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Senator Mike Braun Betrays His Base

Yesterday I wrote to my U.S. Senators and my Representative to urge their opposition to “red flag” laws that punish law-abiding citizens who have committed no crimes because a “mental health professional” deemed them dangerous (see: Red Flag Laws Are Unconstitutional And Dangerous: Contact Your Legislators Today). One of my Senators immediately replied but unfortunately Senator Mike Braun was mostly eager to brag about his support for confiscating guns from people that haven’t committed a crime in violation of both the 2nd Amendment and the 4th Amendment. A screenshot of his letter is below (click to enlarge):

After a generic paragraph about hate, which is generally far deeper and more virulent on the Left, but is only ascribed to the Right, Braun then starts the Cuckold Shuffle, speaking out of both sides of his mouth:

I know that our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, like most rights, is fundamental but not unlimited.

There is an old saying, everything that comes before “but” is meaningless. I missed the part of “shall not be infringed” that actually says “can be infringed at will to pander to low information voters”.

His letter goes on…

Steps must be taken to ensure that the mentally ill and those who wish to do others harm are not able to legally purchase and possess firearms to commit violent acts.

How exactly does one determine people who “wish to do others harm”? Is there a more vague and dangerous concept? If someone insults my wife and I express my desire to punch them in the mouth, that means I want to harm them. I guess Mike thinks the stormtroopers should kick down my door so I don’t “possess firearms to commit violent acts”. The vast majority of people buying firearms with the intent to do harm to others are buying those guns illegally Mike, so they aren’t going to submit to background checks or mental health evaluations.

Mass shootings and gun violence across the country create complex situations, and I believe that we need bipartisan solutions to combat gun violence that is meaningful and not politicized.

Ah, bipartisan solutions. Those never turn out to be completely one-sided in favor of the Democrats. No, it is always some reflexive knee-jerk response where Republicans surrender yet again and get nothing in return. What do Republicans get out of this? Red flag laws aren’t making anyone safer neither shooter last weekend would have been flagged, so it isn’t about “safety”. It is about making the path to a total ban and confiscation one step easier.

First and foremost, I believe our existing laws need to be fully enforced.

Well duh but that is the same throwaway line every Republican says and it is meaningless. Why would Democrats agree to enforce existing gun laws since it extends the prison stay of their most loyal voting block? Here is the big one:

Second, I believe a meaningful legislative solution would include reforms to strengthen background checks, extreme risk protection orders or “red flag laws,” and commonsense restrictions on modifications that allow legal firearms to function like fully automatic military style weapons. 

So Mike Braun supports disarming people based on the word of a “mental health profession”, which of course won’t be abused. I already made the case against this in the link above but Braun is pretty proud of his ardor for seizing weapons based on the opinion of some quack.

Lastly, we as Americans must take the time required to address and respond to the part of our culture that glorifies violence and instead empower communities to focus mental health services.

The same screechy church ladies that were warning about the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons to explain why latchkey children were screwed up when I was a kid are now blaming video games for mass shootings. They will regulate the crap out of video games but no one will say anything about the hip-hop culture that actually glorifies real world violence. Shooting a space alien in a video game doesn’t make me think shooting a real person is OK, but rap “music” that glorifies killing people over the slightest insult? Yeah, we see the results of that culture every weekend in America’s cities. Focusing on “mental health services” again won’t focus on trannies and pedophiles reading stories to children at libraries or grooming little boys to dance provocatively for adult men, it will be used to involuntarily commit wrong-thinkers.

Divisive rhetoric has plagued the issue of gun violence for far too long; we need to get back to a government that works toward finding common ground on important issues, and crafting solutions for problems in our society. I am eager to get to work with my colleagues to take steps to make our country safer.

Blah, blah, blah. Yes, let’s work with people that call your supporters white supremacists and neo-Nazis, I am sure that cucking for the 10,000 time will be the trigger to cause Democrats to engage in actual bi-partisanship.

When Braun ran for the Senate in the primaries, I voted for Todd Rokita as Braun seemed kind of weak and wishy-washy. When he won the nomination, I voted for him like a good conservative, even writing a post against his Libertarian opponent Lucy Brenton. I definitely feel like I wasted my vote because Braun hasn’t done anything noteworthy and now seems super eager to disarm Hoosiers that haven’t committed a crime.

I won’t make that mistake again when Braun is up for re-election in 2024 but by that point we will be heading to a second landslide win for whichever Democrat wins the 2020 nomination so it won’t matter. Enjoy your time in D.C. and the pat on the head from the Deep State Mike, but know that back here in Indiana you are an embarrassment.


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