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A Credibility Crisis Tipping Point

In the least unexpected breaking news story ever, world famous pedophile, pal of the Clinton’s, procurer of young kids for sex for the movers and shakers and possible Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide” yesterday. I don’t have much to add to the already ample hot takes that followed his death, bolstered by awesome Clinton memes. Maybe he really did kill himself, as inexplicable as that sounds. Far more likely he was Vincent Foster‘d by the Clinton crime syndicate. Or perhaps he was indeed a Mossad agent who outlived his usefulness and was silenced, or perhaps even was spirited away to Israel and is undergoing plastic surgery right now to alter his appearance. We are never going to find out as the same FBI that never seemed to be able to explain the Las Vegas shooting, which is odd because they knew everything in the world about the El Paso shooter before the last brass hit the ground, is going to do an “investigation”.

They have top men working on it right now….

The Epstein files being carefully reviewed by the FBI

What is more interesting to contemplate is whether or not this actually shifts normie perceptions. It seems like an awful lot of people called B.S. on this right away. It was just too obvious, too well predicted. There are a lot of tweets talking about Epstein committing “suicide” from a week or more ago and now he ends up “dead” in his cell. All too convenient, too obvious coming a day after the first file dump hit and implicated some minor but still well known people.

The genie seems to be out of the bottle here. With the feds trying to label “conspiracy theories” as terrorism and soon to be mental illness and the blatant murder of Epstein dominating the news, even as Twitter tried to suppress it by pushing the ridiculous #TrumpBodyCount in place of the well established #ClintonBodyCount, it seems that the Overton window on what people will believe or at least entertain as an idea is shifting. I have seen quite a few people say what I was saying a few years ago, I used to dismiss “conspiracy theories” out of hand but now you would have to say something pretty out there for me to not at least give some thought to just about any proposal.

Stuff like the Epstein suicide/murder chips a big chunk out of many people’s institutional trust. The less they trust what they are told, the easier it is to get them to consider things they never would have even a few years ago. That is dangerous for the globohomo establishment. It depends on soporific people to blindly accept what they are told while consuming more cheap crap and focusing on sportsball. They rely on people to not ask inconvenient questions.

Epstein’s murder served their short term purposes by shutting him up before he could implicate the powerful as a pack of ravening wolves preying sexually on children. But it long term helps us to chip away at public trust in the institutions that keep them in line. It was a tactical win for them but a strategic win for us.


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