Friday, August 30, 2019

Not Depressed About 2020 Yet?

The election next year should have some pretty amusing moments as it will certainly feature a delusional narcissist incumbent versus whichever Democrat promises the most free stuff.  Sadly there is no way it will match the high comedy of 2016 when Trump came out of nowhere to win the nomination and then on election night the American people dropped a house on the Wicked Witch. Whoever becomes the eventual nominee on the Dem side, this will be the last American election. By 2024 there is no chance a Republican will win thanks to demographics so the Dem primary voters will pick the President and we all know what stable folks they are. We are about to hit peak clown world.


The Zman has a take on 2020 that is sure to make you feel even worse. He has jumped on the Warren being the nominee bandwagon which is pretty popular right now. It makes sense. Warren is lily white and not as senile as Joe Biden who is imploding in real time right before our eyes. She supports the same basic positions as Bernie without sounding so crazy about it, so a Warren candidacy coupled with Trump hatred might keep a far-left third party challenger out of the race and get the Bernie supporters to take the day off from cashiering at Whole Foods to vote. His post, The Last Hurrah, deals with the end of the Boomers being in charge but the last few paragraphs were prophetic:

In terms of popular culture, Trump really is the quintessential Baby Boomer male. He made a lot of money, but will never have much to show for his time. Everything about Trump is wrapped up Trump the person, the selfish, boorish oaf living for the moment. When the wife got too old, he traded her in for a new one. When he hit middle-age, he bought a sports car and started dating young women. His story will be one of endless self-indulgence.

Warren, for her part, is the other side of that coin. She is the scorned ex-wife, who got the house and filled it up with trinkets from the various self-actualizing fads she got into after the divorce. In between glasses of chardonnay, she will spend hours telling you about how awful her ex-husband was during the divorce. She is the woman, who rejected the lifestyle of her mother, but at some point, when it was too late, realized her mother was right all along. That is the real source of her bitterness.

The 2020 campaign promises to be Trump running around the country telling his fans about all the winning, while Warren runs around wagging her bony finger at them, telling them about how she has been wronged. It will be the cad versus the nag, largely a fight among white people about how best to go into that dark night. On the one side will be Trump nostalgic for a lost America. On the other will be Warren, haunted by an America that never was. Two characters from a soon to be forgotten past.

Neither side will have much to say about what comes after them, because they are from a generation that thought they would live forever and never grow old. The people who swore they would never trust anyone over thirty, now can’t spare a second to consider the future of those under 30. It’s going to be two perpetual adolescents throwing one final tantrum, demanding the rest of us indulge them one more time. It is the last hurrah for a generation that will buried, not praised, by those who follow.

Read the whole thing. It should cheer you right up!

This is where being a accelerationist is tough for me as a Gen Xer. The love of country still runs deeply, and if I could I would prefer to see America set right rather than see it fall apart and be rebuilt. I just don't see any path where that happens. The culture and especially the people have changed, more about this in a future post, and that means that maintaining what we had is impossible There is a reason that liberal democracy as we practice it in our Republic didn't grow organically anywhere else and why it has been a general failure to try to force it on other cultures. It has mostly worked in a couple of East Asian nations, notably South Korea and Japan, but everywhere else it is a failure to some degree.

No nation has ever squandered so much, not even the once mighty British empire that spanned the globe. They were a people from a small island, we are a mighty people from a continent-spanning land of plenty. History is written by the victors but those replacing us will not ultimately be the victors. They will fall victim to their own natures and cultures that have held them back for untold centuries. The descendants of those who made Europe and North America the envy of the world will ultimately be victorious and when they rise again they will curse those of us who stood by mutely or worse yet collaborated in our own destruction.


  1. I'm sure there was a pyramid mason thinking the exact same thing. All great empires must fall. Only problem is, most of the West has been pushed, rather than slipping. The revenge stage can't get here fast enough.

    1. The sense I get is the calm before the storm. Once it starts, you won't be able to stop it.

  2. Another “Gen Xer” here. i am 37.5% white, and also 1st generation American. (Does anyone else know their ancestry well enough to be able to specify 7th/8th/9th(?) generation American?)

    When Irish, Italians, Polish, Chinese and Japanese (just to name a few) were entering this country, i wonder how similar (and how differently) those existing citizens looked upon those new arrivals?

    And about those “descendants of those who made Europe and North America the envy of the world...” i’m not going to wait for them to make their move because “THEY” should not have let things get even half as bad as things are! I expect that whoever does rise will be a completely new demographic.

    I would be happy to see things set right, but i am expecting a need for *some* rebuilding, mainly to improve on what began with our founding fathers...