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Will We Learn Our Lesson?

It is a foregone conclusion to many people, myself included, that we are going over the waterfall. Right now we are clinging on the edge and Trump was a conveniently placed branch we could grab to keep from tumbling over. As of today we are barely strong enough to hold on but nowhere near strong enough to pull ourselves back, especially since so many of our people are blissfully ignorant of the danger and not only are not helping to pull us back but are instead paddling furiously toward the cliff.

There isn’t a political solution unless it involves a peaceful dissolution, my preferred path forward, and that seems very unlikely as the people we want to separate from, the semi-intelligent ones anyway, realize they need us as tax cattle. We won’t vote our way out of this and for every American who is red-pilled, 1000 illegals cross the southern border. There is a critical mass of “immigrants” that are going to be turning 18 over the next decade and they have been radicalized and politically mobilized and weaponized as a dagger at the heart of heritage America.

When my forebearers came to this land from Ireland and Poland, they were not taught to hate everything this nation stood for nor to hate the people who formed this country. America was the “land of opportunity” where anyone could work hard and make a great life for their family, and their children would have a better life than they did. They were grateful and optimistic about the future. Life wasn’t perfect or easy and they faced many very real challenges and barriers but they overcame and became a part of America.

Now America is a land of “oppression” and “racism”. The people that built this country were racists and committed “genocide” and the only significant thing they are remembered for is that some of them owned slaves. New immigrants don’t want to become a part of the American experiment, they want to undo, tear down and replace what it means to be American. In other words they want to destroy everything that made America a place they wanted to come to in the first place and turn it into the sort of place they were fleeing from. But they don’t care and this is important:

For new “immigrants”, their tribal identity and grievances are far more important to them than opportunity.

This is true for most non-heritage populations in America. Trump is endlessly yammering about how low black unemployment is, as if that is going to cause blacks to vote for him but they won’t. They won’t because to them the fact that they think Trump is somehow “racist” is more critical than whether they have a better job and a better future thanks to his policies. Racial tribal solidarity is their most important motivator. Why else would middle class, devout Christian, blacks vote almost unanimously for Barack Obama? His stance on abortion and “gay marriage”, his disastrous economic policies, none of that mattered to them because all they saw was a black man running against a white man. They weren’t voting for a Democrat, they weren’t voting for Obamacare. They voted race.

What this means is that we are headed for Something Badâ„¢.

It can be said that on most topics I am pretty black-pilled, just generally deeply pessimistic. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any hope for the future. I read some people on the “prepper” spectrum who seem to plan on just keeping alive for as long as possible and that is the sum total of their plan. I am not interested in survival for the sake of survival. Obviously I need to stay alive but I also recognize that my life may be sacrificed for the sake of my posterity and my people.


We don’t know how this will shake out but I am supremely confident that in the end my people will survive and rebuild. We navigated the globe, explored every wildness and jungle, created the most stable societies in human history, sent men into space and landed them on the moon, invented pretty much every significant human achievement for the last thousand years. What is more, we survived the Dark Ages, the fall of the Roman Empire, the Black Death, and two World Wars. We will survive this latest self-inflicted calamity. When properly aroused, no one can stand against us and while it is true that we have suppressed this for a long time, the blood that flowed through the veins of young men who stood in landing craft and jumped out of planes at Normandy beach, still flows in our veins today.

The question I have, and one I probably won’t live to see the answer to, is whether those who come after us will learn from our mistakes. Some mistakes have been serious but not by themselves fatal. Allowing what should have been a very limited Federal government to take over our lives, getting endlessly involved in foreign wars in spite of the warnings to avoid this, our obsession with “free trade”, etc. have all been huge mistakes and damaging but they were not the biggest and likely the fatal error.

The biggest mistake is our misguided altruism. For over a century we have tolerated the importation of people who hate us and we have allowed to dwell among us. For most of human history it was understood that people who hate you don’t really have a reason to be given free run of your nation. When the words “…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” were written, they were written about Europeans. Even with a common heritage as Europeans, it took a very long time for different European ethnic groups to shake off the low level animus we held toward one another. The Irish, Polish and Italians who came here had to overcome general distrust and disdain and that took a number of generations. Even in my lifetime, I recall as a young person thinking of Italians as “wops”, Irish as “micks” and Polish as “polaks”, even as someone who was half polak and half mick. In the 20th century, largely insulated from the devastation of the two World Wars, we opened our land to people from alien and often incompatible cultures. Soon we found ourselves making room for mestizos from Central and South America, Asians from East Asia and from India and Pakistan, Jews from Europe and even more Africans.

To varying degrees these groups have acclimated to America and benefited from living in America while never really assimilating into America. This is not surprising as all of them lack the critical commonalities that unite heritage American groups. Our story is not their story and never will be, nor do they want it adopt that story or become players in it. Our story is coming to a land settled by Europeans into a nation formed by and formed for Europeans. The people who created this nation and settled it for most of our history were at least culturally Christian. Not “Judeo-Christian”, that is a modern invention that is seeks to conflate two incompatible and historically hostile religious traditions. Rather they were of Protestant stock or Roman Catholic background, with some Anabaptist groups like the Mennonites and Amish for good measure. Sure there were groups like the Quakers as well but from a cultural standpoint there was a lot of common ground on issues of morality.

The newer migrants to America lack the common heritage prior generations enjoyed. They are of different races and ethnicity, different religions and have very different cultural backgrounds. What is more, they view the people already in America, what I call heritage Americans, with varying degrees of suspicion and even outright hostility. I can’t say I blame them, they have been inundated with racialist propaganda from the time they set foot in my country. Should I find myself in Tanzania or Bangladesh, I am sure their alien customs and culture would cause me a great deal of discomfort as well.

After the dust settles and the fires burn out, we will have to rebuild. Hopefully we will learn our lesson and allow people to live among their own family, tribe and posterity instead of trying to force people from incompatible cultures to live with and thereby compete with one another. The formula:

Diversity plus proximity equals conflict

Holds true everywhere it has been tested.

Making mistakes is bad but human. Repeating the same mistakes over is inexcusable. Let’s hope that the people who survive learn and don’t repeat these mistakes.


  1. lineman

    Yea my thoughts on a lot of preppers mirror yours…I bring up building Communities and they look at me like I've sprouted a third eye and start screaming about OPSEC and PERSEC and how you can't trust anyone…I have to shake my head and realize that these people got eaten before civilization came along because they were the outcast and people that couldn't do society so they were alone when the bandits came calling…

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