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September 11th

A child born on September 11th, 2001 would be 18 years old today and a legal adult. A newborn on that fateful day can now vote and enlist in the military. That is hard to believe

Meanwhile the “war” in Afghanistan drags on and on. Trump to his credit is sort of, in his stumbling and clumsy way, trying to get us out of that endless mess but he is opposed and constrained on all sides by his bloodthirsty neocon advisers. People like barely closeted Lindsey Graham and my own Congressman Jim Banks oppose any and all efforts to even reduce the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. It is obvious that we are never going to “win” in Afghanistan and when we do eventually leave the Taliban will take over again. All that we accomplish by staying there is more lives lost in vain, more money wasted and a few military contractors getting a little bit wealthier. Whatever the real reasons for going there in the first place are mostly forgotten, now we stay because we don’t want anyone to think we “lost” a conflict where there is no possibility of winning.

Like many events, September 11th is one where time and distance have not eliminated the sting but they also seem to have increased for many people the questions. While I am not a “conspiracy theory” guy in general, especially since that is now considered a precursor to “domestic terrorism”, I find that 18 years after the events of that day that I believe the official narrative less than ever, and my confidence that we know what really happened diminishes with each passing year. We are supposed to tear up and talk about unity on 9/11 but that isn’t working for me and many others. Not anymore. Our government that we long suspected is not acting in our best interests has been shown since 2016 to be in open revolt against the constraints the law places on it and is unapologetic in its hostility to the American people. Today, I not only am beginning to believe that the government is capable of pulling off something nefarious like 9/11, I am reluctantly coming to the place where I think much of the government would enthusiastically support doing something like what “conspiracy” types accuse them of. Do I think there are a sufficient number of Deep State operatives that are as insane as psychopath John Bolton to the point they would kill thousands of Americans to launch some wars?


America on September 11th, 2019 is a very different place from 9/11/01. Gone is any pretense of “unity”. The fractures that were already appearing under the imbecilic W. Bush widened dramatically under The Great Divider Obama and have split completely asunder over the last three years. Gone too is the black and white dichotomy, the “you are either with us or with the terrorists”. More people are starting to suspect that a lot of this “war on terror” is really the U.S. being manipulated into fighting the wars of another nation, our “Greatest Ally and Truest Friend In The Whole Wide World™”, Israel, a nation that is such a great pal that we not only give them tens of billions of dollars in “aid”, we also spend untold billions more and spill American blood to keep her safe. But to be fair, we also get nothing in return for our friendship. With friends like that…

9/11 remains the defining moment of the 21st century. So far. The new century and millennium kicked off with a mass killing that led to the endless wars in the Middle East we currently are dealing with. With the nation distracted by the “War On Terror” and sportsball and trannies, our people are being replaced, our borders have been overrun for decades and the United States stands at the precipice of civil war.

Whatever the real story of 9/11 turns out to be, and we will likely never know, the losers in the aftermath are the descendants of the people who created a new nation out of a hostile wilderness and who then sat by mutely while that glorious nation descended into chaos and ruin. That will be the true legacy of September 11th.

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  1. carolinaTURTLE

    Let see…firstly, i want to say the Middle East has endlessly been at war at least since biblical times. Prior to WW2, that was more of a concern of the UK (and the other European nations as “colonialism” approached its final status of existence solely upon the pages of history)

    Prior to September 11, we remembered December 7, the Lusitania, the Maine, Little BigHorn, and the Boston Massacre (and i am NOT referring to “flash-bang & speedbump”) perhaps anyone more knowledgeable in U.S.history can add other historical moments that i missed?

    For sure, the fUSA seems to have a “ruling elite” that lost not one wink of sleep for the Americans who died on Sept 11…or our future who might or might not successfully dodge the gunfire zipping across the hallways and classrooms…so called “deplorables” one and all…

    So if the “descendants“ continue to sit mutely by as our ruling elite continue to pursue the narrative, they/we/you/i DESERVE whatever we have coming to us.

    Somehow, i don’t think it’s going down quite like that, though…

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