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Quit Chasing The Stick

Styxhexenhammer666 is a pretty entertaining and often very informative Youtuber. For a guy who often appears on camera wearing a hideous Hawaiian shirt or worse no shirt at all under a leather jacket, with really long hair, who ends all of his videos with the cringe “Peace out” as a troll, he still has some pretty decent insights. Yesterday he put out an unusually long 17 minute video refuting the claims that Trump is a “racist”

He gets an A for effort, but an F for being efficient with his time.

There is nothing more counterproductive, nothing that is a bigger time suck than people on the right defending themselves against bogus charges of racism.

People who vote for Trump already know the facts and that he isn’t “racist” in any rational use of the word. They don’t need any additional evidence. People who hate Trump are convinced he is a “racist” and that everything he says or does is evidence of him being “racist”. They don’t examine what he does and ask if it is “racist”, they assume something is “racist” just because he did it. No amount of evidence is going to change their minds. So videos like this are just a waste of time. Who is going to be convinced?

For decades, quite literally, conservatives and libertarians have been in an endless cycle of trying to defend themselves against charges of racism and signaling non-stop how non-racist they are. It has all been to no avail. I was the same way. I instinctively knew that things were not what we were told, that all whites were not evil oppressors and all non-whites were not noble oppressed people but still I tried to keep naughty thoughts out of my head because there was literally nothing worse than being a “racist”. But after year after year of seeing that no matter what I did, I was going to be labelled a “racist” anyway, I stopped caring.

The Zman calls this “chasing the stick” and it is something you shouldn’t be doing. Here is his show from last December, I have the video starting at the appropriate spot but you should listen to the whole thing.

Like I said, listen to the whole thing. Great stuff.

The leaders of the Left don’t care about “racism”. It is simply a tool to distract their political opponents. Oops, that guy on the Right is gaining to much influence. Time for an accusation of racism that will have him chasing his own tail for six months! Why wouldn’t they do this when it has so far worked about 100% of the time? It is another way that we let the Left make the rules that we are required to play by and that they cheerfully ignore. That is how the game is supposed to be played, they make the rules and we play by those rules that are designed to guarantee we lose.

Don’t play their game by their rules. Someone accusing me of being racist might as well be saying “Flim-flam, jimmy-jam, skattle-de-do!” because it has about the same level of relevance to my life. I call things as I see ’em, and if that upsets people, then too bad. Spending decades tip-toeing around the topic of race has only increased racial strife and with the date fast approaching when whites will be a minority in their own country, racial tensions are only going to get worse.

Every racial and ethnic group advocates for their own people. Blacks do it, mestizos do it, Asians do it, and the Jews have of course turned this practice of advocating for their own ethnicity while demanding others not be allowed to do the same into a near art-form. So why can’t we do it? Because we have been told that a practice that has existed for all of human history, showing preference for your own people and tribe over others, is now “racist”? There are about 7 and 1/2 billion people in the world, and white people (depending on how you define that) make up about 1.25 billion people. That means that around 17% of the world’s population is white or looking at it from a different direction about 83% of the world’s population is non-white. Given explosive population growth in Africa and elsewhere and white birth rates being below replacement virtually everywhere in the world, that means the percentage of whites in the world is going to keep shrinking at an accelerating rate.

So if whites are already a small minority of the world’s population and soon will be a minority in what was once the world’s largest white nation, don’t we deserve to advocate for our own best interests? Our near-suicidal altruism when it comes to the issue of race is going to be disastrous for us, so perhaps now it is time to start to start thinking racially like every other group already does.

I don’t “hate” people of other races, but I refuse to pretend to not see patterns, especially violent criminal behavior that disproportionately impacts my own people. Sure I choose to live among and associate with people of my own race for the most part, but so does every other group. When evangelical churches are overwhelmingly white and vote Republican, that is “problematic” and we need to “have a conversation” about it but when black churches are overwhelmingly black and vote almost unanimously for Democrats, that is just “power to the people” and something to praise. When blacks demand special treatment at the expense of other races in the form of “affirmative action”, when black students have their own racially specific Greek system, graduations, student unions and student organizations, that is supposed to be empowering but woe to any white student proposing a “whites only” student union.

Racism is not a neutral concept. The Left doesn’t even pretend that it is. We are endlessly told that only whites can be racist, which leads to most conservatives and libertarians sputtering in outrage over how unfair that is. Well of course it is unfair, it is designed to be! The Left is shameless and they are not even slightly embarrassed at the rank hypocrisy of praising non-white people for behavior they condemn as “racist” from a white person. Cheaters and con-men don’t rig the system to make it equitable, they game the system to ensure that they win and so far they have been awfully successful at doing so. There is a common saying that in Vegas the house always wins, because that is how it is designed. In the world of politics, the Left is the house and the Right are the marks that show up thinking that they are going to beat the odds while playing by rules designed to make sure they don’t win. Like degenerate gamblers, the conservatives and libertarians get cleaned out like suckers and go home with a lighter wallet vowing to get ’em the next time. Hey idiots, you will never win when you play a game by the rules set by your opponents to ensure you never win.

That is the real power of dissident right politics. It is not in meme warfare and Pepe the frog and trolling with the OK hand gesture. It is that finally we are refusing to play by their rules and refusing to chase the stick.


  1. Anonymous

    Things have changed since Trump. Now when people tell me in conversation: "That's racist", I reply: " So what? Racism's not illegal". When they say (and they always say this): "Yeah, but it's immoral"**, I snap back: "Whose morality"? That stumps them because the whole system of racism is tautological; it's racist BECAUSE it's racist.

    **after the first part of that conversation I'll usually get hit with "Actually it is illegal", there's a couple of moments where we discuss how "racial discrimination" et all, is illegal, actually being a racist isn't.

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