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Angry Cat Ladies: Welcome To Your Future

In a follow-up to my post about women choosing to postpone and often completely eschew having children comes this story:

Family sets up hidden camera in nursing home, catches man sexually assaulting patient

A man is behind bars after authorities say he raped a disabled woman in a nursing home where he worked.

According to court documents, 29-year-old Nshimiyiana Hamzat, nursing assistant at Foss Home and Village Nursing Home in north Seattle, was caught on a hidden camera sexually assaulting the victim more than once.

The woman’s family says they hid the camera that looks like a phone charger in the room.

Hamzat is charged with second degree rape.

“I asked him what you are doing to me? He said to me back, ‘I’m trying to help you, I’m trying to clean you,” the victim said, who did not want to give her name.

Fortunately for this woman she had a family that was looking out for her. She was a 50 year old disabled white woman and Mr. Hamzat is a 28 year old black man. It also appears that Mr. Hamzat might be involved in another, even more grotesque violation at the same nursing home:

93-year-old reportedly sexually assaulted at nursing home where rape was recorded on hidden camera

Lovely. Then who can forget Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir, the Kenyan illegal serial killer who is suspected in the murders of at least a dozen elderly women in a retirement home and is being investigated in the deaths of hundreds more. Diversity is our greatest strength! Nation of immigrants! Is there anything more revolting than elderly or disabled women helplessly being assaulted, robbed and murdered by male “care-givers”? We see more and more hidden camera videos of elderly people being verbally and physically abused in nursing homes, but who knows how many of them are being abused with no cameras to capture the abuse because they have no families to be concerned for their welfare.

How many women with no husbands and no children, having chosen career over family, are facing a bleak future in some “assisted living” facility with no one to care about their welfare? Do they think their cats will come visit them as they waste away? I suppose they can comfort themselves with their 401k statements. Perhaps their impressive resume and trinkets from work will get them through the lonely days as they lay in bed unable to care for themselves.

For many of these people, there will be no record that they ever existed. They will die, some niece or nephew that barely knows them will inherit their estate or perhaps their life-savings will go to help pay the bloated salary of some CEO of a “non-profit” group and it will be as if they never lived. The companies they gave their lives to won’t care, they will simply plug someone else into their old cubicle and move on. Their cats won’t care, unless their owner dies at home and they can feast on their corpse. In the coming few decades, many family lines and even family names are going to die out. Families with histories that extend for hundreds of years in this country will die out and no one will even notice.

People are living longer and longer with each passing year. Someone who is 50 now and retires at 65 is looking at 10-20 years of slowly getting more feeble. Longer average life expectancy is great but people still get old and feeble and need help. That should be part of the family experience, young children are raised and nurtured by their own mothers and then those children help care for their parents when they need help. Extended family chips in where they can. Instead we have tons of childless people facing perhaps decades of slowly wasting away with no one who gives a crap about them. It is a pretty grim future for cat ladies but they don’t seem to realize it and instead start screeching whenever anyone points out a simple biological fact to them.

Screech all you like now but don’t complain when someone like Nshimiyiana Hamzat is “caring” for you when you are old, helpless and all alone.

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