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Civilization Didn’t Spring Forth From Under A Rock

Black Pigeon Speaks posted a very interesting video the other day I thought I should share, that examines the difference between the Japanese approach to addressing plunging birthrates and the rise of automation and AI versus the path followed by the West:

Japan REJECTS Western Style Open Borders | Going Their Own Way

My theory for the intermediate to long term global situation is that it is likely that we will see a massive shift, one where the influence centers are based away from Europe and the United States and more toward Russia, China and Japan. Rather than a world economically and militarily dominated by the powerhouses bracketing the Atlantic Ocean, instead the world will be dominated (although to a lesser extent) by the Pacific bordering powers in East Asia.

I base that hypothesis both on the self-destructive suicide cult embraced by Western elites as well as the biological reality that as the West is swamped by mass migration, replacing relatively high IQ populations with people with radically lower IQs (both through dysgenic breeding and migration), it will be incapable of sustaining the civilization built by heritage Americans and Europeans. Nations that do not embrace mass migration from the Third World, do not offer “birthright citizenship”, etc. are better poised to continue to build on what has been built. Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, China, South Korea, Japan will all have populations with at or above average IQs and that is a competitive advantage that you can’t overcome with sheer numbers (short of warfare).

It was a pretty solid video, as always from BPS. One image early on in the video jumped out at me, and it is from a Guardian news story that I have referenced before, published in 2000: The last days of a white world. Here is a screenshot of the article with the critical phrase highlighted by me….

The implication is that there is a distinction between the developed world and white people. That implication is false.

The “developed world” is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. Europeans didn’t stumble across a pre-existing modern civilization, perhaps abandoned by some ancient species of mankind, and just take over the already extant “developed world”. The developed world as we know it, with all the attendant features like modern medicine, technology, communications, civil society, individual liberties, functioning economies, etc, are the result of centuries of struggle by people of European descent. In other words, white people. Yes, there were ancient civilizations like Egypt and China but the thing about ancient civilizations is that they existed in ancient times. Hence the qualifier “ancient”. For the last thousand years and especially the last several hundred years essentially all significant developments in humanity have originated from Europe and America. From math and science to literature and government, everything we take for granted today is the result of innovation from white people.

In other words, no white people = no developed world. 

The future suggested by the Guardian in 2000 of a developed world mostly devoid of white people is a fantasy. When we go, the developed world goes with us. Certainly the existing structures will carry on via inertia for some time but eventually they will break and no one will be around to fix them. I am pretty intelligent by any measurement or comparison but there are tons of stuff I take for granted that I can’t fix if they break. Imagine that but with far more complex systems and far less intelligent people. My rule of thumb is that people incapable of creating a system are likewise incapable of sustaining that system.

The trend lines are disastrous. From the Guardian article:

The global centre of gravity is changing. In 1900 Europe had a quarter of the world’s population, and three times that of Africa; by 2050 Europe is predicted to have just 7 per cent of the world population, and a third that of Africa. 

Steve Sailer has spoken often about this and dubbed this trend “The World’s Most Important Graph

Africans are good at a lot of things but things like inventing and creating stable nations? Not so much. The same is true of the mestizo populations of Central and South America. Right now both of those regions are to some extent dependent on the generosity of the West. Take away American manufacturers, tourism and remittances from the U.S. and the already barely functional Central American economy collapses. Both regions also are highly dependent on the altruism of the West that is driven by the culturally Christian nature of Europe and America. The Chinese don’t share that altruism and will cheerfully loot Africa for her material wealth and not give two craps about the African people. I expect that at some point when the West collapses, and food and medical aid with it, that the red population line in the graph above will drop off the cliff as famine and disease ravage unchecked across the African continent.

This all may sound a tad self-serving and it is. I am a white man married to a white woman. We have eight white children. Our parents, our siblings, our uncles and aunts and cousins are all white. As every group of people in human history has done, my affinity is for my own people and my family, and that extends out to other Europeans, especially people of Irish, Polish and German descent. This is natural and healthy. Blacks find common cause in their shared experience, real and imagined. So do Chinese and Koreans. It is not “white supremacist” for people who are white to have a specific and special affinity for other white people and no one questions it when other racial and ethnic groups exhibit the same behavior and attitude. We even have a large class of people we euphemistically call “civil rights activists” but everyone knows that they are really only interested in advocating for black people. However, having white people around in significant numbers  is not just good for white people.

A vibrant European and American white population is a net good for all people. Everyone in the world benefits from improved medicine, technology and agriculture that almost exclusively comes from sources in America and Europe. When disaster strikes, who shows up to help? In Ebola outbreaks it is Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Here is a photo from their website of their founders:

A pretty mono-chromatically  hued group

Other groups that show up to aid when Africans, Asians and South Americans are in need are the Red Cross, founded by a group of white men, and Samaritans Purse, founded by a white Christian named Bob Pierce and currently headed by a white Christian Franklin Graham. When Haiti has another disaster and needs help yet again, who helps? I went to Haiti one year after the earthquake and the plane was packed. Two men were black and obviously Haitian. The rest of the plane was full of white people, Christians on mission to try to help Haiti. When Africans are starving, it is white American who contribute generously to try to aid people they will never meet. Whenever disaster strikes in the world, people of European descent are the first to show up to help.

It is not a stretch to say that by any measure, non-white people by and large benefit far more from the presence of white people than the converse.

I very much want to see a thriving and healthy Africa full of Africans maintaining their own unique and vibrant culture. I hope for the same for Asians and South Americans. It is not too much to ask that the people who have given the world so much should be afforded the same dreams for their own posterity.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'd like to tell a story. There was an area of grassland that had 1000 finches living in it. And then the heavy rains came. The amount of food grew and so the numbers of finches exploded to 1500. After a time of abundance, the food grew scarce and the finches numbers dwindled to 500. There was enough food soon to support 1000 finches and soon their numbers grew back to this number. And then the heavy rains came.

    Western Man stands on no precipice. We've long been a minority and the future holds no difference. All we need is a Strong Leader to force the interlopers from our lands and for the traitors in our midst to be suppressed.

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