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A Truth Nugget From Zman

From his post Rebellious Thoughts:

Whatever you may think of Trump, the result of the last three years is proof that elections don’t matter. 

We are ruled by an alien class of people with one set of rules for the peasantry (in other words you) and another set of “rules” for themselves that they are free to modify, eliminate or ignore at will. Holding elections doesn’t mean anything because even if you replaced 100% of the Congress in 2020, the bureaucratic Deep State is the real power and you can’t get rid of them. Add in the courts and the globohomo corporate lobbyists and you get a system where elections are just a farce, a type of kabuki theater we are allowed to pretend to participate in but no one really believes they matter. There are millions of government employees that run this country, 2 million openly on the Federal payroll and at least 10 million more in other jobs that are directly tied to the Federal government and not a one of them is accountable in the slightest to the tax-payers. You have no control over them being hired and they are essentially impossible to fire. Screw with them and they can send in armed agents to arrest or kill you and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Set your expectations accordingly. We aren’t going to vote our way out of this.

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