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This Isn’t A Damn Debate Club Don

President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. is a very active advocate for his father’s administration on social media, especially Twitter. He can be pretty funny at times and usually doesn’t pull punches. But like many in the halls of power, what he thinks is happening and what he imagines is important usually is not.

Don Jr. penned an op-ed for Fox News where he took the obligatory shots at “The Squad” of far left foreign Congresswomen that Trump Sr. has been targeting of late.

Donald Trump, Jr.: Dems are losing immigration debate because of their radical ideology (not bad ‘messaging’)

Here is what I think of the notion that the side that is supposed to support immigration enforcement and national sovereignity is “winning” anything.

@DonaldJTrumpJr thinks they are winning because of some imaginary score in some meaningless debate. The Left is winning in the real world every time another illegal crosses our border or drops another anchor baby. Mother effer, Republicans are stupid.

— Arthur Sido (v. 2.0) (@SidoArthur) July 24, 2019

Seriously, they think they are are winning some “debate”. Hey geniuses, the “debate” ended a long time ago when both parties sold out on mass immigration. It has worked out great for the party big wigs. Democrats get new low IQ, low income reliable voters in the permanent dependent class and Republican’s Chamber of Commerce donors get cheap labor and reliable consumers of crappy products made overseas. Win-win for everyone, everyone except the American people. There is no debate. Republicans could control 100% of the seats in both houses of Congress and nothing would get done because they don’t want anything to get done as that would upset their donors and even worse open them to charges of “racism”. Even Rand Paul wants to increase the number of legal immigrants to fill tech jobs even though that prices Americans out of those same jobs and those legal Asian migrants are reliable liberal voters. Why would Democrats want to do anything but accelerate mass immigration when every one of those people vote Democrat when they turn 18?

We aren’t in a debate, we are in a fight for survival. The debate is over and we lost. No one is arguing for our people in D.C., not even Trump. Sure he blusters and threatens and “monitors the situation” but he never actually does anything. ICE finally carried out the much ballyhooed raids on illegal aliens and it was a huge bust:

Only 35 Out of 2K Illegal Aliens Arrested by ICE in Publicized Raids

Wow, a whole 35 illegals? I am sure more illegals than that crossed the border in the time it took me to type the number 35. I wonder how much was spent for each one of the 35 that was apprehended, and will probably be released by some leftist judge anyway?

ICE shouldn’t carry out periodic raids announced well in advance. They should be rounding up illegals 24-7-365. That should be all they are doing, and that is all they should have been doing since Trump took office. Instead of blustering at Iran at the demand of our Israeli “allies”, Trump should be laser focused on one issue each and every day: keeping new illegals out of our country and getting the existing ones out. He isn’t. Most days he barely seems aware of the signature issue that got him elected. He worries about black unemployment and making gay butt sex legal in Africa and tax cuts for the corporations that fight him tooth and nail and of course Israel, Israel, and for good measure Israel.

We aren’t going to debate our way out of this. The only way out is preparing to come through the inevitable firestorm alive and prepared to rebuild.

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  1. Anonymous

    Only an E-Verify type system and a reward for turning in employers will work. Combine that with a halt to birthright citizenship and halting any aid to immigrants or dependents would cut it to a manageable level. Then halt all immigration.

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