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Boogaloo getting closer

Tim Pool has the story of the FBI starting to (finally) pay attention to antifa as a armed and hostile movement.

As they have previously spent all of their time and effort chasing “right wing extremists”, it is a refreshing change that they are starting to recognize the much greater organized threat of antifa and other radical Left groups.

Antifa is getting bolder because they stay in their lane. They only operate when they outnumber their opponents by a wide margin. They stay in their urban enclaves where the police and government will support them or at least turn a blind eye. This is making them increasingly willing to be more open about their intent as well as taking outright actions. That has caught the eye of the Feds.

Sooner or later they are going to get bold enough to try something in a place where they are not on secure footing and that is going to go sideways for them. Or they are going to kill someone minding their own business and trigger a reprisal. Either way, the Boogaloo-mobile is warming up.

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  1. Anonymous

    Antifa, FBI and Democrats are controlled by the same people. Antifa are the private army sent out to quash/disrupt street activism, just as Google, Youtube and Facebook are the private tech companies quashing/disrupting free speech.
    America is a mess.

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