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More On The Future For Boxed Wine Boomers

Earlier this month I posted about, Nshimiyiana Hamzat, the migrant nursing home worker who was sexually assaulting a disabled 50 year old white woman: Angry Cat Ladies: Welcome To Your Future. Then today I saw another lovely story:

Nursing home workers accused of taunting 91-year-old woman with dementia in Snapchat video

Nursing assistant Brayan Cortez is accused of waving a gown at Collins, as his girlfriend and fellow Nursing assistant Jamie Montesa filmed the incident. The caption in the video reads, “Margaret hates gowns” with two laughing emojis.

Here are the pranksters….

How delightful! More vibrant immigrants doing the jobs Americans won’t do! Since most people, even dimwits like these two, aren’t dumb enough to film themselves tormenting old people, how much of this happens every single day and no one is the wiser?

We have eviscerated the family so there is no longer family continuity meaning the elderly no longer can rely on their children to care for them, therefore we have a huge demand for low-skilled, low-wage “care” providers to take care of our old folks. But oops! We stopped having enough children to supply the demand for these care workers and the kids we did have ended up with worthless college degrees and six figure student loan balances so they can’t afford to work as care-givers. That means importing people to care for the elderly who apparently don’t care about the elderly. As a bonus, once they get here they are inundated 24-7 with messages about how terrible and racist white people are and how white people are the cause of all of their problems. Shockingly this stuff follows.

If you don’t have a family support structure, you are going to live for decades at the whim of people like this. Maybe you will get good ones, maybe you’ll get awful ones, most likely you will get indifferent ones. 2 of the 3 options make for a miserable life after you get old.

But hey, look at all of the cool electronic gadgets you bought and fun vacations you took instead of having kids because they were “too expensive”!


  1. Anonymous

    Spot on regarding the "quality" of health care providers in this country. The missus is director at a nursing and rehab facility, and fewer than one in ten nurse's aides under her employ is White. Every one of the male aides is black and/or gay. Of the few White aides, nearly every one is a single mother with mixed-race children and/or a drug addict. The pay is crap, just barely more than burger-flipping, and the owners are skinflint creeps who are forever jetting off to Yisrael for 'retreats'.

    I've watched in deep dismay as the kind-hearted, caring woman I married turned into a bitter, cynical race realist after years of dealing with the scum of the earth on the job. She never smiles anymore, and the phone rings morning, noon and night with one staff-related disaster after another.

    As sad as it is to see such an alarming number of solitary, demented cat ladies pour into the place to live out their final years in leaky diapers, those with family are not necessarily any better off. Far, far too many "concerned family members" seem to put cranky old mama into a nursing home a)because they can't be bothered to care for her at home, and b)because they are looking for someone with deep pockets to sue, thereby winning the ghetto lottery. Oftentimes, latent guilt from a) ties directly to b) when adult children demand white glove service for Medicaid mama, and naturally do not get it.

    My advice? Don't get sick. Don't get old.

  2. Arthur Sido

    My wife is very tender hearted and talked at one time about being a care-giver but I don't think she could stand that environment. This is only going to get worse as the racial mix swings and more and more boomers go into homes.

  3. lineman

    So many sad things about this picture and the only thing I would say is you better of had kids and you better had been good to your kids and helped them when they truly needed it…

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