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Why Is It Wrong To Hope Someone Dies?

In a mostly missed news blurb last week it was revealed that current Supreme Court Justice and possible zombie Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been treated once again for cancer. She was elevated to the court in August of 1993 under the Clinton administration so she has been on the court for 26 years. More than a quarter of a century being reliably far-left and ruling consistently in ways that I believe are completely wrong. Born in 1933, she is an elderly 86 year old and has had a number of scares when it comes to cancer prior to this most recent incident:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for malignant tumor on pancreas in new cancer scare

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has undergone radiation treatment for a malignant tumor that was discovered on her pancreas – and there is “no evidence of the disease elsewhere in her body,” the Supreme Court said.

The 86-year-old on Friday completed a three-week course of stereotactic ablative radiation therapy at Manhattan’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, according to the Supreme Court.


In December Ginsburg underwent lung cancer surgery…..She underwent colon cancer surgery in 1999, received treatment for early stages of pancreatic cancer in 2009, and had a stent placed in a blocked coronary artery in 2009.

As far as we know she has so far survived lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer before another bout with a malignant tumor in her pancreas just recently. Any one of those is often fatal but surviving all of them over the course of two decades? There is some speculation that she has been dead for a long time and is being propped up like in the movie Weekend At Bernie’s.

That gif just slays me every time.
Whenever there is yet another health scare or a rumor of her retirement or the occasional hoax claims that she has died, the response is predictable. 
People on the Left who venerate her as some sort of blood-soaked diminutive demigod freak out, start lighting candles and praying to whatever dark deities they worship. 
People on the Right often wish her a speedy recovery while carefully fantasizing about who might replace her. It usually includes the caveat “Not that I would wish for her death but it would be awesome to replace RBG with Amy Coney Barrett….”. It is not allowed to wish for the death of anyone. Some lefties who are still under the impression that the Koch brothers are shadowy right-wing puppet-masters instead of just globalists who want cheap labor to boost their profits, celebrated when David Koch died and were blasted for it.
But I wondered, why is it wrong to hope someone dies? Of course we all die but I mean like hoping someone dies right now. It is considered terribly impolite even though the same people lighting candles and offering their organs for RBG would dance in the streets if Trump suddenly died. 
Justice Ginsburg is rightly considered an icon of “progressive” jurisprudence. Nowhere is this more true than on the question of abortion. It is not a stretch to say that RBG is the barrier to overturning Roe v Wade. She has voted against restrictions on “partial birth abortion” where a live children is partly delivered before being murdered. Her decisions have indirectly created a legal framework for killing an untold numbers of Americans who would otherwise be alive today. In other words, her legal decisions kill far more people every year than have ever been killed by every member of the NRA combined. 
So I admit it. I hope she dies and soon. This evening would be great, tomorrow would be fine but whatever as long as it is soon and especially before Trump leaves office as I assume he will in 2021. Trump has been a bitter disappointment but if he is able to replace Ginsburg with a young, solid conservative justice who can be reasonably relied upon to defend the Constitution as written, it will mean his tenure wasn’t a complete loss. I am sure that the Democrats have their eye on expanding the number of seats on the Supreme Court in order to pack it with liberals to offset Trump but that will take some time and right now we are in a situation where every day we get is another day to prepare. 
In her sleep or peacefully surrounded by family, whatever. It is time for her to go and if she won’t retire, I hope nature takes its course, the sooner the better.

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