isuzu with California plates headed west on Interstate 80 into the Sierra Nevada, eventually crossing the Nevada state line. That’s when the California Highway Patrol pulled Vincent Huey over. Inside the vehicle, state Justice Department agents found 18 high-capacity magazines, some capable of holding 30 rounds, according to court records.

Yes you read that correctly. California sends law enforcement agents to neighboring states to spy on California residents making purchases in those states and then arrests them on returning to California. The guy wasn't smuggling drugs or illegal fully automatic rifles. No, he probably had a few 30 round PMAGs and some standard capacity handgun magazines.

A "high capacity" magazine that holds 30 rounds comes standard with almost every AR sold in sane parts of the country. They are available for mail order to the vast majority of Americans in almost all of the country. They are inexpensive and very common, and without an AR (or AK or Mini-14...) they are useless. There are probably 50 million of them in the country, mostly held legally.

Still you get California law enforcement conducting surreptitious surveillance on California residents shopping in neighboring states and then lying in wait for them to cross the border so they can be arrested for possessing some plastic magazines for the most popular rifle sold in America.

This story was obviously penned by someone working in conjunction with the government to have a chilling effect on Californians who are thinking about going to Nevada to shop for common firearms related items, making them think that Ponch and Jon are lurking behind the "Welcome To California" sign to pull them over with the illicit firearms accessory. Of course this also serves as a warning to actual criminals who will take very simple additional precautions to avoid being caught.

Meanwhile in California diversity proves it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Tragic Long Beach shooting leaves 3 dead, 9 injured — motive and ID of shooter not known

Motive and ID unknown. That is a dead giveaway who the shooter is not and who the victims are. Pretty minimal national news coverage of yet another mass shooting that doesn't appear to involve white men. Go figure.

The cops could be investigating stuff like that but according to the L.A. Times they are too busy stalking California residents shopping in Nevada. In California a person with a standard size magazine for a sporting rifle is apparently a greater threat than the people murdering, raping and robbing Californians.

I don't care how nice the weather is, or how hot the girls are, or how much you love surfing or how great your job is. There is no reason for any sane person to live in that state.

The Big One can't come soon enough.

California: If the wildfires, earthquakes and diversity doesn't kill you, the government will.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fact Check: True

Keeping up the theme of insulting Glock owners....

Move Out, They Get Mad. Move In, They Get Mad.

Oh boy.

Michelle Obama, the husband of former President Barack Obama, decided to offer his her opinion on "white flight" at a recent "Obama Foundation Summit" ("Foundation" is a code word for "money laundering slush fund"):

Michelle Obama talks about South Side Chicago ‘white flight’ at Obama Summit

Former first lady Michelle Obama recalled her dawning awareness about white flight after her family moved to 74th and Euclid when she was a youth, speaking Tuesday about growing up on the South Side during an Obama Summit session with her older brother, Craig Robinson.

“We were doing everything we were supposed to do — and better,” she said as she discussed witnessing a painful chapter in Chicago’s history. “But when we moved in, white families moved out.”

She added, “I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us. And you’re still running,” Obama said, comparing the situation to what immigrant families arrive in neighborhoods are experiencing today.

So when white people move back into a neighborhood, it is gentrification. When white people move out of a neighborhood, it is "white flight". It is almost like perpetually aggrieved people like Mr. Obama won't ever be satisfied no matter what we do. Almost.

No one seems to ask this question: since we built this nation and the cities across the fruited plain, maybe we can decide for ourselves where we live and not have to ask permission to move into an area nor beg forgiveness for moving out.

Nor did Mr. Obama address this elephant in the room:

When the Robinson’s settled on Euclid, Obama had friends from all races. “There were no gang fights, there were no territorial battles. Yet one by one, they packed their bags and they ran from us. And they left communities in shambles,” with subsequent disinvestment in schools and parks.

So when the white families moved out and left black families in place, the neighborhoods fell apart. Weird that the diversity that is supposed to be our greatest strength invariably leads to neighborhoods going to crap when that diversity hits critical mass. Why is that? I doubt Michelle brought this up.

Another question:

Why do successful black families mimic whites and move out of black neighborhoods and into white neighborhoods as soon as they get the chance? If living with blacks is so awesome, why did Mr. and Mr. Obama buy a $15 million estate on Martha's Vineyard in a town that is over 93% white and less than 2% black? Wouldn't it send a great message if they lived in a majority black neighborhood in Chicago or Baltimore? Why did they send their daughters to an exclusive private school that seems to be full of mostly white, Jewish and Asian kids? Did anyone ask Michelle about that?

Or this.

Did anyone ask Mr. Obama why white people "flee" when their neighborhoods get more "diverse", in other words less white? At least when the diversity is black or mestizo, no one flees because of too many East Asians. Could it be that criminality seems to follow diversity wherever it shows up? Did anyone ask why white people would want to live in neighborhoods with schools that get worse among people who commit over half a million violent crimes against white people in a given year? Nah, it must be "racism".

You just can't win. Move in, you are a racist gentrifying the neighborhood. Move out, you are racist and engaged in "white flight". Notice race and you are a racist. Try to not notice race and you are a racist.

The only sane course of action is to do what I do and stop caring at all about being called names. I don't care what Michelle Obama thinks about literally any topic. His her only claim to fame and the reason why he she is insanely wealthy and given endless coverage by a fawning media is that he she married Barack Obama and was artificially inseminated with his(?) children.

Maybe direct some of that bellowing at your own people Michelle. Maybe start to ask why white people move out when blacks or mestizos hit a critical mass in a neighborhood. You already know the answer. Ponder why you won't talk about it while sipping coffee in your lily-white neighborhood on Martha's Vineyard.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Following up from the prior post. The man accused of shooting up the Twerk or Treat party, Brandon Ray Gonzales, was interviewed by a local news station, which seems like a terrible idea if you are in jail on capital murder charges but whatever. He claims he didn't do it, as they all do, but he claims he was in a car with witnesses when the shooting happened.

Accused Greenville shooter speaks from Hunt County jail

While Brandon Gonzales admits he was at a party where two people were killed in a shooting, he says he was outside in a car when the gunfire broke out.

What is interesting to note is that he was wearing a bulletproof vest as part of his costume with no plates in the vest.

Also interesting to note, he has no criminal record other than a "minor traffic incident". Not exactly the prototypical shooter.

Do they have the wrong guy? Cops say they aren't looking at anyone else but who knows.

Meanwhile there has been an arrest in the shooting at the vigil, a Patrick Lovely, who was speeding away from the location of the vigil after the shooting. That isn't a crime, but he was arrested.

This case just keeps getting weirder and I have less than complete confidence in the police response.

Twerk or Treat Update

The police have made an arrest in the Twerk Or Treat frat party and it is a little surprising.

Police arrest suspect in Texas shooting spree that killed 2, injured 12

Authorities in Texas have arrested a suspect in connection with a deadly Saturday night shooting at an off-campus college party that left two people dead and 12 injured.

Brandon Ray Gonzales, 23, of Greenville, was arrested Monday at the auto dealership where he worked, less than 48 hours after the shooting, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said.

Here is Mr. Gonzales.

That is going to confuse the media a little bit that a mestizo shot up a party full of black youth. Police are still saying that he was targeting someone and the rest of those shot were just bystanders. Also, the shooting toll has been reduced.

Kevin Berry Jr., 23, of Dallas, and Byron Craven Jr., 23, of Arlington, were killed, authorities said. Of the 12 people injured, six were shot and six were trampled or hurt by glass, authorities said. As of Monday, five remained hospitalized -- one in critical condition and four in good condition, Meeks said.

So "only" 8 people shot, which still is a mass shooting by any reasonable definition.

No word yet on why Mr. Gonzales decided to kill whoever he was targeting and why he felt it necessary to shoot a bunch of extra people.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Ol' Remus On Food

Most Americans are a lot like hobbits when it comes to eating. Once we have finished a meal, we start thinking about the next one.

That is a nice luxury, although it is responsible for the widespread epidemic of obesity in America. It is also a system that relies on cheap, reliable transportation to keep the shelves stocked. That system is far more fragile than most people realize. Case in point:

Global Authorities Brace For Worldwide Protein Shortage After "Quarter Of Earth's Pigs Wiped Out"

African Swine Fever is killing millions upon millions of pigs all over the world, and this threatens to create a crippling global shortage of protein as we head into 2020.  This epidemic began in China last year, and it is now also running wild in North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines.  But this crisis is certainly not limited to Asia.  According to the Washington Post, so far in 2019 there have also been outbreaks “in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.” 

Overall, cases of African Swine Fever have been documented “in nearly 50 nations”, and U.S. pork producers are extremely concerned that it could start spreading here too.

So that is pretty cheery. Sure ZeroHedge can be a Chicken Little site much of the time but this isn't the case here. The swine flu and the massive culling of swine herds is a real thing and since food is a global commodity, something like this can't help but impact pork prices, and by extension all meat and food prices, in the U.S.

A serious disruption to the food supply could be a trigger for widespread instability. That is why Grub is one of the 4 Gs of investing in 2020 (for more see: The Four Gs Of Investing In 2020).

With that in mind, I am sharing in it's entirety a lengthy section from Ol' Remus at The Woodpile Report from October 22, 2019. The Woodpile Report comes out once a week, normally on Tuesday, and should be required reading. This is a pretty long snippet so I will share it after the break with no comments from me, hopefully with all of the formatting intact. Enjoy.

More On The Mass Shooting That Wasn't

The story yesterday of a mass shooting in Texas at a "Twerk or Treat" party hosted by a black fraternity near Texas A&M would already be gone by this morning (see my post: When Is A Mass Shooting Not A Mass Shooting?) but there was another, completely predictable, addition to the story:

Police were still searching Monday for a suspect in a deadly shooting at an off-campus party in Texas, which drew a Sunday vigil that also saw more shots fired.
What happened during the vigil?

Berry's friends and family gathered Sunday evening at a Dallas park to remember their relative and friend when at least one person opened fire.

Dallas police said the shooting stemmed from a "disturbance" at the vigil and that no injuries were reported.

At least one vehicle was struck with bullets as vigil goers ran for cover.

This reminds me of the scene in the movie Colors where Crips did a driveby shooting of a funeral for a slain Blood. 

One of those killed (I am hesitating to use the word "victim") has been named while the other has not. Four people are apparently in critical condition. The named individual is 'Kevin Berry, who was known as “Choppaboy Wess.”'

The vigil shooting story also has some choice quotes:

Berry’s uncle, Cloyse Caruthers Jr., told the Morning News his nephew was at the party with friends and was not a Texas A&M-Commerce student.

"I'm more angry than anything," he told the newspaper. "What were they thinking involving innocent people in this mess? He had so much promise."

Berry's mother, Nakima Alexander, told WFAA-TV her son was a father of two and expecting another child.

Not trying to be mean or anything but he really didn't have a lot of promise. Lots of Facebook posts about getting high or going to court or being in prison. Lots of photos with stacks of money and guns. 

I downloaded these pictures and posts myself from the deceased young man's Facebook page lest you think this isn't him.

Clearly a young man with a great deal of promise. No word on how many different women he fathered the 3 children with. 

How did anyone expect this young man's life was going to turn out? Maybe he would have turned his life around but more likely it was going to end up in one of two ways: with him in prison for most of his adult life or dead in a shooting. 

Even at a vigil for those shot at the party there was gunfire and not one or two shots. The reporter who was there had video going and not only was there a great deal of gunfire, it sounded like it was from at least three different firearms. 

My intent here is not to crap all over this guy now that he is dead. I wouldn't wish this on almost anyone. It is awful that the three kids he fathered will grow up without a father as so many young black kids do, a situation that is one of the most damaging social maladies impacting the black community. The cycle of violence that led to his death and so many other young black men dying leaves shattered families and is an enormous expense on society as a whole. I truly wish that Kevin Berry had some decent male role-models in his life to intervene before he ended up on a path of flashing cash, doing drugs and pointing guns. The same is true with the shooter. Initial police reports indicate that one of the deceased, either Kevin or the as yet unnamed individual, was targeted by the shooter. What makes little sense is that 16 people ended up shot when the shooter was targeting just one.

Having said that, my reason for posting about this again and posting so regularly about similar incidents is to serve as a reminder. When there is a mass shooting and the shooter is a white male and/or involves a scary looking rifle, the media covers it for days on end. We get legislation proposed. Congress holds sham hearings about the "danger" of non-existent threats. The civil rights of white Americans are attacked based on the very rare and isolated incidents of white men committing mass shootings but you will wait in vain for Jerry Nadler to hold a committee hearing on young black men committing over 55% of all murders in America. It is the typical tactic of focusing on a phantom menace that advances the Left's political agenda and completely ignoring the actual problems.

It is very unlikely that anyone will be arrested in the Twerk or Treat shootings or in the subsequent spraying of bullets at the vigil. Most likely a number of people involved already know who the shooters are and plan on taking care of retaliation on their own. That means more young black men dead, more bystanders killed or wounded, more weeping mothers, more kids without fathers. More young black men in prison ruining any future they might have had, leaving them nowhere to turn but a life of crime and/or dependency. 

As a society we refuse to address the real issues and instead focus on boogeymen. The result is a very expensive bill that is going to come due soon. When it does, we will all be paying for our refusal to speak the truth.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

When Is A Mass Shooting Not A Mass Shooting?

Last night there was what should by any measure be considered a "mass shooting" in Texas, fairly near Texas A&M university. The news should be front page all across the fruited plains...

Texas A&M off-campus homecoming party shooting leaves 2 dead, 14 injured, police say

At least two people were killed and more than a dozen others were injured at an off-campus Texas A&M University-Commerce homecoming party Saturday, officials said.

Investigators first responded to The Party Venue in Greenville, located roughly 15 miles southwest of the school's Commerce campus, around 11:30 p.m. following complaints about cars parked on the shoulder of Highway 380 outside.

Deputies on scene heard gunshots coming from the back of the building, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks told reporters Sunday. Meeks said he believes more than 750 people were in attendance at the "small structure" venue, and "when shots were fired, it was complete chaos as people fled for safety and deputies attempted to locate the shooter."

16 people shot?! That should be huge news. When there was a mass shooting in Dayton in August of this year and 17 people were shot, it was huge and dominated the news for days. This story is already starting to fade into the background. In fact, the police aren't even sure it was a mass shooting.

16 people shot. Two dead. Not considering it a mass shooting at this time.

W.T. Actual. F.

Some other clues are starting to emerge about the non-mass mass shooting.

Uncooperative witnesses you say? At a party with an estimated 750 people, ain't nobody seen nuttin'? Curious. Some of that  "snitches get stitches" and "taking care of business our own selves" mentality?

Initially this Jason guy, who granted was reporting on something in the middle of the night, said the shooter used a ".227" caliber rifle, which I don't think exists outside of some exotic collections. I assume he meant a .223 rifle, in other words an AR. Turns out the rifle casings were "props at the party" and the shooter used the more common 9mm, probably a Hi-Point, Canik or Taurus you can get cheaply. What sort of Halloween/homecoming party includes rifle shell casings as a prop?

Turns out we have an answer to that question as well. This off-campus party at a small venue, very descriptively and unimaginatively called The Party Venue, was apparently sponsored by a fraternity, one with a very specific membership. The facility is in the middle of nowhere and looks like it would comfortably hold maybe 100 people. Not 750.

The party was announced back on October 4th by SuaveGuy_Damo

I am not sure what he means by going coo coo for coco puffs or that the Nupes coming but I am sure it involves some good clean fun. In case you can't quite make out the picture on the right, I enlarged it for you.

There seems to be a very subtle suggestive nature to this photo. The pickle in particular seems to carry some significance. Not sure what it is but I imagine that "DJ Does It All" and "DJ Hoze" could explain it to me. Kids in college do stuff like this all the time but only when certain demographics get together does it end in gunfire so often.

OK, I think you get the picture. No suspect description, no leads, no known motivation, used a 9mm handgun, happened at a party organized by Kappa Alpha Psi with the subtle name "Twerk Or Treat". This is almost certainly a case of a black guy shooting up a party full of other black folk. It is unlikely anyone will be arrested but there is a decent chance a retaliatory shooting will happen within the week.

What is also true is that if I am correct, this story will never gain any traction and will disappear down the memory hole faster than the Jeffery Epstein "suicide". You can't use it to make the case for "red flag laws" or banning "assault weapons" so the story is useless to the media.

What this means for those late to the party is that once again the media and government is playing word games. A black guy shoots up a party full of black people, killing two and wounding 14 (nice shootin' Tex) but shooting 16 people in a single event isn't a "mass shooting". If a white guy had shot 6 blacks it would definitely get labeled a mass shooting, we would know his name and his motivation. Mass shooting is now a meaningless term like "racism" because it is used selectively when there is an agenda to be advanced.

The media, the entertainment world, academics, government bureaucrats. None of them give a crap about gun violence, they only care about disarming normal Americans so they can proceed with their coup and revolution without interference.

Just in case you weren't paying attention.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Glocks Are The Best Once You Replace All Of The Original Parts

I have never much cared for the Glock. I thought they were clunky and awkward when I first handled one and not much has changed since. As a rule I also don't like anything where the fans of a product are smug and superior about spending more on basically the exact same product you can get for less money that is just as functional.

Friday, October 25, 2019

More On Pre-Crime

The other day I wrote about the case of Kaleb James Cole and the Atomwaffen Group, a group which along with many others I assume is mostly a fed LEO operation to entrap people into committing crimes: Red Flag Laws Are Just The Beginning. We are more and more seeing thought being criminalized to the point that holding the "wrong" opinions is conflated with committing an actual crime. The assumption is that if you hold the wrong sort of opinions, you are automatically suspected of crimes that have not occurred. A little more of Minority Report coming to life.

In the latest episode of this, House Democrats are demanding "far-right" groups overseas be branded as "Foreign Terror Organizations", in spite of not committing any actual, for lack of better word, "terrorism".

House Democrats Just Demanded These Neo-Nazi Groups Be Prosecuted as International Terrorists

In response to the growing global threat of white nationalist terror, House Democrats are calling on the U.S. State Department to add three international far-right groups to its list of “Foreign Terror Organizations.”

This is significant: Since 9/11 the State Department’s terror designation system has been overwhelmingly focused on the threat posed by jihadi extremism, like al-Qaeda and ISIS. Adding international far-right groups to their list could give federal prosecutors more tools to go after radicals suspected of conspiring with those organizations before an attack happens.

On Wednesday, New York Rep. Max Rose, who chairs the counterterrorism subcommittee, submitted a letter to the State Department, co-signed by 39 members of Congress. It urged the department to designate Azov Battalion (a far-right paramilitary regiment in Ukraine), National Action (a neo-Nazi group based in the U.K.), and Nordic Resistance Movement (a neo-Nazi network from Scandinavia) as terrorist organizations.

Boy, it is strange that the terror designation system has focused since 3000 Americans were killed, ostensibly by Muslim jihadists, on....Muslim jihadists. Right after the Christchurch shooting, there was an enormous targeted terror attack on Sri Lankan Christians by Muslim jihadi that killed far more people, and that attack was one of the seemingly endless string of Muslim terror attacks around the world. No one seems to care. Muslim terror is so commonplace that it has become background noise, just like "urban" gun violence is so common no one bothers to report on it. Now that I mention it, there seems to be a common theme here of downplaying or outright ignoring the far more common violence from non-whites and instead focusing on the relatively rare violence, or in this case the alleged potential for violence, from whites.

Not to mention, why are we wasting time and effort fighting "terrorists" overseas that aren't committing any actual terror and that pose no threat to the U.S. or our allies?

Our government is growing more and more concerned with taking sides in identity politics rather than actually governing. By focusing on the phantom menace of "white supremacy" instead on actual, real problems, the government has declared itself to be actively engaged in fighting the American people.

This won't end well.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

John Quincy Adams On Syria

In 1821 John Quincy Adams gave a powerful address on the proper place of an independent nation in a world of fellow independent nations. The whole address is quite stirring, sadly we have few statesmen capable of speaking with such eloquence today, but this is the most pertinent part.

Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will recommend the general cause, by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example.

Read the whole thing here. People who think Barack Obama was a great orator need to read what a real intellectual sounded like.

But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.

America should be a nation that wishes the people of the world well. I want nothing but peace for the people of the Middle East. I want nothing less than health and prosperity for the people of Africa. I would love to see freedom and liberty for the people of China. But America has plenty of problems at home without going forth to seek out monsters, or worse yet unintentionally (?) create new monsters where none existed before. I hope everything turns out well for other people but we can't fix their problems for them. We can't even fix our own.

Since the end of World War II, America has been the "leader of the free world" and thanks to our position we have been far too focused on "fixing" the rest of the world. We have pursued this Quixotic quest to our own detriment and perhaps our doom. How many thousands of young men have died or been maimed, how many trillions of dollars of our treasure have we spent, how many enemies have we created, in our failed and still failing quest to turn the rest of the world into America? Is the world a better place now thanks to our efforts?

The Middle East is still a mess and is now less stable than it was when Germany and Japan surrendered. Hells bells, it is more unstable now than it was ten years ago thanks to the combination of W. Bush wrecking Iraq like a toddler having a tantrum and the incredible and apparently willful incompetence of Obama and Hillary making it worse by destabilizing the rest of the region. So Qaddafi is gone but there are open air slave markets in Libya, congrats! Be sure to polish that Peace Prize Barry!

China is still a repressive dictatorship but is poised to become the economic superpower of the world thanks to America abdicating that role so globalist corporations can make their quarterly numbers and we can buy cheap plastic crap from Wal-Mart to get that dopamine hit.

In Afghanistan the Taliban are poised to take back over and now the ones that are left are even more radicalized than before. Should be good times for the young girls who show a little too much ankle when the morality police drive by. Just to the south, India and Pakistan are still feuding over Kashmir with nukes pointed at each other.

Europe is a disaster of suicidal altruism, as native Europeans refuse to have children thanks to hysterics from people like Greta Thunberg while at the same time importing mass numbers of low IQ, permanent social welfare dependent people from the third world. Only the former Warsaw Pact nations hold any hope for the future.

South and Central America are collectively one big dumpster fire, other than Uruguay and Costa Rica. Chief among them is the failed narco-state of 120 million people to our south, Mexico, where most of the country is run by the drug cartels and the rest is run by corrupt politicians doing the bidding of the drug cartels. As we just saw, the drug cartels outgun the military and there is almost nothing between the cartels and our own soil.

Our neighbor to the north just re-elected Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. The guy is a clown and pretty dumb to boot. Barack Obama even stepped in to endorse him at the last moment, but strangely no one seems to wonder about Obama trying to influence a foreign election. Meanwhile Canada is importing people from the third world by the bushel, in a nation with a relatively small population. Canada is a ticking time bomb just to our north and that border is even less defended than our southern border.

Russia is still trying to find her way after the fall of the USSR. If they can ever overcome the corruption and the vodka drinking, Russia could be a force to be reckoned with instead of a silly diversionary tactic for Democrats to blame poor campaigning by an awful candidate.

Africa is Africa and always will be because it is full of Africans.

So I guess that leaves Greenland and Japan. They seem to be doing OK.

The point being, we have been beating our collective heads against the wall for 70 years and it has done nothing but sap our strength. That might be the whole point of this interventionist experiment.

That brings me back to Syria. I think John Quincy Adams would be irritated and enraged that Americans are engaged in little conflicts here and there all over the world with no sense of what exactly the American national security interest is.

As for me, this is my take on Syria, the Kurds, that whole mess.

By next week this whole thing will have blown over and the NeverTrump neocons and their ideological brethren on the Trump hating far left will have found something else to breathlessly declare Trump has done that deserves "impeachment". Meanwhile the wreckage our interventionist foreign policy leaves behind will continue to trap people around the world in misery.

It is time for Trump to get back to what he promised: putting America first.

A Season of Consummation and Melancholy

This was one of my more popular posts on my old blog, I don't really like it and I don't think it conveys what I wanted but I thought I might share it here for fun. A post from the Zman got me thinking about it, Autumn Joy, and we just at the early stages of the harvest around here. The cornfield I see out of my backdoor is still pretty green but the days are getting shorter, the nights colder and the crops are almost ready for harvest. The ebbs and flows of the seasons reflected in farming are not uniquely Midwestern but they certainly are felt more keenly in the parts of America where fall means getting  stuck behind a combine on a regular basis.


As October swiftly winds down here in Indiana I am reminded anew of the uniqueness of autumn in the Midwest. There is just something special when you live here out in the country that isn't replicated in other places we have lived around the nation . Sure New England has the fall colors and "Up North" Michigan has hunting season in the brilliant fall hues of seemingly endless forests. More southerly states have delightful weather, when we lived there the fall in Kentucky was a wonderful relief from the oppressive summer heat. I am sure other regions of our fair nation have their own charms in autumn but none match the Midwest for me. Perhaps it is just the natural affinity for the place one grew up. Whatever it is, nowhere we have lived can match the fall in the Midwest. It is something that is a part of what makes us who we are.

While suburbs mark the changing of the season from summer to fall with going back to school, curbside piles of leaves to picked up and the beginning of the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season (a shopping season that is starting to blur together into one massive frenzy of shopping and consumption), autumn in the Midwestern country means the harvest. Not the harvest in the sense of "Harvest festivals" and a few corn stalks in your yard. I mean real harvest. All around us for the past few weeks the quiet fields of corn and soybeans went from the passive state of green to a frenzy of activity. Combines mowed down acre after acre of crops while trucks and tractors hauled away what is estimated to be the largest corn harvest in American history. It is incredible to watch fields of beans and corn disappear into the maw of a combine and turn into rivers of golden corn and beige soybeans.

In a unique and jarring contrast we also have the local Amish harvesting their crops. In one field you have a state of the art John Deere combine, a machine that will set you back in excess of half a million dollars, with the ability to cut up to 18 rows of corn at a time sweeping through fields, casting the discarded husks and stalks behind before emptying into huge tractor trailer trucks, trucks often lined up three deep because a modern combine can fill a tractor trailer faster than they can get to the grain elevator to dump the crop before rushing back. The pinnacle of American agricultural progress and innovation on display. In the next field you might have a team of four Belgian draft horses plodding slowly but surely through a field of corn, pulling a corn picker that harvests two rows at a time. Instead of corn that has been plucked from the stalk, husk removed and shaken and sifted through screens leaving just the kernel behind by a roaring combine, the Amish fill their wagons with corn still on the cob. Rather than ending up in giant concrete silos, their corn often ends up in corn cribs at the home farm. While the Amish have some modern conveniences, they harvest their crops in much the same way that farmers did in those same fields 100 years ago. Reminiscent of an agricultural John Henry versus the steam powered hammer, the Amish thrive using methods that seem quaint to our eyes and yet they prosper, often beyond their "English" counterparts.

The harvest is a season of accomplishment and consummation but it is also a wistful and melancholy time. The promise of harvest, just a whisper and a hope in spring as bare fields sit seemingly dormant while the seeds beneath the soil stir and grow unseen, has come to fruition. In normal years all the worry and fretting of impotently watching the weather to catch a window between the time the crops are ready and the fall rains come, vanishes as the crops come off as they almost always do. Farming makes for a powerful dichotomy, on the one hand farmers today have unimaginable technology at their fingertips. Precision farming, super efficient machinery, hybrid crops that produce unnatural yields, chemicals of all sorts to increase productivity and eliminate weeds and pests, all work together to squeeze every possible bushel out of an acre of land. Yet in spite of all the technology the farmer still spends most of the year on the sidelines, completely helpless, waiting on the weather. Is it warm enough to plant but dry enough to get in the field? Is it hot and sunny but not too dry in the summer? Are the crops mature and dry enough to harvest but has the rain held off so we can get those green, red and orange behemoth machines in the field to harvest? I can't think of another economic endeavor that is so critical to our national economic security, so ancient and yet at the same time driven by technology, that is still dependent on something as fickle and primal as the weather.

There is something sad about the vast fields bereft of crops. Where once there were acres of tall, green corn softly rustling in the wind there is now only stubble. In one field near our home the corn is all gone except for the solitary stalk standing all alone, sole sole survivor of the combine. I know that empty fields mean successful harvests and that those fields are testament to overflowing grain silos holding the American treasure from the breadbasket of our nation. I know that many farm families are smiling as they get their checks, the reward for a year of hard work and worrying. Still they make me sad. Empty bean and corn fields mean that winter is coming, just around the corner. The days will grow shorter and the extra darkness each day that I dread is also on the horizon. The joy of spring with new life in budding plants, fields being planted, lambs and foals being born, it all seems so far away, a distant and unattainable dream. I know that the winter is but a brief interlude and soon enough the horse drawn planters will be working the fields alongside massive tractors but that certainty is not enough to offset the melancholy that invariably settles on me each year at this time.

It is all part of the love-hate relationship so many of us have with the Midwest. Ours is a region that is sneered at by other parts of the country, derided as "fly over" country, an obstacle to ensure while going from one fabulous place to another. It is a vast, flat landscape that is so awful to drive through but for many of us it is home, something deeply connected with who we are. So many of us strive for relevance and hipness but choose to live in a decidedly un-hip and, in the eyes of many, irrelevant region. In spite of the melancholy I feel in fall, the humid summers, muddy springs and freezing winters there is nowhere else that we feel so at home. This is where we belong, amid the generally simple people who make their living building stuff, moving stuff and of course farming. It is not glamorous, just like our football teams in the Big Ten are not glamorous (and not very good right now) but it is home.

Autumn in the Midwest. There is nothing else quite like it.

Monday, October 21, 2019

How Do You Know Hillary Clinton Is Lying?

You haven't seen any news about her dying.

Seriously, has there ever been a more dishonest politician? In a profession marked by an almost universal trait of dishonesty, she stands out as the champion. The latest farce is her claim that when she was a little girl (14 is a "little girl"?), she wrote to NASA to say she wanted to be an astronaut. NASA, with nothing better to do at the time, took the time to write her a specific letter that said NASA was a "no girls allowed" club. Which seems weird because according to that movie a while back, it was only because of black wahmen that the space program even functioned at all.

I don't think any serious person, even the most ardent leftist, really believed her story. It sounds like one of those "My 3 month old told me yesterday how distraught she was that Greta Thunberg didn't get the Nobel Peace Prize" stories that are clearly bullcrap. Her true believer, "I'm still with her!" followers probably did. I kind of wonder if she even believes it. Maybe she does, she went around the bend when she lost to Trump and seems to be descending into madness in real time.

Anyhoo, I thought this video from Ramzpaul was pretty funny.

Red Flag Laws Are Just The Beginning

Red flag laws were the flavor of the day after the El Paso and Dayton shootings. Magically we were going to stop mass shootings, even though 75% of them are committed by black men mostly using illegal handguns, by forcibly seizing guns from people that had committed no crime but had nevertheless been deemed "dangerous" by members of the most mentally unstable profession in America, psychiatrists. That has kind of died down but many states, inexplicably including my own very conservative and pro-2nd Amendment state of Indiana, have red flag laws on the books.

I have written pretty extensively on "red flag laws" and I see them as only an opening gambit toward a more comprehensive gun seizure from the public. The proof supporting my theory is getting more and more obvious, including this example last week:

Kaleb James Cole: Guns seized from suspected neo-Nazi leader over ‘race war’ fears

Police officers have seized a haul of guns from the suspected leader of an American neo-Nazi group thought to be preparing for a “race war”, according to court documents.

Detectives confiscated five rifles, three pistols and other gun components from Kaleb James Cole, a 24-year-old who has admitted being a member of the Atomwaffen Division.

The neo-Nazi group believes that “violence, depravity and degeneracy” should be used for “racial cleansing” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC describes the organisation as a “series of terror cells”.

Mr Cole has not been charged with any crime.

Read that last sentence again. Mr. Cole has not been charged with any crime. Nevertheless he was detained by authorities and has had his "haul" of weapons seized. Around here, five rifles and three pistols is what we call "a nice start for a beginner". Now a judge will decide if he can have his firearms back and if the judge decides against it, well he is just out of luck and no doubt will not be even reimbursed for the cost of the firearms.

Notice too that the SPLC, a far left partisan group that has successfully monetized fear of white men by convincing people that the Klan is alive and well, is referenced as an authority. Everyone with an ounce of sense understands that the SPLC is nothing but a cash printing machine but they still, along with the Jewish supremacist group the ADL, are considered reasonable authorities.


“It wasn’t anything super-secret that we had to tell the judge,” said Dan Satterberg, a prosecutor, according to KING of Seattle.

“It was just: ‘here’s what this guy’s about, he’s leading other people in practicing and informing a potentially violent cell that would act on their white supremacist views

“So, that was enough to convince this judge that at least temporarily – let’s take a time out. Let’s take these guns out and see what we’ve got here,” he said. “It isn’t a crime, he’s not being charged, he’s not in jail ... it is a way to slow things down.”

A "time out" in this case means an unlawful seizure of legal private property and an expensive legal battle if he wants his stuff back.

I am not familiar with Kaleb James Cole at all and I am mildly familiar with the Atomwaffen Division group, and there have been a handful of them involved in criminal acts, but political beliefs are supposed to be inviolable in America. You can believe whatever you want, from far right to far left ideology, just as long as you don't cross the line from political speech to direct advocacy of violence. As he has not been charged with any crime, I assume even the prosecutors know that they have no grounds to arrest him but that isn't stopping them from taking his firearms as a "precaution".

So what next? We have already seen suggestions that believing in "conspiracy theories", in other words not accepting the media spin on stories, is a precursor to "domestic terrorism". Others have suggested that "white nationalism" is a ideology with potential for terrorism. What about "xenophobia" or the idea that maybe it isn't a great plan to replace the population of America with the population of nations that have running gun battles in their streets on a daily basis? Is that a "mental illness"? How soon until being a registered Republican is enough to get you red-flagged and your guns seized, not to mention being depersoned and banned from the financial system?

We are in a battle across many fronts. We get caught up in one area fighting an obvious threat while they chip away at our rights in dozens of other areas. Disarming and silencing normal Americans is an obsession for these people and they never rest and they will never quit.

Our resolve must match theirs or freedom will perish in this land.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Extinction Of The Liberal Intellectual

Way back in the now-utopian seeming days of the early 90s, I was in college at the protoypical midwest university, Bowling Green State. Set in a town surrounded on all sides by corn fields and home to the National Tractor Pulling Championships, BGSU is home to around 20,000 students. Not quite Big Ten sized but a decent sized school nevertheless. Being a short drive from where I went to high school, the campus was full of people I went to school with as a teen and was very upper Midwest culturally. Lots of kids from working class union families and farms and small towns. When I went there it was overwhelmingly white and I am guessing that is the same today even though BGSU has a "Chief Diversity and Belonging" officer. What the actual eff is "belonging"?

Anyway, as a young whippersnapper (who was already married and had two kids) I found myself in the very common for those times position of being a conservative kid in a school with a liberal faculty. Things were a lot simpler back then. Rush Limbaugh was edgy and new, I could still listen to NPR on the way to school without every story being about Trump. At least on the surface politics was still about stuff other than racial identity. Fags weren't getting "married", trannies were still relegated to the shadows where normal people didn't have to see them and the college girls were all feminists but still prowling for husbands.

Most of the student body was politically ambivalent, they were there to get a degree and get out so they could get a good job. There were a few wannabe radicals and people like me in the college Republicans club but most of the students stayed clear of overt political activism. The exception was the editorial pages of the school paper. There were a couple of regular opinion columnists posting predictable liberal drivel and me being me, I regularly sent letters to the editor refuting what they wrote. Kind of like slow motion trolling since it would be days later when my letters to the editor were printed. After a while, the editor of the paper invited me to write my own weekly column which I was happy to do, and I in turn got pretty nasty response letters. A few of my Poli Sci professors read my columns and would mention what I wrote in class. Obviously the editors of the school paper disagreed with my positions but they gave me an outlet to express a different opinion. In one of my more snarky columns I suggested that the pseudo-intellectual liberal elites would one day be extinct. How right I was.

That was then. Today? Even the far milder positions I held back then wouldn't be given a voice and the stuff I write now would probably get me expelled in the first week of class.

It marks a major change in liberal political discourse. When I was a student, liberals assumed they held the intellectual as well as moral high ground. Liberals used to love arguing their position, their righteous indignation spilling forth in a flood. Hell, you couldn't get them to shut up, always yammering about the working man and stuff. Their arguments were facile and flimsy but at least they made an argument and engaged in debate.

In the modern era that has all shifted drastically. The average liberal/progressive/Democratic Socialist/whatever the heck they are calling themselves has no interest in engaging in the public sphere. They don't want to present their case and refute their opponents, they would prefer to burn their opponents at the stake but as that is illegal (for now) they settle for silencing and censoring them. The once haughty liberal intellectual class are now snitches and cyber-assassins. People on social media boast of trawling the web looking for bad thinkers, reporting them for no reason and then celebrating when people get deplatformed as if they won some sort of great victory. Most liberals today are the same sort of people who used to inform on their neighbors to the Stasi and watch smugly from their apartment when their neighbor was hauled away in the middle of the night.

This is the result of liberalism transforming from a political movement into a religious movement. The average liberal today is as intractable and unthinking as a King James Only primitive Baptist. In place of "God said it, I believe it, that settles it!", you have "I saw it on Twitter, it made me feelz, if you disagree you're a Nazi!". They are not simply unwilling to debate the issues, they are incapable of debate. They have been conditioned, brainwashed, into believing whatever new leftist dogma they are told to believe. These are not simply positions they hold, they are part of their sense of self and to question a position they hold is to attack them as a person. Their reactions are visceral.

I used to spend (way too much) time arguing with people about theology online. Some people you could have reasonable discussions with. Many people you could not. I mentioned the King James Only types but others were just as bad, especially the various cultic groups from Mormons to some of the more...exotic...cults. Arguing with them was a lot like arguing with contemporary progressives. I eventually stopped messing with one group of cultists because I suspected they were crazy enough to come after me in the real world. A lot of "liberals" are the same way: Anyone that disagrees with them is a Nazi -->> Nazis are bad -->> therefore you should kill them and their families. In a lot of cases, saying something that unsettles them or makes them question their dogma is so upsetting that it is "triggering", ergo it is "violence". You said something I didn't like so that justifies me sucker punching you with a bike lock.

Modern progressive acolytes are the intended end result of an "education" system that suppresses free thought and the natural inquisitiveness of heritage Americans, replacing it with quasi-religious conditioning and conformity of opinion. People don't think because they have been taught to not think and instead to focus on rote memorization and regurgitation. No matter how silly or demonstrably false your statement, I am supposed to just accept it and especially if the person saying it is in one of the many protected classes in America. Case in point from Professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries from "The" Ohio State University, perhaps the most undeserved and pretentious affectation in the American university world. I attended OSU as a freshman before transferring and academically at the undergrad level it was barely a step above a community college.

Mr. Jeffries didn't care for my semi-serious, mostly trolling response, so like he did with everyone else that pushed back on his ridiculous assertion, he blocked me.

Mr. Jeffries is an associate professor of history at Ohio State and you will be shocked to find that his specialty is...well, read for yourself.

After time well spent in the “Heart of Dixie,” Hasan crossed the Ohio River and joined the faculty at The Ohio State University in the history department. Since arriving at Ohio State, Hasan has taught graduate and undergraduate seminars on the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, and surveys in African American and American history.

So mostly seminars and survey classes. Not an academic heavyweight from all appearances.

As a side note, this guy with the twitter username of "@profjeffries" is the latest proof of my operating assumption that people who feel the need to put "Dr" or "Professor" or "Reverend" or "Pastor" in their social media usernames or handles are incredibly insecure in their own credentials and that their insecurity is justified. My dad is a doctor and people who didn't know that called him Mr. Sido all the time and he never, ever corrected them because he didn't need to be fawned over to be secure in his credentials. A guy who has to scream "I'm a professor!" or just as bad "I wrote a book!" is probably someone with very weak intellectual foundations so they rely on inflated credentialing to make themselves seem smarter than they are.

It is an all too infrequently commented on truth that in spite of people having access to essentially the entirety of human knowledge while sitting on the toilet, people today are incredibly ignorant. To compound the problem, they are ignorant of being ignorant. A corollary to that is that we have replaced education with conditioning. Someone who is educated knows how to learn and adapt mentally, someone who is conditioned can only respond with what they have conditioned to know. When confronted by someone challenging their conditioning, they begin to short-circuit mentally.

The responses to pushback are predictable. The first is name-calling and it is as boring and unimaginative as can be. A thought-criminal is a "racist" or "Nazi" or "white supremacist" or my personal favorite "Russian bot". When people suggest that I am a Russian bot and I point out that I use my real name and location, and you easily see my social media history trail dating back to the beginning of social media, they usually take the second response and block me. In general they can't get past the first retort. If calling me a racist doesn't work, they don't know what to do. White men in America are supposed to wither  and curl up into a ball when called a racist and a white man that doesn't respond that way causes confusion.

Decades of conditioning has resulted in a once proud liberal intellectual class that is now incapable of defending even their most basic assertions. It is kind of sad, while they were wrong as could be, it was fun to engage in debate with people who truly believed passionately and intelligently about real issues. It helped me hone my own positions by being forced to refute them and defend my own beliefs. That is how everyone gets a little smarter. Instead of that, we have the social media secret police lurking about looking for people to mass report.

Rest in peace pseudo-intellectual liberals, you were fun to debate.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Why Did We Bother?

On June 6, 1944 thousands of American G.I.s landed in France via landing craft, parachute and glider. Over the course of the war many thousands would die and many more would be maimed. The American intervention liberated France and saved Great Britain from being forced to surrender. We think we know what we saved Europe from but we are starting to realize what we saved Europe for.

British police are investigating this as a crime. A crime. Some porn actor finds out the person he was going to have sex with is actually a dude. This is criminal behavior?

By the way, it isn't a "discovery" to find a penis on a man. That is what you expect to find and this creature, disgusting as it is, isn't a "transgender woman", he is a cross-dressing man, a trannie.

If you told the Americans troops on those landing craft, about to step on a beach into withering machine gun fire, that they would sacrifice their lives so Britain could turn into a insane asylum where the most mentally ill are running the joint, not a one of them would have gotten out of the landing craft.

Are you starting to wonder who really "won" World War II yet?

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Manufacturing Freedom One Lower Receiver At A Time

I wonder if any young adults understand Braveheart today, if they grasp that it is worth fighting and dying for freedom instead of simply selling yourself into indentured servitude for some mindless entertainment and "security"?

With that in mind, I liked this video from Anderson Manufacturing. Anderson is known for making low cost lower receivers, the "firearm" part of an AR-15/10.

It is such a quintessential American story. A guy leaves his big corporate job, opens a machine shop, works his ass off, expands and expands, then finds something they do well and focuses on it.

What I really loved was the line where the guy mentioned they make 800,000 receivers a year. Sure a lot of those are saved away for a rainy day but here is one shop in Hebron, Kentucky banging out over 2000 receivers that form the foundation of an AR-15 every single day. The video is from 2017. Let's assume they were making numbers like that in the two years prior to 2017, and that they are on pace to do the same in the two years since 2017. That five year period would mean that a single manufacturer outside of Cincinnati produced around 4,000,000 (4 million) AR lowers in a five year period. That doesn't even count other manufacturers like Palmetto State, the big players and others like Spike's Tactical and Aero Precision (although it wouldn't surprise me if Anderson made their lowers and etched their logo on them). I would guess that in the last five years alone there have been an additional 7-8 million new AR-15s in civilian hands, plus who knows how many AKs, AR-10s, Mini-14s, and various other semi-auto firearms capable of using a "high capacity" magazine.

So let's pretend little Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke manages to win the nomination, then beats Trump ( 😁) and then enacts his gun "buy back" scheme. Virtually no one is going to comply so that little weasel President O'Rourke would then be faced with a choice. Either let gun owners thumb their noses at the law or start ordering cops to kick down doors, which would lead to a lot of dead civilians and dead cops. That isn't a threat, it is just realism. People startled in their homes in the middle of the night are likely to use force to defend their property and family and as the recent shooting in Texas shows, cops aren't always great about announcing themselves. Let's say for fun there are 20 million firearms "Beto" would demand owners "sell back" and that only a tiny fraction actually are "bought back". There are 1460 days in a Presidential term of office (not counting leap years). So 20 million divided by 1460 works out to 13,698 firearms to be seized every day of the year, including Christmas day, to get all of these guns "bought back" in President O'Rourke's first term.


Are cops going to be able to do any actual police work between kicking down doors and getting shot at by irate citizens?

How many local cops and sheriffs would even order these raids in the first place since many of them are elected officials and don't like attending funerals for their officers?

How many dead American citizens and dead cops is Beto willing to sacrifice to seize tens of millions of guns that account for a tiny fraction of all murders in a year (see: VIOLENT CRIME CONTINUES TO TREND DOWNWARD)?

While cops are out in the suburbs and the country kicking down doors, what do you think the fellas in the more vibrantly diverse urban areas are going to be doing while the cops are preoccupied?

So yeah, good luck with that "buy back" Beto but also this is your latest reminder that now is the time to be stockpiling firearms. You can buy canned and freeze dried food anytime but the window for buying firearms is closing quickly.

Something else I liked about the video from Anderson is that it shows you can make a quality product for a reasonable cost in the U.S.. A lot of people mock Anderson receivers as "Poverty Ponies" thanks to the horse logo engraved on the receiver but as far as I can tell, a $40 Anderson receiver does the exact same thing as a $100 Spike's receiver, minus the cool graphic. I am a big believer in the saying that you get what you pay for but that doesn't apply equally. If I am buying an optic for a rifle, some off-brand crap scope from Wal-Mart is not going to perform as well as a Zeiss. Off brand cereal simply isn't as tasty as name brand. But a gallon of 2% milk at the store is pretty much the same no matter where you buy it. I think the same is true for lower receivers for 99% of consumers. If you want to spend twice as much on a receiver because it has a cool graphic, good for you but don't mock others for lacking your vanity. A guy with an Anderson receiver on his AR that spends the extra $50 he saved on ammo to practice is more dangerous than the guy with the expensive receiver he can't shoot well.

Thanks to Anderson Manufacturing for making a quality product in America for Americans!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Four Gs Of Investing In 2020

With less than three months left in 2019, it is time to start thinking seriously about next year which promises to be the most tumultuous period in American history since that little disagreement in the 19th century between the North and South. No matter what happens next year and regardless of who wins, things are about to get ugly. If Trump can rally his base and pull out one last win for the Grand Old Party, the Left will lose their remaining shreds of sanity. People who are convinced Trump is a crypto-Nazi in spite of being embarrassingly obsequious toward Israel, endlessly concerned with trying to placate blacks with "criminal justice reform" and touting low black unemployment and his grotesque appeals to the homosexual community, are not going to abide by the results of an election where Trump wins, even if he wins both the electoral college (possible) and the "popular vote" (nearly impossible). On what passes for the Right, it is going to be difficult to see a Trump loss as anything other than a coup. Since the 2016 election, the bulk of the government, the Democratic party, the media (but I repeat myself), the popular culture, the business community and many "Republicans" have worked to undermine and ultimately remove Trump from office. See this video from Project Veritas. The impeachment in search of a crime is proceeding but it won't succeed in removing Trump from office.

That brings me to the topic today. How should a red-pilled family invest in 2020? Using assumptions that I think are pretty solid, that 2020 and beyond is going to see rapidly escalating instability, and we are on the precipice of a serious meltdown, the traditional ideas of investing are not going to cut it. The primary reason for that statement is a simple fact that most people don't think about: most of your "wealth" only exists in an electronic ledger somewhere. For example, most people invest via their employer's retirement plan and invest in mutual funds. Some people invest directly in stocks via a brokerage account. Very few people own physical shares of stock via a stock certificate. You can have a million "dollars" in your 401(k) but that is only valuable as long as the assumptions we all agree to keep working. If the power goes out, good luck converting your pixel wealth into food.

(I am no longer a registered investment adviser and what follows is not actual investment advice and is provided for entertainment purposes only)

A proper investment strategy for 2020 can be boiled down to "The Four Gs", which are:

Guns, Grub, Gold and Ground

Allow me to break it on down for you.


It doesn't matter how much food you have stored or how many gold doubloons you squirrel away if someone else can walk in and take them. Guns are the most commonly understood necessity for the person anticipating a meltdown because every sensible person knows that when the dogs slip the leash, all bets are off. Protecting yourself, your family, your neighbors and your property requires the means to do so. A lot of guys are just LARPing as operators thinking we are headed for some sort of mass armed conflict, I think things are just going to disintegrate and you are going to be left to fend for yourself.

My expectation is that things are going to start collapsing soon. Probably not in 2020 or right afterward but in the next ten years. So we have some time to stockpile firearms and ammo and stuff to fix and maintain your firearms but we don't have unlimited time. I have said before that Trump's election bought us some extra time but that time is running out. There is never going to be a better time to purchase firearms and accessories than right now. For example, through last weekend Classic Firearms had Polish made 30 round AK magazines for $4.99. That is crazy and sure they are plastic and you get what you pay for but a perfectly functional 30 round mag for five bucks? Come on. Or at Palmetto State you can get 30 round AR PMAGs for $8.99. Last month you could get 21 round Beretta APX magazines for less than $30. But 18 months from now it might be completely illegal to import, sell or even possess a 30 or even 11 round magazine. Assuming you can buy them at all, do you think the prices will get lower?

A secondary utility of firearms, often forgotten by tacticool operators looking for the most dope AR set-up, is that firearms can be used to hunt game and put food on the table, assuming you live somewhere game is still plentiful. Ideally you would want at least a .22 and a dedicated deer rifle but in a pinch you can easily kill a deer with a .223 or 7.62x39. Not that I would because it is illegal but I could load up a rifle right now and drive around for 15 minutes and get shots at several deer from my car. At sunup around these here parts I often see a dozen deer in a matter of ten minutes and a single decent sized doe is enough meat for my family for a while. Rabbits, turkey, ducks, squirrels. There is a lot of food wandering around but only if you have a way to harvest it. I might add that the time to figure out how to dress out a deer you shot is before SHTF.

Having extra ammo might also be something you can barter with provided you are very careful about your trading partner. You don't want to resupply someone with ammo that will be used to rob or kill you. That is why you need to build relationships now so you know who you can (probably) trust.

I might add a bow of some sort in this category, there is definitely something to be said for being able to shoot a deer silently. Even a crossbow, if legal in your area, for the simplicity of use.

A personal pet peeve is the tendency of a lot of people to buy dozens of different kinds of guns, all using different ammo. You should have enough guns to do what you need (a semi-auto high capacity rifle, a hunting rifle, some handguns, a few shotguns for hunting/defense and some .22 or other rimfire). Having weird, exotic caliber toys is fine for summertime but winter is coming. You are better off having a handful of firearms you can shoot well and have plenty of ammo for.


Food is going to be an issue soon. Our food supply system relies on cheap fuel and a functioning infrastructure. A single semi-serious weather event can leave a grocery store stripped bare in a matter of hours and unless the resupply trucks show up your grocery is going to have nothing but pickled herring and mayonnaise (both of which are actually pretty nutrient dense). A major energy disruption would mean that the trucks would stop rolling and/or fuel prices would skyrocket which in turn would mean food prices would rise drastically and food availability would be severely hampered. No more fresh bananas in Indiana in January for $.29 per pound. Then throw in a disruption to the food stamp system and you have people in food crisis in a hurry. Hungry people do crazy things, that is why the first G is so important. Your normally peaceful, law-abiding neighbor will do things he normally wouldn't if his kids are starving, imagine what some of the more criminally inclined urban folks will be willing to do.

Having food you can rely on is very important, as is water which might be an even bigger deal depending on where you live. I have a well and a generator so I can get water from the ground and there are lots of creeks, rivers and ponds around me that I can get water from using a portable water filter. If you live in a suburb or worse yet a city, you can find yourself with nothing to drink in a matter of hours and that is fatal in a hurry. You can't just run to a golf course and get water from a water hazard that ducks and geese are pooping in unless you want to die of a waterborne illness or parasite. Think about where you would get water if the power went out. If you don't have a ready answer, you have a problem. Don't assume you can go to Walmart and get jugs of water, if there is a significant interruption in water supplies, everyone will be thinking the same thing and even if they haven't run out, it could get ugly. Like Black Friday ugly but with people who are far more desperate.

Food should be in two categories, food you would eat more or less immediately in the event of a short-term disruption and food that will carry you through over a longer or even indefinite shortage.

What if things go sideways more or less permanently? Again, you will be in trouble unless you find a way to get food in perpetuity without running to Kroger. Gardening and canning will be important, as will sustainably raised animals. Properly managed, livestock like goats, rabbits and chickens can thrive and reproduce on a very small piece of land. Smaller cattle that efficiently convert grass to meat works as well but the big commercial breeds that rely on grain less so. Bees are a great idea, they pollinate crops and also provide honey which is very healthy and sweet plus it lasts forever.

Food is another great barter item. If you can provide fresh eggs or milk or vegetables, maybe your neighbor can provide you with something you are short on. Again, be careful who you trade with. "I'll give you X in return for Y" can quickly turn into "I'll just shoot you, take Y and keep X for myself".


In speaking of gold, I am using the term fairly loosely to refer to any sort of real, hard currency. Gold itself is pretty pricey right now. A single 1 ounce gold coin is more than $1500. I would prefer 1/10 ounce gold coins as they are more affordable now and will be more usable later. What are you going to trade an entire ounce of gold for? My preference is silver, it is cheaper and easier to trade. This is based on the assumption of using these coins for trade in a SHTF situation, not as a hedge against inflation or a long term investment.

Holding a significant chunk of actual cash is a good idea. If things collapse it will probably be a progression. I imagine that credit card processing will fizzle out pretty quickly but many businesses will keep taking cash, at least for a while. With interest rates for modest amounts in savings at a bank functionally zero, keeping your cash reserves in a safe at home makes a lot of sense. This is especially true if you are like me and used to work for a bank and realize how little actual cash relative to deposits your local branch has on hand.

The banking system holds all of us hostage. The online free speech platform Gab has been constantly fighting for ways for people to financially support the platform. Over 50 banks, online processors (like Paypal) and credit card companies have all refused to allow people to send money to a perfectly legal online platform because Gab allows people to speak freely. It is just a matter of time, probably in the next year or so, especially if Trump loses, that financial institutions will start refusing to do business with the "wrong" sort of people on a widespread scale. This is also why you should be stockpiling the first G now, you might be able to order whatever gun or ammo you want online today but in a year or two credit card processors might refuse to process payments to online retailers that sell firearms and ammo, or local gun stores.

What about bitcoin and the various other crypto-currencies? I think they are great for making payments anonymously and outside of the system. As an "investment"? Yikes. The other big problem is that if things go belly up, you probably won't have ready access to the internet so that bitcoin won't be worth much. I can't imagine someone letting me buy a hog in return for a make-believe cryptocurrency that only exists online.


There is an old saying about land: they ain't making more of it. Being a property owner is the ultimate form of wealth. If you have all of your "wealth" tied up in make-believe assets in the stock market and in equally make-believe "money" that only exists as a series of pixels on a computer screen and you live in an apartment somewhere, you have nothing.

Granted, you only "own" your property as long as you keep paying your property taxes. In that sense no one owns anything, the government can seize your property at will if you don't follow their rules. So much for the Fifth Amendment. But still, property in the form of land is probably the most secure investment around provided you also have the means to defend it. See, that is why the first G is Guns. Your property is where your family will live, where you will store your food and stuff like coins and ammo, where you will have your garden and your chickens. You have to have a place to stay and you have to be able to protect and defend it. Having a bunch of gold coins and freeze dried food with nowhere secure to keep it and no means of protecting it just makes you a really attractive target.

Many people who think like I do still live in urban or suburban areas. For people like that, having somewhere to go when SHTF is critical. As I like to say, the time to bugout is right now rather than waiting for things to go sideways and maybe getting stuck but there are still lots of people who are staying put for family, job or just inertia. You better have a rock solid plan where you plan on going and how you are going to get there because in a time of serious instability living in an apartment building in a city is going to be lethal. If your "neighbors" don't kill you, starvation or dehydration will. Ideally you should have somewhere you can shelter in place, indefinitely, that is well outside of walking distance from an urban area.

We already have a decent sized piece of property but it is landlocked by a neighbors farm and he isn't selling. My goal is to buy a larger, vacant property nearby that has some woods on it where we can raise some animals that are not vulnerable to predators. That is going to be challenging as the Amish community continues to swell. When we bought our house about 8 years ago, we rarely saw any buggies other than our neighbor across the street. Now? On a Sunday it is like a parade on our road. Our dogs used to go crazy when buggies went by, now they barely notice. There are already hundreds of young Amish without a place of their own and they are building houses on every scrap of spare land they can find, even buying "English" places and converting them to Amish homes. That means property that went for $2000/acre is now upwards of $8000/acre and climbing fast. So additional land is going to have to be farther away than I might like.

For most of my adult life I worked in the investment and banking world but the world I worked in is based on a world that no longer exists. "Investing for the long term" in inflated equities that only exist in cyberspace is not going to get it done. Pay off your debts and start investing in real stuff. If you have an employer sponsored plan, like a 401(k), with a company match, go for it but take it with you when you leave that employer. Even though I am decades away from "retirement age", and therefore should be considered a long-term investor, I am tailoring my plans with a 5-7 year time frame. That is when I am assuming multiple things are going to implode in succession (the debt, unfunded mandates like Medicare) so I am also not expecting to see traditional investments strategies be worth much. I might be wrong but you aren't going to do too badly by tightening your belt and staying out of debt.

The Four Gs are designed to help ensure your basic survival and if your investments aren't doing that, what good are they? A million bucks on a statement from an IRA isn't going to mean much to a person who starves to death.

Clown World is upon us. Be prepared.


As I stated earlier, I am not an investment adviser and the preceding was provided for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as an investment recommendation.