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Again, Quit Playing Their Game By Their Rules

Back on my old Twitter account, I posted a thread urging people to stop playing the game demanded by our overlords: Get Out Of The Game. Since my account was nuked, I am glad I took screenshots of the tweets. My basic point is that playing life by the rules created for us by the same people who don’t play by them is a sucker’s bet and one that guarantees losing. At the same time, the game we are told we have to play handcuffs us by making us too afraid to live our own lives and have our own opinions. We might get in trouble after all!

I reject that game. I refuse to play.

Ramzpaul is a favorite Youtuber, someone I support modestly on Patreon, but his latest video I found to be all sorts of wrong. He was responding to this tweet from Stefan Molyneux….

Ladies, by the time you are 30, 90% of your eggs are dead.

Get married young, have your babies, THEN have your career.

You have 40 years to work if you want to, you only have a short time to have children.

Listen to Mother Nature – she loves you and wants you to be happy. 🙂

— Stefan Molyneux (@StefanMolyneux) July 30, 2019

Stefan is 100% correct here but ramzpaul objected to the idea that women can choose to get married and start families earlier in life.

I found that whole video pretty gross. Maybe you can’t get a good job working at Google but who would want that? Getting married and starting a family is a choice, one that involves trade-offs like everything else in life. I wrote this on his Patreon video in response:

I disagree with a lot of this. There are plenty of good paying jobs and they aren’t being code monkeys for Google. Those jobs are all taken by  imported workers from India. But there are lots of jobs in the trades that pay great wages right out of the gate. An 18 year old guy can learn to be a welder and get a job paying $35,000 before he turns 19. Meanwhile kids in college are still 3 years away from graduating with a pile of debt and no marketable skills. You can be a CNC machinist, work with automation and robotics, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC plus a lot more and make great money, more money in fact than the majority of college grads with a liberal arts degree. Bottom line, anyone can get a good paying job with little or no student loan debt and be working full time in a year or two after high school.

But Stefan’s main point is 100% true. The biological clock is ticking whether you want it to or not. A lot of women get to their 30s childless and decide they want to have kids only to find it is harder than they expected. You can’t roll back time and women are left either taking expensive, desperate measures via fertility treatments or they decide to adopt a foreign baby. The lie that women need to have a career and then squeeze in a family when they are “financially secure” is a big reason white birth rates for middle and upper class women are so low and why we are heading for demographic disaster here and in much of Europe. Besides, having kids is a young person’s game. My wife and I got married when I was in college and had our first two kids when I was still in school in my early 20s. We had our 7th and 8th kids when I was in my mid 30s and it was a hell of a lot harder. Your body can’t handle the sleepless nights as easily, and then when they get older it is a lot easier to chase toddlers around in your early twenties than your mid to late 30s.

The Zman says the fundamental core of the dissident right is biological realism. I would say that the fertility window for women is absolutely one of those realities we believe in and the Left pretends don’t exist. Stefan got a lot of pushback from the usual suspects but hopefully a lot of young women read his tweets, think about it and follow his advice.

I can’t stomach the “woe is me” crap from a lot of guys on our side. There are tons of jobs out there right now today unfilled that would pay a young man more than enough to have a home and family with a stay-at-home wife. Again, it is about choices and one of the most important choices you can make is rejecting the “school-school debt-wage slave job to pay back school debt” path. Learn a decent trade and you will be making more at 19 than most of your peers with a four year liberal arts degree will be earning at 30. Of course a lot of younger guys are scared of jobs where you might get a little dirty but I would rather be a little grungy at the end of the day than sit in a cubicle all day long, slowly dying inside.

Just ten minutes from my house in the middle of nowhere, we saw a job posting today for a “Senior Controls Technician”. The position requires :

High school diploma or general education degree (GED); 2 years electrical training or Journeyman’s certification or 5 years automotive environment preferred

So you really can qualify for this job with a couple years of schooling and a little experience. The pay range?


That works out to somewhere between $66,560 and $74,880. Where we live, that is more than enough to buy a four bedroom house with a couple of acres of property. I know a young woman who is a “middle child” in a family that just welcomed their 17th child. Mom stays home, dad has his own business. Because they are Amish neither of them went to school beyond the 8th grade and yet they have a nice home and a huge family and are happier than most dual-income families I have met. Many of my neighbors and friends have 5,6 or more children and lots of them make way more money than most college grads. They simply choose to prioritize family.

Defeatism and surrender aren’t helping anyone. I am all about realism. For example, it is realism to point out that we are drowning in debt and third world aliens and the combination of the two is going to be calamitous. I can say that and not be defeated because I can still do what I can in my own way to prepare myself and my family to ride this out and be around to rebuild. Crying the blues because you can’t follow the career path laid out for you that is intentionally aimed at keeping you in debt slavery? That is for crybabies and losers. Don’t be one of those.

Life is about choices and there is no bigger choice to make than who you marry and have children with. You can choose to follow the rules set by people who hate you or you can choose to go your own way. Apart from people with significant mental or physical handicaps, there is no one in this country who cannot afford to get married young and start a family. Another choice is putting off children because Stefan is exactly right. Biology is a harsh mistress and you can’t roll back time. The fertility window for women is finite and the later you start, the harder it is to get pregnant.

I am kind of embarrassed at how whiny ramzpaul sounded in this video. Man up and choose your own path.


  1. Anonymous

    I've never understood the debt problem. Apparently we're all in debt. But to whom? What happens when one country says "Shove it" when their debt is expected to be repaid. Well, you have 1933 Germany don't you. Imagine every White Nation going that way, all at once. The resulting fallout would be magnificent to behold.

  2. Arthur Sido

    A lot of the debt is owed to "ourselves" in the form of treasury instruments (bill, bonds, notes) and is held by big institutional investors, in other words mutual funds, in other other words regular Americans in their 401k/IRA. It isn't the debt itself right now that is the issue, no one thinks we will ever repay the principle, it is the interest payments eating up the budget.

  3. Anonymous

    But how do you borrow from yourself? It seems to me the whole issue with usury is based on a duplicitous scheme, designed to shift time and resources away from the countries under its sway (ie, "Here, have some bank notes. Oh, you can't pay me back with bank notes that I printed myself? How about you give me some minerals/livestock/goods and we'll call it even").
    Except we can never call it even, can we?

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