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They Hate You

Tucker is the hammer and almost always hits the nail on the head.

While the most hilarious part of the video is Cory Booker talking about his community being destroyed (he grew up in a lily white, super wealthy suburb), the most important part of his monologue was this:

They think their job is to improve people. They think voters are disgusting and immoral. They want to force them to be half as virtuous as they are. For the second election cycle in a row, that is the Democratic message: You’re disgusting. Try to be as good as we are.

That pretty much captures it. They don’t see the job of the government being the improvement of people’s lives and opportunities. They see it as improving the people. Liberals look at half of the country and see people they describe sneeringly as clinging to their guns and religion, or as hopelessly irredeemable rubes and deplorables. I don’t look at a lifelong Democrat union electrician and think that his problem is who he is as a person, but rather that he supports policies that are harmful to him and his family and politicians who are lying to him. But liberals look at people who live in my neighborhood and think something is wrong with us as people. We are flawed, damaged and probably can’t be fixed. We are anti-science because we don’t think men have menstrual cycles. We are dangerous because of the guns we own even though violent crime is virtually non-existent in places like this. We are unfairly “privileged” even though we all have worked for everything we have. In short, we are evil, they hate us and we should just do the globe a favor and die out as soon as possible.

What is worse is that a lot of supposed conservatives feel the same way. People like National Review’s David French and former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol make no effort to hide their disdain of and revulsion toward regular conservatives. Heaven forbid that regular conservatives express their opinion about what it means to be conservative or the direction of the Republican party! That is the job of the “big thinkers” like French and Kristol. They tell you who to vote for and if you don’t listen, well then you are a bad person. As repugnant as French and Kristol are, at least they are open about their hatred.

Even almost three years after the 2016 election, there are still a lot of people on the conservative side that don’t seem to realize that Democrat and Republican leadership, big business and the government Deep State, are all the same people and share the same basic values. They also share a deep disgust when it comes to the regular American people. Why didn’t Trump get anything done in two years with a Republican House and Senate, besides a corporate tax cut so globohomo businesses can celebrate Sodomy Month? Because the people in D.C. in both parties don’t care about us and they pretty much hate us. They are tired of trying to pretend to pander to us, so they are just going to replace us. The Democrats get a permanent electoral majority, the Republicans get the cash from the Chamber of Commerce and the country burns to the ground.

Re-electing Trump isn’t going to save the country. Holding the Senate and retaking the House isn’t going to save the country. Nominating more conservative judges is nice but isn’t going to save the country. There is no political solution.

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