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They Want You Dead

If you have been living under a rock or are one of the many Fudds who think that if you give up your AR the Left will leave you alone, allow me to remind you that the Left hates you, wants you dead and has feverish dreams of loading white families into boxcars. Case in point, Paul Krugman who is an “economist” that is very nearly the perfect contra-indicator. Doing the exact opposite of what he advises is the most sound investment strategy ever devised. He is the economist equivalent of a weatherman who predicts 2 feet of snow in Phoenix every day in July. He also hates white people….

According to Mr. Krugman, “The real craziness comes from rural white Americans“.

I am a white guy living in rural America. My neighbors are also all white. One neighbor is a brick mason. Another is a carpenter. Another is a farmer. Two more within view of my house are a concrete mason and a logger respectively. A couple are retired. None of them are crazy as far as I know and all of them I know are the people who make this country function. We wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on, the water flowing, the store shelves stocked, if it weren’t for rural white Americans.

On the other hand, Krugman is a Jewish “economist” from New York City. We already have plenty of those, even one is actually more than we need. He could drop off the face of the earth tomorrow and it wouldn’t have any impact on our lives. I can’t see in his bio where he has ever had an actual, productive job. He is paid to talk about, predict and make recommendations about the economy having never contributed to or meaningfully participated in the economy. He writes nonsense and goes on TV to spew partisan nonsense dressed up as serious academic work. Nothing he has ever done in his life has had a positive impact on this country. He is worse than useless, he is actively working at odds with what has made America the sort of place his parents fled to in 1922.

It is also pretty safe to assume that Krugman doesn’t know any actual rural white Americans, has never spent any time among us and doesn’t know a damn thing about us. He is probably scared of us and finds us revolting. He clearly hates us and wishes we would just die off. His bigotry toward rural white Americans is worse than almost anything you see from “white nationalists” on social media.

If I were to say that all of the craziness and problems in this country are linked to people like Krugman, in other words urban Jews, I would get labelled an “antisemite” and probably get in all sorts of social media trouble. Krugman can declare that the real craziness in America is all coming from people like me and no one bats an eye.

Then one day, for no reason at all…..

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