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Another Mass Shooting And Guess Who It Was

Over the weekend there was a mass shooting in Hobbs, New Mexico. I haven’t ever heard of Hobbs either and had to look it up. From the Epoch Times:

3 Dead, 4 Injured in Shooting at House Party in New Mexico

Seven people shot. That qualifies as a mass shooting under any reasonable standard. What’s that, you didn’t see this on your local news? I wonder why…..

Khalil Carter, 18; Kristal Avena, 24; and Lamar Lee Kane Jr., 22; died during the shooting, police said.

Four other people were taken to area hospitals for treatment. They were identified as Michael Major, 21; Turon Windham, 20; Rontrell Hills, 23; and Jasmine Stansell, 20.

Khalil, Lamar, Turon, Rontrell. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like a bunch of Mennonite kids. Maybe some white supremacist shot them up, after all white supremacy is the only reason for mass shootings in America!

Hobbs police make arrest in deadly house party shooting

Police have arrested a man in connection with a house party shooting that left three dead and four injured in Hobbs, New Mexico.

The department arrested 19-year-old Bishop Henderson on Sunday and charged him with aggravated battery.

Ooops. As a side note, I think Bishop is his actual name, not at ecclesiastical title.

Hobbs is a smaller town of around 34,000 people, about half of them Hispanic, right on the New Mexico-Texas border. It is not really near anything, being some distance from Roswell, El Paso and Lubbock. Looking at the satellite map, it is just a mid-sized town seemingly dropped into the middle of a desert, surrounded by sand and oil derricks. It has a very small black population, less than 7% of the total, but it looks like a decent percentage were present on Saturday at this house party.

Another mass shooting with the only person in custody being a 19 year old black kid. Since the shooting was reported to have taken place at around 1 AM on the 25th and the mugshot above was taken at around 6:30 PM the same day, it is reasonable to assume that the people at the party knew who did the shooting. There is a Facebook page for a Bishop Henderson of Hobbs, New Mexico that is full of the usual photos you see in the wake of a young black man arrested for a shooting, flashing gang signs, holding a spread of cash, flipping off the camera, etc. In this case no pictures of him pointing a gun which is a little out of character.

So a mass shooting in a little town that leaves 4 wounded and 3 dead but there is very little news coverage.

I wonder why?

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  1. carolinaTURTLE

    Another blog (that has since gone “dark”) had a weekly feature: WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED… perhaps you might begin reporting in a similar spirit: MASS SHOOTING NOT REPORTED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA… but really, what’s the point? (dare i ask “what difference would it make?”)

    Everyone who already knows the media is promoting “the narrative” doesn’t need to see proof. Those who don’t question the narrative will reject EVERYTHING that doesn’t fit the narrative. And us “deplorables” can continue to reverberate in our echo- chamber “just wait till the switch Flips to GAME ON”

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