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An Instructive Day

I spent a good chunk of today at a local farm that focuses on sustainable, responsible animal agriculture. I won’t name them to keep them from being attacked, they had no idea I was there, didn’t invite me and I was just driving other people anyway.

This farm had a little fair today to thank their customers and introduce people who were interested in sustainable farming and ethically sourced foods to their products. The people who came were concerned about things like sustainability and ethical animal husbandry. By noon they were reporting over 1000 people had shown up. It was a sea of white people, with a handful of black people and a couple of Asians.

We are told that white people and majority white nations have to “do more” to fight “climate change”. We have to stop using plastic straws because they get in the ocean even though the vast majority of plastic trash in the oceans comes from Africa and Asia. We have to suffer little twerps screaming at us about the climate as if we are not doing enough. We are the only ones who have to gut our economies to fight a problem that is mostly occurring overseas.

The truth is that no one else is doing anything about environmental issues and really no one else cares apart from white people. We put our little recycling bins by the curb and endlessly add new “environmental” regulations to employers in this country, which only encourages them to move overseas where the governments don’t care about little things like environmental regulations, child labor laws or worker rights.

Instead of showing some appreciation for the efforts we put in, we get harangued by hustlers like Al Gore and screeched at by autistic teens. Why is that?

Answer in upcoming post.


  1. John Wilder

    I was on Twitter a few months ago, and the BBC produced one of their breathless stories about how the Pacific was essentially becoming so full of plastic you could walk from one side to the other. I commented on the article that (essentially) all plastic pollution came from seven rivers, NONE of which were in North America.

    Comment not welcome. Strangely, I think that it became (embarrassing) public knowledge that you couldn't hang this on Western Civilization, and then . . . we stopped hearing about it.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Hit and run fake news, they run some story to create hysteria and if it is proven bogus a day later it doesn't matter. No one sees the retraction or correction. Little wonder so many people are so wrong on so many issues when they don't even realize they are being lied to on a daily basis.

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