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Trump Is Reading My Blog Again

A couple of weeks ago I posted that there might come a time when white Americans and Europeans will be seeking an ark as third world migration swamps the nations they built: An Untapped Export: White People?

In that post I suggested a dark horse candidate as a future home for people of European descent: Greenland.

Lo and behold, this week we see:

Trump Expressed An Interest In Buying Greenland

If he would read my blog more often and listen to Ivanka less, he would be in better shape for 2020…..

Of course, Greenland is not excited about the prospect….: Greenland Responds To Trump: “We’re Not For Sale”

….but there are a whopping 56,000 people on Greenland right now and the U.S. already has a military base there, Thule Air Base. The Danish military (Greenland is sort of part of Denmark) fields an impressive 27,000 troops. The U.S. Armed Forces numbers a measly 1.3 million. Granted, several thousand of those are trannies but the rest can fight. Hell, the Coast Guard alone has over 42,000 personnel, dwarfing the Danish military. So pretty much if we want Greenland, the Danes can’t do much about it. Let’s hope they are reasonable and it doesn’t come to that.


  1. Anonymous

    I know it's all a joke, but when are we going to stop running. Eventually we're going to be completely surrounded and cut off. Yanks need to march and march now on their leaders. Throw every last one of them into the tar.

    >Granted, several thousand of those are trannies
    Sensible chuckle.

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